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Found 1 result

  1. With the upcoming Asymetric Battles, which will no doubt last for the planned two weeks before vanishing into the same pit that holds the bathtub battles, I though it might be an idea to put forward a game type I've been thinking about since watching this charming video of the famous, or rather infamous Kamchatka. For those that don't want to watch the video, Kamchatka was an armed fleet repair ship/coaling ship used by the Russian Imperial Navy during the Ruso-Japanese war. And by all accounts, she was possibly the greatest blight the Second Pacific Squadron of the Imperial Russian Navy ever encountered or had to put up with. Bearing in mind that the only useful thing she ever did during her relatively short time at sea was absorbing shell fire from the Imperial Japanese Navy at the Battle of Tsushima. The game type is similar to Epicentre, however instead of trying to capture the points, the two teams are trying to run from the Kamchatka, that sails around the map. The Kamchatka's capture circles sit around her, she has four of them, the more ships of one side that are in the circles, the more she drifts toward that team. The teams are made up of 10 sips each with 3 BB's, 3 CA's/CL's and 4 DD's. There are no CV's. Capturing has several stages; At 25% - Ships in the team capturing her start suffering disabled engines or reduced speed, similar to what happens to ships that touch the borders of the map. Preventing most BB"s from escaping her. At 50% - The capturing fleet will start seeing numerous tier II IJN destroyers appearing all over the map and heading toward them as Kamchatka signals that she is being attacked by torpedo boats. The torpedoes dropped do not cause damage and the ships disappear in a cloud of fog when shot at. Once this point is reached, the destroyers will continuosly spawn and approach the team. At 75% - BB's and CA's secondary batteries will randomly start shooting their own allies causing damage, however the TK penalty will be disabled for these kind of attacks. At 100% - Ships in the capturing fleet will randomly start detonating until all ships in the team have been sunk. The two teams can shoot at each other, but in order to fire, the ships must reduce to half their speed, giving the chance for the Kamchatka to get closer. This adds the possibility that while one team is trying to sink the opposing team, Kamchatka arrives and prevents them from moving faster than a quarter speed. The idea being that shooting at each other isn't the goal, the goal is to keep from losing the entire fleet to random detonations. Capturing is cumulative, unlike the capturing in Epicentre, so even if a fleet escapes, the progress is still tracked and they still suffer the same effects that they have already recieved. The only way to lose Kamchatka would be drag her into the opposing teams path and have more of their ships in the capturing circles. Kamchatka would be invincible, preventing either team from trying to sink her.