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Found 1 result

  1. well, its only posibilities.... but if everyone dont use IFHE anymore, isnt it turn AFT and manual AA to be more appealing for Belfast and Kutuzov? resulting RIP Hiryu and Ranger well i am going to add a quick survey, will you replace the IFHE? lets see.... 0. ninja expert i bet everyone in Cruiser have this already.... so no one pick this, coz they already own this 1. RDF the potato best tool that underated by unicum..... alright dont pick it.... ssshhhtt pick it bro, u will know the usefullness of RDF in late game where the ninja DD become the susanoo and killing everyone. 2. AFT vs Manual AA here is the hard choice, to pick one of these..... AFT is very good for ship with good AA but shorter range. and manual AA can be better to boost mediocre AA into AA LEL. if you have both? even Myoko with mediocre AA can like become T10 minotaur AA..... combine with AADF.... oh mai gad! get rekt CV! 3. fire prevention this one is not common for cruiser, but who knows.... may be someone will take it 4. Air Supremacy who pick this on cruiser??? other viable non 4 point skill : 5. Adrenaline Rush got citadeled by BB? oh.... Rage of the Northstar! the crew become more muscular and increase the reload speed of all armament! the BB now is regretting for citadeling your ship..... 6. High Alert and Jack of all trades use with -5% flag..... now you got -20% repair party cooldown decrease.... making your YOLO more better againts fire mage 7. preventive maintenance, direction catapult center, expert loader, incoming fire alert well.... 4 in 1? what is better? 8. etc...... ___________________ anyway, every ship have its own need. WG will only reset IFHE skill it mean you only can spend 4 point... spend wisely buddy :V