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Found 11 results


    Scharnhorst Artic Camo

    Noticed that Scharn's Artic Camo was available for purchase at 4000 doubloons under its camo tab. What a pleasant surprise, on the amount too. Have neglected scharny for quite some time. My poor German Death Machine needs some love again. Now I'm wondering was it already available prior to the anniversary event or it was introduced together with the sharkbek, and Z32 camo? Any idea whether it's gonna be permanent or be pull out till the next update. Can't seem to find the info related on WG's news.
  2. DFaultPlayR69

    Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau

    Just recently, I've gotten the Bayern. So far it's an okay ship for me. Really bad stock hull cuz non-existent AA, but the guns are amazing. I even managed to Yolo a Bismark and take almost half of it's health before dying. However, now that I'm looking at the next ship, the Gneisenau, I'm rather conflicted if I should skip it and proceed to the Bismark because when I looked at the free exp I've accumulated, I already have enough to research Bismark. The reason I'm considering skipping Gneis is because I already have Scharnhorst and I absolutely love that ship. As far as I know, both ships are basically similar with only the main guns being the difference, so is Gneis superior to the Scharn, or at least have something that makes it unique besides its larger caliber guns. I want to know if Gneis is a keeper, even if I already have Scharn. It it just as good as Scharn in close quarter brawls? I worry that the slow reload on the larger guns will make it less effective when going CQB unlike her sister ship.
  3. as the title says. I want to know how effective the Scharnhorst is with Manual Fire Control for Secondaries. As I understand, what it does it reduce the dispersion of secondaries by 60%, so it makes the secondaries fire more accurately? But would it matter if per say I engage targets within 5-8km? I already have maxed the Secondaries' firing range up to 7.6km, but I don't know if I should use the skill points I have for Superintendent or Basics of Survivability, or save up until I can get Manual Secondaries.
  4. As the title says, I'm currently looking for a good premium ship to grind credits and train commanders. What I'm looking for is an affordable premium ship, so no tier8s for me. For now, I like the looks of the Scharnhorst. I could use a trainer for my KM BB commander as he's still sailing the Kaiser, and I intend to get to the Bismark at least. I've already had experience fighting in high tiers since I've been using the North Carolina for a while now, but my main reason for wanting to buy a prem ship is because I can't play tier8 ships without investing in using camo and flags to reduce the maintenance cost per battle. I am also interested if whether the Graff Spee is also a good ship. Although I do have problems about it having only 2 turrets.
  5. As did a few of us it seems. Fair play to them for trying it out in co-op first before jumping into random battles. Personally I'm not interested in Okhotnik. Wish WG Asia rented out Imperator Nikolais instead. But out of curiosity, how do you buy it? I don't see an option. Anyone else also got a rental ship (not the clan rentals)?
  6. First off I am probably making myself look like a fool but I don't think this is fair, I was put in a match 8 times with pretty much all tier 9 ships and tier 8 ships, my equal opponent being the tier 7 Nagato with 410mm guns, granted I can bounce these shells under the right circumstances but when you're being focused down by two F. Der. Große ships, a Nagato, a Chapayev and a Shiratsuyu things become very difficult, and with Scharnhorst having its unique 283mm guns and with its relatively big size, it draws the short stick by a ton, I think with those kind of guns Scharnhorst would be better suited at tier 6 because it doesn't matter if it's a battle cruiser or Gneisenau's sister ship it still struggles in heavy situations, now before there was a post in the news regarding battle tiers saying something along the lines of certain tier ships seeing lower tier ships rather than their extremely better in all aspects higher tier ships, but I find that to be a lie for 8 games in a row now I've seen nothing but tier 8 and 9 ships and on occasion a few tier 7's, and because RNGesus hates me I always get focused down first and die with about 11-23k damage done because the Scharnhorst can't damage anything really, its AP shells can't pen even a cruiser unless its totally flat on a broadside, and its HE shells are useless to set fires with, its heavy inaccuracy at anything more than 14 kms doesn't help either, I mean I'm not trying to say I snipe with it, no I try to brawl with it because that's what I've been told to do and what its made for, but I can't even get into brawling range without blowing up first from HE spammers or a torpedo that just grazes me but manages to blow up my magazine anyway. Oh well that's my rant over, goodluck seal clubbers.
  7. LegendDemonSlayer

    When is Scharnhorst coming back

    I wanted to buy Scharnhorst, when it was introduced i didn't have the money to buy, but now when I can buy its gone...My friend told me that it will come back. Anyone knows specifically when it will come back?
  8. petee

    So..This Happen

    Apparently Good ol' indy can Citadel a Scharnhorst now..
  9. As title says... I have been detonated twice in scharn in 18 games now. I am even using the module which reduces chance of det by 70%... Aside from the fact this stupid mechanic shouldn't even be in the game, does anybody know whether there is a bug? Or is it just bad RNG?
  10. FenrirApalis

    Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    The word 'soon' concerns me though
  11. FenrirApalis


    So it is confirmed that the premium Scharnhorst is coming out sometime after patch 0.5.8 SOOO EXCITED I really hope we get to choose between 280mm and 380mm tho, also hope that it comes with torpedos btw does anyone know if its going to be classified as BB or as CA in game