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Found 4 results

  1. benlisquare

    HMAS Australia

    Following today's special theme of ANZAC Day, let's discuss an Australian warship that saw action in the Eastern Atlantic and South East Asia during World War II. HMAS Australia (D84) was a County-class heavy cruiser in commission with the Royal Australian Navy from 1928 to 1959. In 1942, she was even the flagship of the ANZAC Squadron, where she supported American naval operations in the Pacific. Assuming that there is developer interest in introducing premium ships for the British tree, this might be a worthy candidate to represent the RAN.
  2. I was tooling around Woolloomooloo today and there were a fair few ships in port. We are lucky yot have such places where we can look at the ships as they come into port. HMAS Darwin (recently decommissioned), HMAS Brisbane (To be commissioned soon), HMAS Warramunga, HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Adelaide.
  3. Commander_Stacey

    Opportunity Missed

    WG, I believe that an opportunity has been missed. Yesterday (28 Feb) marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Sunda Strait, which HMAS Perth played a significant role in. Today (01 Mar) marks the anniversary of the formation of the Royal Australian Navy. This week would have been a perfect opportunity to honour both events with some sort of mission or commemorative flag, at least on the Asia Server. Everyone was quick enough to jump on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour and the Arizona. I would've thought that since Perth was in fact in the game, a bit more attention might have been paid. I think you've missed a good opportunity to endear yourselves to your Australian player base.
  4. How cool would it be for HMAS Sydney to be in the game.