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Found 13 results

  1. It's pretty sweet. Love the "space smoke". Sound effects are recycled from the old bionic / space battle event though, which is a small disappointment. I hope WG makes the Big Hunt commanders available at some point.
  2. PanzerRunner

    Free 50 Golds from Rogue Wave

    So there's daily login rewards during the Rogue Wave event, one of them includes 50 gold. Personally, I will probably spend them for recruiting commanders. What will you do?
  3. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Returning Players Rewards

    I've been in-active last 2 years iirc and that time i think wg have rewards to those returning players. I already played few matches for few days already and ive been receiving some camo for returning players and a mission with 2 super container rewards. I there a link for the rewards to read or can someone enlighten me? Thank you
  4. March 8 (today) is "International Women's Day" and in celebration of 50% of the world's population Wargaming did what... oh they put just 1 earnable IWD camo in the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, wow!?!?, the girls playing this game must be parting like its 1999. I thought WG's Valentine's Day response was p!$$ poor, this is even better. And to earn this 1 camo you need to shot down 15 aircraft in Random Battles. I'm struggling to even find matches now with CVs in them to shot aircraft down, so just 1 IWD camo that in really difficult to unlock, yeah!!!. As a guy I was just hoping to get some free pink camos (yeah I watched 'Operation Petticoat' on the TV the other day so I want some pink ships now) but I imagine if I was a girl I'd probably be really angry at this. Their is still time, maybe WG will pull something out of their butts, like with Valentine's Day, trying to get you to buy something from the Premium Shop yet again. PS. To anyone who clicked on this topic thinking there would be a code here to get some free camos or a flag, or something/anything, sorry but maybe someone from Wargaming might be so kind as to post such a code here, and in doing so prove me wrong. PPS: Correction - There is actually 4 IWD camos you can unlock through the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, still hoop dee f'ing doo. The last of these requires you to shoot down another 20 aircraft. I've been playing for hours today trying to shoot down the first lot of 15, I've got 4 so far, this is painful.
  5. I know WG is not feeling the love from the players atm but what happen to Valentine's Day as event or even anything in WoWS? I know recently they are like the boyfriend who brought his girl a massive fist shaped toy, thinking it would be romantic, and is wondering why he is getting no action, still they could have done something for Valentine's Day. No flags, no patches, no missions, nothing, instead they just adding a couple of overpriced Valentine's Day Camo bundles to the Premium Shop... wow. Maybe that toy was actually shaped as pineapple because I know I'm certainly feeling no love for WG atm (not that I ever really have). PS: Oh, last minute they gave out the old kiss flag (I've seen players with these before so must be a recycled item) and made a love quiz aimed at getting you buy a ship from the Premium Shop. Having to buy a ship on Valentine's Day (in the context of the quiz) is the WoWS equivalent of having to buy a "girlfriend", I believe that is referred to as prostitution... besides, if the ships in the Premium Shop where "professional" girls then most of them would be overpriced lame lays that you end up regretting you paid for.
  6. The Royal Navy event this month must be the most generous (easy?) one yet. A Tier 6 premium ship, a T5 DD (yes, of course I get Acasta and not Jervis... I am not lucky just persistent), and a truckload of flags'n'stuff in return for playing what, maybe 30 random battles over three weekends? This is my Warspite. Currently one of the few in the game equipped with last stand and survivability expert, but Jack Dunkirk is just popping in for tea before going back to Acasta. Acasta ... people seem to slag this ship off, but I like this DD a lot. It's similar to a Nicholas I guess, but sneakier, and with several patented RN tricks: SmokeOnDemand(tm), TorpsInALine(tm), and Stop'n'Start(tm) which, combined, offer near non stop hilarity. Plus once the line opens up there's Jervis and Lightning to look forward to.
  7. Hi, captains! The battle has faded away, but for those ladies and gentlemen who did a accurate prediction of Asia teams' 6:3 victory, it is time to check your luck :P Here is the winner list of our prediction lottery: Server ID Rewards ASIA justin970308 FTW CAMO PACK NA dajeffster FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Prasetyo_Dimas FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Oneshot0903 FTW CAMO PACK ASIA botti0079 FTW CAMO PACK EU NickOfTime FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Blink_shuicao FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Roy_Hobbs FTW CAMO PACK ASIA y_zawa FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Varun360 FTW CAMO PACK ASIA BlueCloudA FTW CAMO PACK NA HotelMoonside FTW CAMO PACK ASIA kyokai303 FTW CAMO PACK ASIA wtln FTW CAMO PACK ASIA ZZZ_sakine FTW CAMO PACK ASIA Tanii FTW CAMO PACK ASIA UUS_cn FTW CAMO PACK ASIA MACHILUS_AIR FTW CAMO PACK ASIA nineballseraph FTW CAMO PACK ASIA nien159357286 FTW CAMO PACK ASIA LionelArus Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA D4317 Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA Return__0 Mixed CAMO PACK EU drizzt_dudden Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA m0z412 Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA bogdandt Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA CBF600S Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA bobolen Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA gambitvtr Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA BxFS Mixed CAMO PACK ASIA TNTH1997 American Box ASIA chunhung American Box ASIA _Yumeiro_ American Box ASIA Wolfhart American Box ASIA sakura1966 American Box NA shira1111 T6 ship available in shop ASIA Azamiuuu T8 ship available in shop Congratulations! The prize will be distributed very soon, keep an eye on your email and in-game assets. ;) See you in the next season of King of the Sea tournament!
  8. Aurelian_rebels

