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Found 1 result

  1. Delphaeus

    Tweaking the reward system

    At the moment you get rewards at the end of each match based on damage done, ships sunk, aircraft shot down, bases captured/defended. I would like to suggest this be taken a little further to incorporate a lot of other actions (and some of these suggestions are taken directly from WoT) 1. Spotting. If you spot an enemy ship, you get a "spotting" bonus, as you are then relaying intelligence to your team (this would help both cv's and dd's) 2. Team damage due to your spotting. Following on from the last point, if you spot an enemy and someone else damages them/kills them, you should get rewarded for "assisting" (again for cv's and dd's) 3. Damage deflected/avoided. If you're taking a lot of fire from the enemy team, you should get a small reward for avoiding and/or deflecting the damage (ie: shots that don't penetrate your armour, or shots that land within 100m but miss you - Because the enemy team is attacking you, not your team mates). Damage taken should not get rewarded (mostly for bb's) 4. Capturing base points even when you abandon before capture. This is because it often forces the enemy to turn around and defend, rather than push the attack. This sudden reposturing of the enemy team can immensely help your team (think of a bb turning around and heading back to base, or a cv pulling bombers back to scout their own base) 5. Friendly ships hidden by smokescreen. If you would otherwise be spotted, but a smokescreen is preventing the spotting, then the deploying unit should be credited for deploying the smokescreen effectively. Last and definitely least, I also think there should be an Achievement for killing an enemy before being spotted. Anyway, that's my opinion. I hope you agree (or can add to my list), because there are so many things players can do that can help their team, but a lot of these actions are currently unrewarded