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Found 2 results

  1. FenrirApalis

    Salty reports

    Before you tell me to send a ticket to support, I know how long it takes for them to respond so I just didn't bother. I received a 7 day chat ban without saying anything offensive, and I concluded that someone either on my team or the enemy team just got salty and dumped reports on me. Now I can't even coordinate with my teammates because I can't even tell them my ship's setup and the strategy that would work the best, just because some players cannot handle failure and needs to take out their saltiness? One thing is this game has a stupid censoring system that mainly censors every day normal words or random character combinations, and instead of using that to help protect the chat environment we have a report system that allows people to take out their anger and punish players for things they never did. How about you just make a working censor system that can automatically give players warnings? Instead of having this lazy solution of giving the players the ability of manipulating the automated system and ruining the experience of others? This game is getting to the two extremes where the bad is really bad and the good is really good. But the bad is really covering up all the good at the moment.

    Bots! 0.5.8

    Okay I am sick to death of these bloody bots always cheating I mean the first time Wargaming.net recognized that the bots were more accurate and so they fixed it but it seems that this bug has made its way back into the game I just played a match on Co-Op with all bots my team all bots the enemy all bots I am the only human in this match at the end of it all I am left as last hope which always happens to me but thats not my problem my problem is the Hindenburg!! I was firing rounds from a Yamato class battleship at less than a kilometer away it was broadside and I was facing forward onto its side like I'm about to go in for a ram and I get no citadels it fires at me front on no sides of my ship exposed only the bow I am not exposing port of starboard and he gets 2 citadels? so anyway it maneuvers around me okay thats fair then it gets to within 0.3 Kms of my ship so close my guns cant follow it because the camera is panning so fast to follow it that my guns cant keep up then he torpedoes me so close it was insane cause I thought torpedoes have an arming distance well let me tell you something I was well inside the arming distance which means its torpedoes should have just hit me and not exploded thats how close it was so how did that bot Hindenburg manage to get a full torpedo salvo on me from that close and blow me up yet if I was to try that myself they wouldn't be armed and just hit the ship without exploding.