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Found 4 results

  1. Storm_Khan

    Which coal ship to get?

    Have accumulated enough coal to get either Salem or Marceau. Was originally going to save it for a rainy day but with the Anniversary event going on, well why not get another TX ship and another SC too? I like playing both cruisers and DDs so either is an option. Only question is the likelihood of Salem or Marceau being removed from the Armory in the near future before I can get enough coal again to get it before it might go...sigh. Any thoughts folks?
  2. 1. useless 8.5km radar.... 2. Super Repair Party is useless because max heal from HE and AP is only 50%, Citadel only 33%. your real heal around 25K HP.... except overpen and fire/flood damage 3. sluggish bastard, getting targeted all the time. 4. short ranged..... in this meta when engangement range is 20km, you can barely hit anything. in term of usefullness and carrying ability, DES MEME IS BETTER HERE IS MY ADVICE FOR ANY PEOPLE WHO STILL SANE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR COAL ON SALEM. there is a reason why WG remove a lot of ship yet Salem remain intact! if you want phew phew got Marceau..... De... why Salem is Salem LITERALLY THE BEST SHIP? 1. EASY FARM DREADNOUGHT, FIREPROOF, UNSINKABLE.... everyone literally aim at you..... 2. LITERALLY NO SERVICING COST, premium time or not its almost impossible to get minus credit when your T8 sheep cost more! 3. Salem is SALEM, a. NO NEED TO MOUNT Delta SIGNAL (+20% heal) because heal is maxed at 50% total HP from HE and AP damage b. 10 commander skill is enough.... compared to my Udaloi or BB that need 17 skill LOL c. easier to typing its name compared "Des Moines" 9 character and 1 space, JUST SALEM 4. Basically hard mode on the game, EXCEPT its Do-able compared to other crap like Burgeryone, Chesire, Hayato, ...... they aare just plain bad. there is a different between crap ship and hard mode ship like Orkan. 5.
  3. I know I'm still far from getting the Salem, (cuz I only have 50k coal atm) but I want to plan ahead whether if I should get the Salem or Musashi. What I want to know is, how does it compare to it's counterpart, the Des Moines, and does it compete well against other tierX ships? Also, how good is it with credit farming compared to other high tier premiums like Missouri, Musashi, and Kronshtadt? For playstyle, I think I know how to use US Cruisers, I already have Baltimore and Cleveland, and almost ready to get the Buffalo.