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Found 1 result

  1. MissMeMiss

    Savage Hobo

    So WG make an event of high risk battle, un-even matchmaking and the rewards are garbage ? The shop's item list for the fuel currency also not that fascinated... the rest items need Doubloon and the captains require credits. So, this event is the worst I've ever experienced. In the event before, Honor & Victory, we're still playing in normal match. Where I can get net income between 100k~300k per match, with premium account of course, I'm mediocre. But this ... look how high damage I've done (though losing the match) and the reward I've got. We're talking about potential damage gain between 135.000~2.565.000 of combined enemy HP (12 total players, 9 enemies, @ ship HP 15.000~28.500). And if you aren't premium, you are more screwed. I know it's category Tier 10, but with high risk battle like that and the service cost based on the actual T10 ship is unnacceptable, imo. Very stupid of me to realize this much later. Goddamn it ... I realize this after playing it for a week, then notice why only got 5mil credits increase, where usually I could gain near 10 million credits in a week grinding. I am done with Savage Battle ... don't care about Benham, don't like to use premium ship since my focus are to grind all the normal tree ships. What a waste of time. Add : If you're not dealing high damage, you are screwed ... more so if you're not on premium account. Good Job, WG, very good job ...