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Found 15 results

  1. Alright, with all settled (and Salt) It's time to introduce another Salt Flex Gacha hell thread and memery Japanese Logo KR Logo Global Logo (EN/KR/TW) If anyone hasn't heard of it, it was named as Project MX before it was renamed into Blue Archive, Blue Archive has opened a year ago and is now entering it's 1st Anniversary today (Jan 26) This Game was Published by Nexon (Global) and Yostar (JP). Global meanwhile opened it servers (while unavailable in Netherlands ,Poland, and other European nations) To Explain it further, there are also Several Academies (and their specified nation) Schale - Main Office, which most Teachers are being assigned with, assisted with the Federal Student Council Millennium - Modern Technology and Modernism, sometimes known to have suspicious activities (Decagrammaton), Mathematics and Game Development Gehenna - German based academy, with German type weaponry (including Modern and WW2 ones), Literally Hell, Widely known Academy due to the Prefect team and Problem Solver 68. Trinity - UK/Britain, both using British Weaponry (Modern and WW2 ones), Holy Grenades and Flashbangs, Purely Angels but rather more suspicious than Gehenna (Chapter 3), Tea time. Arius - Logo Based on Vanitas, their ambitions are Unknown (as of yet), they hate Trinity because of it's existence. Red Winter - Literally the U.S.S.R/Russia, Numerous Coup Attempts were basically common in this Academy; Slavics and Polish were also included, Lead by Stalin Cherino Shanhaijing - Based on Ancient China, most of their students are based on Chinese deities and kings. Hyakkiyako - Japan, Based on Ancient Demons. Abydos - Once was a Regular Academy, but with the Sandstorms it suffered, the Academy was risked to be closed forever; Based on Egypt and Students are named by certain Egyptian gods. Valkyrie - Norse Mythology; Basically the Police Force in the Academy. Factions: (Currently) Millenium: Game Development Club - (Yuzu, Alice/AL-1S, Midori, Momoi, Yuuka) Engineering Department - (Utaha, Hibiki, Kotori) Veritas - (Himari, Maki, Chihiro, Kotama, Hare.) Cleaning&Cleaning (C&C) - (Karin, Asuna, Neru, Akane) Gehenna: Prefect Team ( Hina, Ako Amau, Chinatsu , Iori) Problem Solver/Handyman 68 - (Aru, Mutsuki , Haruka, Kayoko) Gourmet Research Society - (Haruna, Junko, Akari , Izumi) School Lunch Club - (Juri, Fuuka) Abydos: Foreclosure Task Force - (Hoshino, Serika, Shiroko, Nonomi, Ayane) Red Winter: Class 227 - (Nodoka , Shigure) Trinity: After School sweets Club (Airi, Yoshimi, Natsu, Kazusa) Sisterhood (Sakurako, Mari, Hinata Supplementary Lesson Department (Hifumi, Azusa, Koharu, Hanako) Justice Realization Committee - (Hasumi, Tsurugi, Mashiro)
  2. FenrirApalis

    Salty reports

    Before you tell me to send a ticket to support, I know how long it takes for them to respond so I just didn't bother. I received a 7 day chat ban without saying anything offensive, and I concluded that someone either on my team or the enemy team just got salty and dumped reports on me. Now I can't even coordinate with my teammates because I can't even tell them my ship's setup and the strategy that would work the best, just because some players cannot handle failure and needs to take out their saltiness? One thing is this game has a stupid censoring system that mainly censors every day normal words or random character combinations, and instead of using that to help protect the chat environment we have a report system that allows people to take out their anger and punish players for things they never did. How about you just make a working censor system that can automatically give players warnings? Instead of having this lazy solution of giving the players the ability of manipulating the automated system and ruining the experience of others? This game is getting to the two extremes where the bad is really bad and the good is really good. But the bad is really covering up all the good at the moment.
  3. Onlinegamer

    Prepare your money

    RIP money from RU shop
  4. IJN_Katori

    Operations PvE Salt Thread

    Still getting screwed by Player-like unicum Enemies with a Gneisenau and an Izumo? or even a wave of Endless enemies on an Ambush mission? Then go rant here in this thread~ +1 for those who rant
  5. I could still remember when it was Yesterday Might as well you might remember the Onshore Installations on PvE too.
  6. *Hint Hint* Since Tier VI Random Battles starting in July, there goes my Popcorn And we all know who's getting saltier just to take another Jolly Roger Flag again! Post your best rant here, no Angery rant allowed PSA: Langley, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, Saratoga (Lexington), Yorktown (Essex) and Midway are getting the Beta Loadouts back as well as adding Armor Piercing Bombs. REJOICE! , Rain those AP Bombs at those whiny BBabies
  7. Waaaaa I almost forgot pls don't kill me QAQ you guys all know how this works by now, drop your salty experience from ranked down below and laugh at each other feel sorry for other people's crappy MM experience have fun salting :P
  8. Now season 5 of ranked has started, it's a good time for me to open my salt store Drop off your salt packets (screenies n stuff) down below
  9. Though it would be more correct if Akizuki was mentioned instead of the Khab.
  10. Season 6 started, you know what to do
  11. New_Horizontal

    Who isn't going for ranked?

