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Found 20 results

  1. How the hell did we manage to even clutch this?! Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/149215#stats
  2. Just as the title says. Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/144502#stats
  3. 20201108_144152_PASC210-Worcester_52_Britain.wowsreplay Camping Meta at its Finest.
  4. Mac版での戦闘リプレイ方法について、あまりわかりやすい方法の説明がみあたらなくて苦労していたのですが、自分なりにマストな方法にたどり着いたので、参考に書き込んでおきます。 他のMac環境のみなさんは、どんな方法でリプレイしていますか? え、そんなことはすでに知っていた? だったら恥ずかしい・・・ 以下、考えてみた方法。現時点の最新バージョン( & Wrapper3.3.12)で再現性確認済みです。 (1)Wargaming.net Game Center のファイルメニューから「コマンドを実行」を選択 (2)ダイアログボックスが開いたら、「参照」をクリック (3)World_of_Warships_ASIA フォルダ内の WorldOfWarships.exe を選択して開く (4)さきほどのダイアログボックスのコマンド欄にパスが入力されるので、この値をメモアプリなどにコピペしておく (5)もう一度参照ボタンを押して、リプレイファイルを選択。コマンド欄に入力された値をコピペ (6)コピペした値は "/●●●/WorldOfWarships.exe" "/●●●/xxxxxxx.wowsreplay" の順番にして、先ほどのコマンド欄に入力して実行  なお、 exeファイルの値とリプレイファイルの値の間は半角スペースを入れること。 (追記)再生時のキーボード対応も確認してみました。 ●再生   ⇒ Home キー ●一時停止 ⇒ End キー ●早送り  ⇒ Delete ※私の環境では、現在早送りができないです。 ●スロー  ⇒ Forward Delete ●インターフェイスの On/Off ⇒ control + J ●視点切り替え ⇒ マウスクリック ●視点切り替え中のフリーカメラモード ⇒ 右control + 右shift + Delete ●フリーカメラ時の視点(パン・チルト他)⇒ テンキー(1〜9)と矢印キー (テンキーの1と3で海に潜ったりできる) ●視点切り替え中・フリーカメラモード中はマウスでも視点変更 ●早送り・巻き戻しの挙動はWindows版と同じ (巻き戻しすると戦闘開始前のマップ画面に戻されてから巻き戻った状態になる) こんな感じでした。
  5. Eason1134HK


    現在的回放功能 需要在遊戲文件夾內找到 Replay 文件然後再用戰艦世界遊戲程式打開才可以進行回放 而且沒有進度條功能和 快轉功能 而且回放只可以鎖定在自己的視角不可以看別人的視覺 希望戰艦世界中的回放功能可以在保留replays文件夾的情況下可以在遊戲內打開不需要關掉遊戲再打開 然後再加入進度條功能和快轉功能 並且可以切換到該局中任意玩家的視覺 這樣不但可以增加玩家使用回放功能的次數, 更有助玩家檢討自己的操作自己並進行改進 , 甚至可以了解到敵人對自己的行動所作出的應對反應,已製定下次當遇到同樣情況下如何應對敵人所作出的反應的應對方法改進會放功能有助提升玩家整體 技術水平 並增強玩家之間的戰術對抗令遊戲更加刺激有趣
  6. cellum95

    Replay Depot

    I can't seem to remember the last time I earned this much medals in one match. Either it's been a long time, or I haven't in my years in WoWs.
  7. Description I updated my game client 0.8.1 and started a battle. Then, I was sent back to my desktop and there was a message box telling me that my replay folder?? Is corrupted. Extra info I am using 64 bit windows 10 (Intel NUC gen7 i5 with iris graphics 640) and my game is inside a portable SamSung SSD and wargaming game centre is installed on my computer (not the SSD). There weren't any issues like this before. Everything was fine before 0.8.1 update. This issue occured twice. What I did to solve the issue I tried killing my client and it didn't work. Same message. Then, I deleted my replay folder and it is working again now. Reproducing method I don't think it is possible to reproduce this error again. I feel like it is due to corrupted old replay temp file like a corrupted replay (temp.wowsreplay) maybe. It is working so far and I can see my new replays. End result and reflection I got reported because of this. I was afk for around 5min. That's from my team's point of view while fixing this issue. I wonder what if it is not me, with some programming experience. Will that player become a pink player due to afk the entire match because of a possible bug? Thank you for reading and hope that it could be fixed soon. HenryQuan
  8. Overweight_Panther_II


