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Found 1 result

  1. After WG added RN cruisers, every patch they are doing is getting more and more BS. RN ships' paper specs were meh, so WG decided to give some "special skils" to RN ships. Yeah smokes and high elevation angles. This changed high tier battles a lot(It was BS, and it became more BS). Some white particles comes forever from smokes and behind rocks. Then WG announced "There are too many BBs", which is true. But that doesn't actually incidate that BBs are overpowered. People just love BBs(Few people starts this game because they love destroyer). Result? After game is started, people goes west and east. Then everyone sees 4~5 smokes per side, watching invisi fires coming. What you can do is hiding behind rocks, unless you have platoon with radar support. After hard grind to T10, what you find is smoke festival and rock-fetished ships instead of heavy ships exchanging salvo. Lucky ships(Team has radar, or well-positioned fighter planes) deal damage for free, Unlucky ones hide behind something. I'm not telling "Buff BB(or CA, DD?)". Just make game mechanics more fun. Meet the expectation of users who started this game. I've seen some people started this game because they want to see Iowa. But what they see after getting Iowa are 'getting burned by invisi-fires' and 'hide behind rocks till enemy smoke is gone(but new one starts immediately because there are 2~3 DDs + smoke CAs per battlefield)