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Found 1 result

  1. Of the three armaments CVs have (rockets, bombers, torpedoes), two of them are relatively balanced, with only one being more oppressive, especially to low-HP ships like DDs, and that are the rockets. A suggestion I'll make for rocket plane adjustment is to make rockets take more time to prepare to attack, and at the same time decrease the attack window. This means that CV players have to start out further back to being their rocket attack run, and at the same time must predict the position of the enemy ship they wish to attack beforehand, since the lowered attack windows prevents last-minute adjustments to direction. For a starting baseline, say make it take 7 seconds for rocket reticle to go green after left click, and then have only 3 seconds for the green reticle to remain active, after which the attack run cancels. This way, DD player have more time to maneuver to a more favorable position to mitigate rocket damage and/or make the rocket attack miss completely, and at the same time, make using rockets more skillful as it requires a longer lead time and actual prediction of target position, much like aiming guns.What do you think of this?