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Found 8 results

  1. G'day folks, Edit: WG clarification here: It's a bug. Thankyou for clarifying WG! So I saw this on reddit: (via social wolves [operations group] discord: https://discord.gg/4MKPvDujn7) Then my clan was running ops last night and one of my guys was like 'I had an almost identical game almost 2 weeks ago in the same ship, and it was 800 BXP more' Assessment: Basically the only major difference is he died in the one last night, so didn't get the 'do 100% of your HP and survive' award. But that should not be worth 800 BXP. Yes there were some differences in ships attacked and damaged but by my calculations the one from last night should be higher BXP (without the death/award considered) thanks to enemies being higher tier (Furutakas v Kumas). Also worth noting is that the rest of both teams saw comparable drops in BXP. On my assessment we are looking at a 30-40% drop in BXP rewards MINIMUM. The alternative is the rewards for 'Doing 100% of your HP and surviving' are insane. For Reference: 10.4 notes: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-0104-german-destroyers-part-2/ Operation Aegis results below. 13 May 21: 22 May 21:
  2. Grygus_Triss


    This is likely pointless, due to the small number of people on this forum. And this poll has probably been put up, and ignored, before. But I’d like to know if I’m just in a minority, and no one else really wants operations, of are WG just managing things really badly, and not noticing that more people want them.
  3. With the recent, unannounced removal of Narai from the roster (again), We must ask; Do Operations have any future in this game? I don't have the numbers, actual or spreadsheet, but from people in the forums and those I play with, I would say that operations has a good amount of fans, certainly enough to build on with improvements. The fact that there are still so many people who play only co-op indicate that there are a lot of PvE players in the game. WG put a lot of focus on operations when they were brought out, but in recent years, they seem to be moving in the opposite direction, and the remaining ops lay buggy and abandoned by the developers, and as things go, I feel it is only a matter of time before they get removed. Which is a pity, because I feel that Operations add a lot to the game, allowing you to use ships in different manner to how you use them in random, and being a refuge for those players who strive for perfection through memorizing patterns and preparing, rather than adapting on the fly and trying to outthink a human opponent. As someone who plays all game modes, I certainly feel that operations are fun, especially with friends, and I own many T6 and 7 ships I would never have bought if not for operations. Operations had SO much potential, historically based battles, using other tiers, and maybe a refuge for odd classes such as subs which would be awkward in random. So, I ask of any WG developers, staff, mods etc... What is the Future of Operations? All we have heard is "We're not focusing on operations right now", but is that just code for "we don't really care about operations anymore, we just want to do PvP because its easy, and we can keep throwing new ships at it"? I hope that you re-evaluate the importance for Operations, because the game does need something new, and many players are already sick of all the new lines, cutting back a line or two per year to focus on operations would be a welcome change, I feel. Maybe I and my friends are just the minority, maybe people in the wider community don't care for operations, CCs certainly don't mention them much. But if they do go, I wil;l be said, because they could have been great, a real gem for the game, had attention ben given to them.
  4. Hi everyone. We are an English speaking Ops Div group. Everyone is welcome, we have no national exclusivity but we speak English. We are not a clan. We are simply a group of players who enjoy divving up for Ops. You will see many [CLAY] and [TF44] members in our divs but all are welcome regardless of clan, non-clan or skill level. We may shoot off in groups of 3 for some random PvP sometimes but we mostly play Ops with the goal of 5 starring and mutual benefit for silver and XP for all involved. Search for and join channel "Social Wolves" in game and say hi. If you join the channel and there is an open spot you will probably just get sent an invite to join anyway. You can PM me or Taipan17 in game or on this forum if you like. We are often most active afternoon-evening-night Australian time but that is not set in stone and is not locked in in anyway. All are welcome. We have players of all skill levels in our group and we do not judge - though we may chortle 😛 Please don't be offended or put off if we are full. We often do have a full div but we are always looking for more Social Wolves to fill up games. We have many people who play with us who have never divved before or who have limited experience playing with others or playing Ops and that's fine! We only ask that you pay attention to chat and follow task deployments that we discuss before and in game to maximise the outcome for everyone. During this time of CV adjustment, Ops may be just the antidote you need! Note to mods: I have posted a few threads on this subject, often directly relating to Op of the Week. I'll try to keep this one running as a generic Social Wolves thread so we don't have to keep posting every Op of the Week rotation.