    Premium Reward from Operations?

    Anybody has an issue regarding the operations when getting all 5 stars? Because whenever I do, I don't get the reward despite refreshing and reinstalling twice. Is it a new bug?
  9. Storm_Raiser

    First game of the season

    Gotta love that first game of ranked battles for the season.
  10. CPF_Holy_Angel_CN

    Bug reporting, rewards issue with campaigns

    Hi there, I just finished a game with BB Dunkerque, in the game, i finish a ca with a reward close quarter expert. However, I didn't receive the flags which comes from that achievement. And I have a mission No.5 from campaigns, science of victory, Get two achievements from personal and heroes of honor. But that also doesn't count in the mission. Just a wonder, is that a bug? or It is a BUG! The shots are come attached. Please have a look! And I will waiting for answers. Thank you very much!
  11. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    How best to talk to WG about rewards?

    Hmmm, Now I don't want this to be another whining/rant thread, so apologies if I word this poorly, as this is not meant to be a rant, it is also not for or against the Anime ship rewards. (So if you're going to respond, please don't make it into one). Anyway, as per other threads I've responded to regarding ARP rewards I don't have any issue with them as rewards, however how do we get WG Asia to look at other ship rewards? Over the last couple of months all of the regions have had ARP missions so no issue at all there. That's fair and no one can complain they're not being given the opportunity to work towards one of these ships. However NA has had a Mikasa give away (unsure of the captains level) and at the moment the EU has the RN Campbelton plus a 12 point captain to boot. (unsure if RU has had one over the last 3-4 months. Anyway this is the current reward for EU, it's pretty sweet. The Royal Navy is slowly getting ready to weigh anchor. Get ready for Her Majesty's Ships by taking part in the event and win a skilled commander and a ship! Throughout the whole month of September, you will be ruling the waves in a special chain of missions, lead up to the ultimate reward. HMS Campbeltown, Tier III Premium British destroyer together with a 12-skill-point commander at your command. Get ready for the incoming fleet of Royal Navy Cruisers! 1 September - 1 October: Rule the Waves! These Missions will be available in the game from 1 September at 07:10 CEST until 1 October at 07:10 CEST. Mission: Rule the Waves - Part 1 Restrictions: Random battles, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any ship Tier III or higher Conditions - Over any amount of battles: Earn 50,000 base XP Rewards - Once finished, you will receive: 1,000,000 Credits Mission: Rule the Waves - Part 2 Restrictions: Random battles, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any ship Tier IV or higher Mission Part 1 Conditions - Over any amount of battles: Deal 2,000,000 points of damage to enemy ships Rewards - Once finished, you will get: 15 Damage Control Party II 15 Sierra-Mike Signals Mission: Rule the Waves - Part 3 Restrictions: Random, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any ship Tier V or higher Mission Part 2 Conditions - In a single battle: Win a battle Be among the top 3 XP earners in your team Rewards - Once finished, you will get: 15 Type "6" Camouflage pattern In the event that you already have HMS Campbeltown in your Port, then you will receive Credits instead! Now this is a fantastic reward and is usable by all players. How could any player complain about this, even if you never play the ship, you have a 12 point RN captain ready and rearing to go for those RN cruisers. You still have to do over 3 million damage to get her unlike the 3-400k for an anime ship here but that's still doable for most players. So how do we get WG to start looking at all of there playing population here in Asia and issue rewards that suit everyone. Again no issue with ARP stuff however why can't they spread the love to all the player base here as well. Is it a case of us having to fill the forum with complaints, hate posts, etc just like the EU/NA forums do, or is it a case of us having to go directly to WG? Now before people start getting replying over how every server is different with different marketing departments I do not believe that this is a fair argument. We all know each