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Found 2 results

  1. Skarhabek

    Karma for Ignoring cap

    damn, this pheasant downvote.... i am going to teach em how to Daddy!!!! ....... GWAHAHAHAHAHAA NYAHAHAHAA . . . . . . ..... SUDDENLY.... OH MAI GAD, WHAAAAYY!!!
  2. well, its very common to see a CA/CL in game.... but its very surprising that WG just introduce DA/DL to the game. not only RN sheeps have CL and BL, now they also have DL.... the main difference between DA and DL is its unique characteristic. most DL IS SLOW, and have small gun caliber. the higher the tier, the smaller the gun.... Jutland and Daring just weuack.... and the most weuack is THEIR SMOKE EMISION ONLY LAST 15 SEC!!! alright, forget about the bullsheet above.... THEY CAN LAUNCH TORPEDO 1 by 1!!!! I REPEAT! 1 BY ONE!!! LIGHTNING HAVE 8.1km torp range with 96 sec reload! OH MAI GAD! and its basically T8 Gadjah Mada! same caliber.... but HEAVIER SHELL, LOOOONGER, more fire chance and FASTER RELOAD!!! the drawback is less 2 torpedo than Gadjah Mada..... now i can sh*t on Des Meme and Memetaur! (its cencored because shit is prohibited word) ) GWAHAHHAHA, its true the emision time is last for 15 sec, but its wide and duration is longer than IJN, VMS and KM SHEEPS..... and we got Jack Dunkirk -10% cooldown! AND I GOT HYDRO TOO! now i can smoke weed without worry about incoming torpedo! COMBINE WITH RDF! spam it in cap! HOWLING SHEET!!! IN GAME MOST VERSATILE AND THE MOST NOOBS FRIENDLY! - Torpedo, CHECK - Gun & HP, CHECK - Concealment, CHECK - SMOKE & HYDRO, CHECK - acceleration for torpbeat in smoke, CHECK