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Found 1 result

  1. Note : sry for bad quality upload. Facebook did compress the image -_- well, MM is so frickin screwed! why the hell T6 Nurnberg go againts T9?? since the MM is screwed, i dont give sheet about being serious in the match. i did some stupid manouver..... YOLO with reverse speed to the cap! i thought its gonna be funny to show ass to enemy the entire time :V after 9 min of battle i realize something..... HEY ITS FINE! Bismarck got 4x2 gun, its also working when reverse! also secondary is shooting everywhere... the most funny thing is enemy is also pushed back! Yugumo is capping A, but thanks to secondary enemy DD got repelled. also there is ATLANTA using radar in F3, so presence of Bismarck is threating it..... badluck atlanta got stuck againts secondary..... now high RoF Atlanta vs High RoF Secondary.... so funny.... ough but Atlanta maybe call fo support, 6 enemy ship is aiming at me..... ITS RUNNING TIME! i manage to kill atlanta with secondary LOL, but the most awesome thing is.... I MANAGE TO ESCAPE huahahhahaa bet me 10 credit, if it wasnt moonwalk instead of normal pushing i will ded for sure when turning enemy is also doing counter attack.... Kutuzov and hood is pushing, its almost make us lose.... too bad Kutuzov made mistake by pushing A where there is my Bismarck try to push too.... well, YUGUMO IS ACTUALLY THE REAL CARRY! first with me cap A, even there is Atlanta and Charles Martel.... later its capping B with Alabama... its also face enemy Yugumo at B... with Kutuzov the smart Yugumo is fallback instead of yolo and ded.... after the Kutuzov push A, its face agaits enemy hood in B and C. after dramatic battle, Yugumo sink the hood... capping the C. the Yugumo player is the real carry! the Yugumo got Confederate, and 2600 base XP. Despite screwed with MM nurnberg in the team.... facing Atlanta radar.... facing many sheep alone. fight againts the odds! Conclusion : 1. Despite look stupid, moonwalk tactic could work with ship like Bismarck or FDG with good secondary and 4x2 ABXY turret. you can push with the stern of the ship without hesitation. doing the moonwalk allow you to quickly running away in dire situation or even counter DD torp. well, its somewhat not a perfect tactic because there is speed issue when pushing. but its serve as alternative way for doing manouver.... 2. be the Yugumo player, no matter how screwed is MM, how strong is the enemy, how many enemy you face.... keep calm and carry.... if i have the replay, it will look awesome how calm is the yugumo captain.... the cap A is really full of rainy shell, plane, torpedo....and sometimes radar. i will be freaked out and leave far away if i were the yugumo captain. 3. keep enjoy, random is random..... there is no benefit of ranting "my team is noob" if you think carefully, noob team is actualy blessing. you can FARM DAMAGE and increase yourstat. also the real sailor is not born in calm sea, they born in the storm! you cannt become better player fast with GG team.... the noob team is the way to learn!