server is different, yet the other servers seem to have rewards which are better aimed towards the greater playing base. Not just those who love the anime ships. Yes we can get a T10 Anime captain usable in any ARP vessel, and yes do get credits, even some flag rewards, however if you looked at the proportion of Anime/ARP ships played vs non Anime/ARP ships played I imagine the % would be extremely small. It would be extremely interesting to see the amount of reward ships issued vs how often they're played by those players as I imagine the amount would be extremely low. My thoughts are, what would you rather have, a tier 5 ARP Kongo with a tier 10 anime captain, or a tier 3 premium RN cruiser with a 12 point captain who you can then retrain in any RN cruiser. I for one would easily take an actual premium vessel over an anime one, not because I don't like anime ships (which is wrong, I just don't have the time to actually play them as when I play, it's for maximum return on a line being grinded), but even though the Campbelton is a lower tier, it is still an infinitely better reward (IMHO), simply because you get to train RN captains in her vs the Anime ship which can't train anything. This may well be a business decision where they are unable to issue any non ARP ships as reward ships owing to a contract they have here in SEA, however if the other areas have the ability to issue the low tiered ships as giveaways then it seems to defeat this argument. My biggest concern is that frankly they simply don't care but I'm hoping that this is not the case. So does anyone have any ideas how we can talk to WG over it to make it fair for everyone in a professional, non-attitudinal way? By all means keep the ARP ships coming for those who love them but add the occasional reward which also suits everyone. I'm happy to go directly to WG over it if required, however I feel if it came from everyone it would be a much stronger voice. Suggestions? Ensign
  12. RisaFujiyama

    New Teamwork-based Achievement Medal

    Alright I entered a dangerous territory here. So yeah the biggest problem of the MMORPGs. Teamwork! Yeah yeah, its the biggest problem, dont you agree? We have a battle achievement medal to prove to others we are the best. But how about the achievement that revolves about thing that require a proactive teamwork? And of course the rewards will even much better than the achievement that got by a one person. Of course, I am aware it forces people to play together that maybe some people not comfortable. But as Sun Tzu said "Every battle is won before its even fought", I pretty sure it will at least make the battles very interesting. So here is my few suggestion. Marksmen - Every ship in the division scores at least one citadel to same enemy warship. Focused - Every ship in the division cause fire, flooding, citadel, incapitation damage to same enemy warship. Defender - Every ship in the division get any kind of damage and kill every enemy in the cap circle. ​Honorable Farewell - Die protecting any allied ship from enemy torpedo. (Actually I have seen some people doing this and the saved ships actually able to fight till the end and win, its really crazy if I must tell you.) The Last Blood - Every ship in the division receive 80% or more of damage from the normal ship HP survived and win the battle. So yeah that is only a bit what I can tell for now. I know some of the requirement are ridiculous or probably all of them, as for that I apologize for my fart brain. Until then I wonder what community will respond.
  13. Retia

    Undeserved Rewards

    Earlier today I had a fairly meh battle on Fault Line in my Mutsuki. The battle started fairly well, with me getting some good shots off on a Kuma without taking damage despite him and a Cleveland shooting at me over on the eastern side. Since both the Kuma and Cleveland had more support coming up I decided to sail through the passage between the two islands and into to middle. (There was an out of position BB in torpedo range near the middle) Well, as luck is a cake, and I'm the eternal slave to "Oh, I should've expected that." situations, I ran into the enemy's Mutsuki inside the passage and without any other option than to launch torpedoes, turn and pray, we both sunk each other. So there I was, ~3k damage on the Kuma and a full hp Mutsuki kill. Pretty bad... is what you'd think, but then the reward screen popped up.