    I'm here to find a friend on forum who deny all participation in Ranked seasons 6 or gave up on it already. I'm half-decent player if you look at my stats. so I have some excuse for this My reason to not join Ranked - Game is unbalanced: this is not P2W kind of reason. I understand why WG made some premium blatantly OP but for me "It was unbalanced by the face that only some ships are viable for ranked, some are not" which drove me nut (I had mahan which is ok for ranked even OP one like Belfast so I have some tools for ranked). - meta is ehhh Really WG?? Y U DO DIS: smoke, radar, torpedo soup everywhere, kinda boring to play to be honest. - Frustration: you will suffer a lot in ranked in way far more brutal than you suffered in random battles. And so do I. - Time: I had my job and family to deal with. Put myself in ranked will distract me from these activities. - The way WG implemented their "Ranked" was "Grind" to be exact which I couldn't enjoy if I have to rinse and repeat over and over again If you are not going to get in ranked. Share your impression here.
  12. Yes This wasn't ranked but I'm here just pure rant and vent. ​I mean seriously, I was in Graf Spee and get bottom tier MM so yeah I'll take it and hope I can do something I was wrong with pick up div mate (which never ever answer me what kind of gameplay he wants to play or tell something to me, he may never known what English look like.) I spawn A in Hotspot (T8 map) so I tried to support DD that run into it and half of my health gone with Bismarck and then the worst happened. ​"C cap team got obliterated in less than 5 minutes while our BBs sailed along 1-2 line and do absolutely nothing about the game until very end I have to hold A cap with only one DD (which yolo and eat torpedoes from enemy Akatsuki in 30 seconds) and Atlanta which is only one I'm not going to include in this category. We had to held against 2 Cleaveland + Bayern + Akatsuki + Bismarck + Weeb Myoko + Mustu. Atlanta fell apart left me alone to handle them while 3 BBs sailed toward other side which is absolutely NO ENEMY PRESENTS THERE. I killed weeb Myoko and crippled Bayern Mutsu and Bismarck for the cost of 3/4 my remaining health then cap A. those BBs start engaging them and sink some ships finally I tried to help them but my HP pool was too few to take more damage, I fell but not before crippled Molotov and Kongo and did 150K for this carry attemp" ​I don't know If I'm top tier ships I could carry well but for this bottom tier game.... well ... nah must carry harder ​one thing I wonder is why these players play so clumsy? Have they learn anything from grinding way toward T8? ​Ok my rant ended here
  13. detonate_me_daddy

    First Rank Season of 2017, summarized

    A lot of useless Myokos, Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos Myokos mainly just to add more salt to ranked. Some noob Belfast players who get one shotted by BB and complains how this ship should be op and why they are not A lot of IJN DD, but why tho? No one knows, only the god of salt knew. 16 torpedoes, yeah I die but before i die i challege u to a torpedo beat Saipan players spreading salt to ranger and hiryuu Strike Loadout ranger who is destined to make his own team lose. The unicum hiryuu who somehow manage to beat saipan. The elite few who through Belfast and Blyswica went up to rank 1. Noob bly and sims who thought it is good in ranked (well used to be) but then realised that with belfast they have no where to run Occasionly a Pensacola Pops up only to be concentrated by enemy fire even though it is the furthest ship away from the enemy. Le wild Indianapolis (Sllightly buffed Pensacola) pops up, ehhh what advantage it have over belfast????? IDK A few Atlanta Burning stuff , though they could not help team as much but they did add more salt to enemy BBs. Again what advantage does atlanta have over belfast? A lot of Burning Nagato very few Burning colorado Few good Nagato and Schranhost player who manage to citadel and kill cheeky cruisers Le wild yorck appears, yeah..yorck..dont worry yorck you are not the worst tier 7 CA! Well you are second to last so Kiev and lenigrad.....somehow someone may just be playing these to add salt Schors setting fire at 16km+ just to add more salt De wild german DD appear, wait there are people who plays german DD? Thread closed at OP request. ~dead_man_walking
  14. New_Horizontal

    Why people so salty to me

    After I had a several lost streak, I decided to run my Mahan in Neighbor map, T8 games and enemy had Lo yang and Sims I went C to contest cap but can't fight due to Lo yang + Sims went to C as well so I decided to retreat. But not before MK hit me and my HP reduced to one third of total HP. So, I spammed torpedoes to smoke which Sims and Lo yang sit it and I got Sims and I ran away to B, left Bismarck to die in process because my smoke still cool down. and can't cover NC as well After that I saw Sharnhorst and Nagato tried to rush B so I spammed torp again and hit Scharnhorse a couple of torps. then I have to run away due to team losing very hard but lead in cap points. Still spam torpedoes to slow them down but my remaining teammates decide to fight and got deleted one by one. yet I still spam torps and hit Scharnhorst yes I ran away from team and wait till time ran out so we win in cap point. came back to port and I found that I got reported 6 times for doing the right thing to win the game??? such a LUL I don't know what I did wrong? for not contest a cap C so I surely dead?, not smoking up team while I have to run for life?, for not firing at enemy so I can survive and let team win by cap points?, or for spamming torps and those BBabies ate every salvo? Just not understand people logic ...
  15. FenrirApalis

    Extension for ranked?

    Should we get some extension for ranked? like seriously with the amount of players that play ranked on our server it was not enough for most players to get to a high enough rank salt level: all the salt in the sea