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Found 1 result

  1. S4pp3R

    Marco Polo... ...

    Hey folks So some of you wanted my honest opinion on MP... She's the most balanced T9 premium BB released. (I consider Pommern weak, yet to confirm that). But I wouldn't call her balanced. Because this is with Deadeye and with her wonky dispersion... If you want to pick her up, go for it - for coal. But she’s got nothing on JB or Georgia apart from looks. This is something I am worried about for RM BBs T4-7 as well. They are ok with Deadeye but even then I wouldn't call any of them (including MP) truly balanced. It's the Monarch or Lion canundrum. Let me explain. Their damage potential per shell is quite high but to balance this they have crud accuracy or highly inconsistent dispersion. So over a number of games, sure they'll come up balanced but game to game they aren't. They're either too strong or too weak and it's got little to do with the player. Monarch and Lion pull it off by having absurd HE, RM BBs are trying to do it with SAP. And SAP can get REALLY good results sometimes but generally rolling the dice with AP is better. I am yet to test tech line T8-10, they could be amazing due to shell number but MP is... ... Consistently inconsistently inconsistent. And with any change to Deadeye, they may become 'bad' or at the very least unfun, even for me (I have a history of making 'bad' ships work and enjoying the challenge). Further AP testing with MP required, T8-10 techline yet to be unlocked.