    现版本0613.1打开0613.0版本工会战录像持续卡在登录界面,希望给个解决方案 对阵BE录像.wowsreplay
  9. Skill_Issue_Classes

    fail to open old update replay

    seems new update have bug again so I cant watch my replay (which record yesterday) and after click (to login screen) seems freeze and black screen
  10. 現行バージョンになってから久々に空母のリプレイを録画、編集しようと思ったのですが、以前は拡大画面からシフトキーで行えていた各中隊背面追従視点、および母艦TPS視点(いつもの水上艦視点)に移行できなくなっていました。 これ、私のPC、クライアント側の問題ですかね? ほかにこの症状になった方、解消法ご存知の方いらっしゃいますでしょうか? ちなみに、空母でのSHIFT無効のチェックは外してあります。
  11. well, enemy CV are not Potato (deal decent damage). the lucky is on me, enemy CA forget to activate their AADF. just look when there is 3 hip vs 5 ship in the end..... GG NC go YOLO! taking the torpedo like a boss! Replay : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0nLYJ6nnx_PR0FwVEViWnM3aGM/view Btw, French CA is GOOD!

    Replay files Wanted ^.^

    Hello WOWS Asia, To do a little intro, I am Silv3r Shadow, Im found on more of the mmorpg forums, but i really enjoy WOWS. I'd like to create a video of WOWS im not at all known on youtube but I make vids using my or community replay files, here's a link I made this vid all out of 1 member of Firefalls replay files of OWPVP the game is dead but i spent just over 70 hours putting this vid together alone. im not at all special but I put in all my effort, record, colour correct, track, contrast, blur every single camera shot (about 200 in this one), I recently formatted my pc so i lost my 50 or so replay files, but i haven't unlocked further than T7 anyway, so if anyone would like to supply me some replay files that has some gucci gameplay please sent em my way. I love close combat! with multiple ships, they would make some really good scenes within 3km. Hoping to get a response before I try NA forums, but if i get a good response i'll buy the latest version of Sony Vegas thank you
  13. Introduction: There are some tutorials on the Internet and some of them requires complicated(maybe) procedures. I am fine with that but what if we could do that in one click and that's why I wrote a software to do that easy and quick. Screenshots: Download: <link removed> (Yes, it is open source) The first time you open this software, it will ask you for you game path (select your game folder not the .exe file inside). After that, it is all set. If you enable training mode, it will stay there until a game update because it resets that file and you have to open it again. Replay mode will stay there forever until you close it. Download boost works the same as training mode. (Sometimes, the game updater freezes when it says retrieving game update. This function could solve it) I am also working on an IOS stat checker. If you are interested, you could check out this link Please be aware that this is considered an unsafe link since it directly accesses a standalone executable file. You are more than welcome to share the file if it has been virus checked through a media sharing website. Unsafe Link. Thread Locked. User Advised. ~ADM_dude
  14. Admiral_Yularen

    Can you add better Replay Feature?

    i wonder if someday WOWS will add official and better replay feature, it's not so bad actually, i can make music video from the replay here my music video made from WOWS replay feature: however there still some difficulties if i want to make short story video, we have to control the camera all the time, there are no hotkey for specific spot we want (like pressing some key to go to ship deck, or a the top of superstructure, or pass camera), i wonder if we can do this kind of video in WOWS someday
  15. Apex1o1

    Replay Bugs,

    Question, I have a Replay file that is glitching out and not playing, (checked previous/other matches and they play fine) Are they any possible fixes for the file or is it just unfixable.
  16. Captain_YoloPants

    Ibuki me!

    Pinning original topic in Fan Zone, locking Chappo
  17. kantai_aoki

    Game replays

    How can I open my replay files? I tried POTplayer and KMPlayer. But failed
  18. Vio_Strygun

    Carrier replay

    So I kinda noticed how bad the Replay feature for carrier is, they didn't show much, no aiming reticule, no movement indicator, and no squadron selection as you can see in my replay video here: but for some reason this guy's replay have them is there any setting that I need to do to show those up or I need to download some kind of mods for it? Or was patch gave them since my replay is from
  19. meta69

    Replay Feature

    Hi, is there a replay feature implemented yet? And if it is already there, how do I turn it on? If not, when can we expect the replay feature to be implemented in game? Thanks.