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Found 2 results

  1. The value of the 4-point Concealment Expert captain skill has fallen greatly since 0.8.0. First because for all ship types it was literally nerfed, the reduction in detection radius being capped to a flat 10% regardless of class. Second because, as flamu makes it very clear in a recent vid, in CV games most ships spend most of the game spotted. The utility of the CE skill is therefore far less. ... and I'm actually really happy about this, on a number of levels: Prior to the update, CE was a mandatory skill. Now, you have 4 skill points you can assign to other skills instead, which is both interesting and useful. Especially for BBs, but even for certain cruisers one can at least contemplate going with manual AA or IFHE instead. Also, it significantly nerfs the ability of BBs to sneak up on smaller ships. Infamously, the Conqueror. It also gives DDs a little more breathing room from enemy cruisers. I've gone ahead and de-specc'd CE off all my T7 and below BB captains. Looking seriously at doing the same for Yorck and New Orleans. Not sure if I'm ready to take this to my T8s though.
  2. Storm_Raiser

    My DD Captain ruined

    My mistake