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Found 3 results

  1. outank

    World of Sarcasm

    This is a new forum game for people to 'relieve steam at players'. The forum game is as follows: One person comments sarcastically based on the post above him. It can be the comment itself, the profile picture, or the signature. Examples: person 1:blah blah blah, I am very awesome, others are bad person 2:wow, you are so experienced, you are able to get sunk within 1 minute
  2. With the current trend of barely 3, 4 and sometimes 5 Kongo's per team each match, I feel that more players need to play this ship in order for WG to buff this obviously under performing ship and therefore provide more juicy targets for my IJN DD's. So please, I call on all players to embrace this neglected ship because occasionally, but not often, I'm starting to see one BB from other nations which have no place in this game.
  3. Mission: Keep your sanity Restrictions: Random battles Any ship at Tier IV or higher Conditions: Constantly battle teams 2 tiers above yours. Have at least 2 noob CV players per team per match that are trying in vain to complete the current CV mission and have no idea. Have team mates selected by the game that also have no idea and continually finish in the top four of your team in a losing battle. Rewards: Save any money you would otherwise have spent on this game during the course of this event.