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Found 15 results

  1. Incoming worldwide radio contact from WG's Headquarter WG : To all players, we will always hear your feedback, please contact us anytime to make WoWs better. MissMeMiss : Nerf Saipan please ? Rando1 : Saipan the prems CV is OP Rando2 : Vs Saipan = Auto Lost match Rando3 : Saipan the easy credit~grinders Rando(4~1000.000) : Help, Saipan is immortal ! WG : ... zzz (silent) *radio contact lost with WG*
  2. [Really salty rant incoming] Saipan is seriously ruining CV gameplay at tier7, just about every match I get in my Ranger, it's a 90% chance that I'll be against a Saipan. It's a miracle if I even get pitted against Hiryu or another Ranger. With the CV playerbase already so small, Saipan pretty much dominated the tier7 CV spot, and with it's broken OP planes, it's practically impossible for Non-premium CVs to even have fun. First of all, it's those darn tier9 planes that somehow has no downsides aside from it's small squadron size. It's fast, and hard to kill, and can get out of a fighter lock without losing a plane. Ranger players are the ones that are getting kicked around most of the time since they're stuck with 1 squadron and even though it has superior numbers, it's pointless as Saipan has 2 squadrons of fighter which when combined, makes it basically Ranger's 1 fighter squadron made even more powerful by being split into 2 and being 2 tiers higher than normal Ranger. Second of all, Non-premium CVs are forced to play a defensive role when Saipan is on the other team. Whenever you even take your fighter squadron to escort your bombers, Saipan will just send his TBs to strike your open flank, and you can't even send your own bombers to an attack escorted without having to lose 1-2 squadrons because your own fighters are busy fighting 1 Fighter squadron while the other enemy squadron is gunning down your bombers returning to your ship. I really have to say that playing tier7 CVs against Saipan is no fun at all. At least when you're against Kaga, you actually have a fighting chance since it has a reasonable weakness, being that it has more fragile planes compared to it's non-premium counterparts. Against Saipan, it's practically going to be 20mins of hell for the CV player on the receiving end. Why can't WG just nerf the fighter squadrons. At least give my bombers a chance to escape by having the Saipan's fighter speed reduced.
  3. i just got hiryu and i want to grind for Shokaku but i cant win Saipan. A lot of player report me because do nothing. i need to play PVE for grind ? or what i should do.
  4. SIntreaper

    Saipan Poll

    (x-posted from Reddit and the NA Forums) Hello, This is a poll attempting to gauge just how much of the community wants to nerf this ship; whether it's simply a loud minority or if the ship really is hated by most of the playerbase. Please answer once and truthfully. I am gathering data and do not want to have to throw out a poll because some guy spammed it with his alt accounts. Side note: I do not endorse any of the options in the poll. I have not taken part in the poll. I have attempted to include as many options as possible. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/UBB61JOXTQoCVhEd2 I will release the results in about 24 hours from now on this same topic. PS: If any of you frequent Facebook or Twitter, can one of you post it there? I don't know where to post it in order to get the most amount of attention.
  5. Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. I expect to be accused of vote manipulation . These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. i am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. Introduction and Methodology This poll has run from 5-11-17 to 7-11-17 (D-M-Y) for approximately 3 full days. During this time, the survey collected 330 responses. I will be using the data from only this poll to gather data and form conclusions. Results were compiled into an Excel document and were formed into charts. Data results Do note that the data can be accessed at the Google Forms link if you would like to see for yourself @ https://goo.gl/forms/5kvGsGrrj34sc2yB3 The results are as follows: (Out of a pool of 329 people and responses) (Out of a pool of 330 people and responses) (Out of a pool of 271 people and 411 responses) (Out of a pool of 330 people and responses) Analysis With the numbers out of the way, let's look at what these results mean. In poll question 1, around 2/3 of those surveyed did not have a Saipan, and 1/3 of those surveyed did. I believe this gives me a reasonable pool of candidates to draw from, one that is decently sized and varied in whether they own the Saipan or not. This question is relatively straightforward; not much explanation is needed. However, when we move over to the second question, already we begin to see some aberrations. 75% of the poll answers indicated that some kind of change to the Saipan should take place. Looking back at poll question 1, we see that around 1/3 of the population that took this survey owns a Saipan. This means that at least 14% of those who took this poll and own a Saipan would like to see some kind of change take place, but this estimate is very generous, as probably more than 14% of those who own a Saipan and were surveyed wanted the Saipan to be changed in some way, shape, or form, although I can't speak for them. Moving onto the third question, the pie chart really explodes with options. Do note that you can pick more than one option, thus there was a staggering 411 responses picked by 271 different people. The Google Forms will show this differently, as it does not count the number of options but rather the number of options chosen divided by the number of people who selected an answer. The results, however are quite clear and are consistent with both the Excel doc and the Google Forms: Around 45% of the posters believe that the Saipan's only nerf should be removing its free strafe-out from dogfights. This was around 30% of the results chosen as well. It seems that most players' only problem with the Saipan is the free strafe-out it receives. In fact, around 77 responses indicated that the Saipan should be buffed in other areas. Clearly there is only one big problem most players see, and that is the free strafe-out. And finally, the last question. This was more of a joke question than anything else. Around 54% of the people who took part in this poll would sit around and grab some popcorn, which shows that despite this game being a naval warfare game, many of us players are relatively tame and wouldn't get in a fight over a small problem like this. Another 30% is also peaceful, although not as tame, as they would party. For some reason, 16% of the population would literally riot and cause mayhem over pixels being changed, even though the EULA specifically states that WG reserves the right to change our virtual goods at any time. Conclusion Results from this poll are a good indicator that most players do believe that the Saipan is in need of nerfs. It is not, in fact, the loud minority that sees the Saipan as needing of tweaks, but a majority of players. However, most players believe that the Saipan only needs the gimmick of strafing out without losing fighters removed, as the poll mostly suggests. Thus, it would be a good idea to only nerf that aspect and maybe even buff another aspect in compensation. In the future, I hope to conduct more polls like this to actually gauge a truly public opinion on a ship or mechanic. Regards, Slntreaper PS: Here's a thank you for reading this far:
  6. Okay so I just got my t7 USN CV, the Ranger. Yay I thought, finally more planes and groups to play with. ............ After a bunch of games with it stock and my captain still undergoing retraining, I am completely exasperated. Every one of my match-ups seems to be with the Saipan, and every one of those players seems to just decide to bush-whack my fighter groups. Oh, and in case you were wondering what bush-whack means, it means one of their fighter group strafes into a dogfight, while the other group just strafes out of said dogfight at the last possible moment. Now the problem is that Saipan doesn't lose a plane strafing out of a dogfight, so it becomes onesided, really fast. Doesn't help that I'm still stuck at t6 fighters with my captain skills non-operable Some advice would be nice, at least until I can get my captain retrained and my fighter group tiered up
  7. Danvahkiin

