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Found 2 results

  1. Fanmarsh

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    please remove smolensk. thats ships makes me mad. please remove it and who had smolensk, refund they coal. also remove colbert too. or if you want to not remove smolensk or colbert please nerf the HE penetration or remove smoke consumables, nerf the reload time and the concealment. or make smolensk harder to get. maybe use steel instead coal. please wg, many player hates that ships.
  2. HunterPwnerOriginal

    Remove Epicenter

    I had a game just now where I was in my Prinz Eugen and the dreadful game mode epicenter came up, even worse on the map Tears of the Desert. Now we all know that there are only two options in this scenario. 1) Camp behind the islands on your side and just sit there and hope one of the reds is dumb enough to cruise into your range. Spam HE. 2) Flank around them (Which usually doesn't work if your team doesn't support you or you have bad concealment) I won the game of course, because the reds were too greedy and their whole fleet scattered to oblivion. But I still loathe the game mode because in that scenario as a cruiser with only maximum 17km - 18km gun range you're basically going to sit there and do nothing. You can't go out and push alone, that's no good you'll just get focused down. You can't just sit behind an island cause then you won't be able to get anything done and it's boring. Even with CVs, they're basically the only ones who can actually something, which is fight the enemy CV's planes cause in high tier AA is very high so your planes will just drop like flies. Wargaming remove this game mode already nobody likes it.