  5. So. This is not a defence of the attack on Pearl Harbour. This is just a suggestion. The idea is to have a carrier only operation that recreates the attack on Pearl Harbour by the IJN. (Though I suppose other nations 'carriers can be included if Wargaming chooses to do so) This new operation will address two things: The new CV rework The lack of any dedicated Axis Operations Firstly, The CV rework: When the CV changes hit, experienced and novice players alike will be thrown a brand new system which they will likely be unfamiliar with. A dedicated CV operation like this will be able to help players familiarise themselves with the new style of Carrier combat, as well as the updated anti-air capabilities of enemy ships. Secondly, The lack of any dedicated Axis powers operations: We get it. "THE ALLIES WON THE WAR!" I can already hear the armchair generals typing out their angry protests. But the Axis powers did still have a few naval victories. Among the most significant of these would be Pearl Harbour. The ultimate trigger that brought America into the Second World War on the side of the Allies. While the attack was tragic, it does make for an interesting operation to include into the game. It would also give us the only situation where multiple carriers can work together in a team (Unless WG removes the 1 CV per side game cap). Some Further details and spitballing ideas: The operation would be somewhat similar to Killer Whale or Narai, but with only Carriers. The enemy ships would likely be USN T6-7 battleships and cruisers (Maybe stick some other ships in there as well if you feel like it. But if Cherry Blossom is allowed to have only IJN ships on the enemy side, then it would make sense in the context of "Historical Accuracy" to have all the enemies at Pearl be USN) The primary objectives would be to "Destroy the main force" docked in port. This would probably be comprised mainly of Battleships (Maybe five. Perhaps have Arizona docked in there). After the attack, the carriers have to retreat to an extraction zone before the main enemy fleet of carriers returns. Additional side missions could include bombing airfields, shooting down enemy fighter craft, etc. TL:DR When the CV rework hits, people will need a place to both learn the ropes of the new CV mechanics and challenge themselves with said mechanics. We could do this with a fun, interesting and historically significant operation. Also, depicting the war from the Axis' side would be an interesting new take on a genre saturated with stories from the Allies. I am not discounting the Allies. I'm just saying that the Axis also has stories worth telling. Put down your torches and pitchforks. Being able to attack Pearl Harbour would certainly be cool. But this is just a suggestion. So take it however you wish (An idea, a necessity, an attack on your sensibilities and patriotism, a mushroom with a gender-switching crown, a hat, whatever). Until next time, Fair Winds.
  6. Even completing with 4 starts the credit / Xp rewards in the MK seem decent.
  7. DESCRIPTION ROUAN beached itself mid-game, therefore we were unable to complete the scenario. REPRODUCTION STEPS Enter battle and play the scenario as normal Storm started from northeast direction (not sure if storm path has any influence on Rouan's path, but i'll add this anyway) RESULT Rouan beached itself during the 3rd(?) wave; the one w several tier 7-8 battleships. EXPECTED RESULT Rouan DOES NOT beach itself in the entire duration of the scenario; or Rouan gains ability to self-right in the event of beaching. TECHNICAL DETAILS Time of occurrence: about 13:25, 5-10 minutes into the match Time match started: 13:20 Screenshots ^people tried pushing Rouan to nudge her off, but to no effect. i don't have the replay function on, and Dxdiag has been locked by the admin cause I'm actually playing in a net cafe. python.log
  8. So after trying the scenarios, I noticed that all the enemies are either IJN or KM ships or both, while all friendly AI ships are USN with the sole exception of the Schors in that convoy rescue mission. The question is why though. Are USN ships not fun to fight against? What about the other VMF ships and the RN and MN? Is there some strange anti-Axis thing going on or is it some AI programming thing? Personally I would like to go up against a larger variety of ships. I am a bit tired of shooting Kumas and Furutakas in almost every scenario.