    Saipan the Super Carrier

    Are there other premium Super Carriers besides Saipan in this game? Because I think this _ _ _ _ _ _ game needs one more to balance things even. More Super Carriers hooray!!!! Seriously what P2W premium ships should I buy to pawn other standard ships?? Any tips would be helpful thanks.....
  8. Kaga should be reworked... The enemy Saipan simply rush the Kaga, hover around it, and shoot every of its plane in the first 5 minutes. After that they sight with inpunity
  9. New_Horizontal


    Yesterday, I've played Nurnberg in T7 game in Two brothers Our CV is Saipan strike (15+ skill captain ofc) and Enemy one is Hiryu balanced™ I die early because I did a yolo rush (well I don't care btw) the funny thing is after first few minute Hiryu says "enough" then a few minutes later he suicide I laugh so hard seeing him doing that and remind me this He did exactly the same thing as in this video. Sadly, I never enable replay in the fear of my potato laptop being drop down so no replay here I wonder if he watching that video before this Is anyone in that match last night? I dunno I should laugh or feel pity to him.
  10. I reached Ranger months ago already free my XP on plane and AS loadout According to current meta, Ranger is simply outclassed by Hiryu and Saipan (even Hiryu has huge problem against Saipan). So she simply not competitive enough in T7 CV matches. I have no confidence to contribute as CV player so I stopped playing her for months My question is simple: How am I suppose to withstand the fight against them and how to outsmart them in order to contribute to team victory?
  11. I finally gave in and bought myself a Saipan which would be the first premium ship I own. I'll have a USN CV captain trainer at Tier 7 with all the credit farming perks a premium should have. I bought it with the doubloon bundle and I want to ask what to do with the extra doubloons rather than questions about the ship(I bought it with the information on how to use it after all ) Aside from retraining or redistributing captain perks, is there anything else that is worthwhile that can be bought with doubloons? (It's not enough for another mid-high tier premium ship that's for sure )
  12. IJN_Katori

    How's Anyone's Saipan?

    I've been recently matching with Saipans on Tier VI-VIII Matches, some of them 2, while some of them are 1 Some of the others uses torpedo bombers Some of them uses the massive scale formation ( 3 fighters(4 in Air Supremacy), and a whooping 7 Dive Bombers (8 in Air Supremacy) ) And oh boy Those Derpglas Dive Bomers can kill a Russian DD in 1 salvo so.... How's anyone's Saipan doing?
  13. 先ほど、日本空母「飛龍」でプレイをしていたところ、航空機飛行の座標が指定できない不具合がありました。 具体的に、航空機中隊の離着艦はできるものの、座標指定できないので敵艦に攻撃することも、敵機と交戦することもできません。指定できない間、何もできないのでどんどん撃墜されてしまっています。 マップ上でのマークは駐車禁止のマークに+が表示されていました。 とてつもなく腹立たしいので早期の不具合の解明、そして改善をお願いしたいと思います。よろしくお願いします。
  14. In addition to NA shop I mean, but everyone know that. Oh I'm so torn. Should I get her or not.. Don't think she's powerful or particularity special but.. A premium CV, that may never come back. I though i will have more time to contemplate. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ Asia got 7 days to decide. EU got 18 days, and NA got 14 days You have been warned LOL http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/premium-shop-20160413/
  15. Hero_of_Zero

    Requirement for premium ships

    The requirement for premium CV Saipan has been release for the RU server. That are 20 win in any CV Play at least one battle in tier 5 CV. I understand that each region of WOWS operate individually and WOWS Asia may not feel like put the same restriction on their players Or you may not sell Saipan at all! But just in case you will. And perhaps you put greater restriction. LOL I assume 20 wins CV are for PVP since it make no sense if it's co-op. As of now, I have 10 win as carrier and I can't make the purchase. I'm ok with that. I can force myself into pvp to qualify Again, just in case you want to please PVE players (small player-base I know) Can you implement one of this? 1 Set higher win count for PVE. 50, 100, 200 you name it. 2 Allow PVE player to purchase and use it in Co-op. But until you complete the requirement, you can't bring Saipan into PVP. 3 Or you may look at SEA player-base as more casual, like when you implement low-requirement-low-reward for ARP mission in March. I like that actually. I do complete them even I don't like pvp. And maybe you put less restriction to Asia server. Thanks for listening Oh, by the way, thanks for the action against bot CVs, and thanks for let us know.