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Found 4 results

  1. Admiral_Karasu

    Missing Naval Ensign (mod)

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but... Something seems to be missing in the mod section (on EU forums; SEA does not seem to have a mod section at all or it's very well hidden): ... and in the Official Modstation flag section... the Rising Sun Flag is missing. I still have it in game, because I've downloaded it from the mod forum. I've been mostly using the Rising Sun Flag mod. Fortunately, it is still usable as the format is now different from what it was originally. However... is there a good reason for it being missing? By 'good' I mean something that is acceptable. I'm asking this same question on the EU English forum as well. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/162755-missing-naval-ensign-mod/
  2. [] Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships. Please don't debate about usage the Rising Sun Flag is right or wrong. I don't want to be delete this topic. Image using * link to external site. Download WoWS_Kyokujitsu-ki_0521.zip 452.37 KB ( Installation Download and unzip the file. Copy unziped "paths.xml" file and "res_mods" folder into WoWS installed folder. (same folder as "WorldOfWarships.exe" is.) I recommend strongly that make back-up copy of WoWS client folder before install this mod. Update log Thread moved to appropriate section. ~amade Thank you sir!
  3. o7 It's me again. Sorry to create multiple threads in such a short time period, but I think I found something important: Rising Sun flag textures have actually been added to the game. Just updated, no mods. What could it possibly mean? *suspicious* P.S. Please keep the replies civil, I don't want this thread locked. thread locked at op request ~dead_man_walking
  4. WGは現在まで旭日旗削除に至る経緯の詳細を全く説明しておらず一部の管理者によって議論すらフォーラムでまともに出来ない現状は如何なものか? これは議論され正論がきちんと主張されれば韓国人による不当な抗議の実態が明らかになる事を恐れるWGAsiaとWGJに巣くう朝鮮人(韓国人)による言論の統制・封殺であると批判されても致し方ないのではあるまいか? 少なくとも議論すらさせない事は異常である。 国際社会に広く知れ渡ればWGがレイシスト企業であると認知され欧米諸国においてその活動を大幅に規制をされる危険性を十分に認識しているのだろうか? 国際社会において韓国の異常な日本叩きと差別的言動はすでに問題視されておりWGがこれらの行為に加担することは日本と日本人に対する宣戦布告も同然である。 少なくとも国際社会において旭日旗は韓国の主張する戦犯旗だとは認められていない。 韓国国内で問題があるならば韓国サーバーにおいてのみ日本ツリーを実装しなければ良いだけのことである。 ましてや議論すらさせないのは論外である。 早急に現状の改善が必要である。 No more threads about the Rising Sun flag in the game. Decision has been made, and it will not be changed. Further threads on the topic will be sanctioned, escalating up to removal of beta acces. Thread closed. User forum suspended 7 days. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia