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Found 1 result

  1. Since there is an upcoming 30% off for tier 8 ships (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/mission-september-2017/), I decided to write a long post about it. This is more for those cheapskate people, but you can read it for fun. (scroll till the end for conclusion) Let’s start with table 1 and 2 on how much you can save. Both tables have the same data, just different sorting. Table 1: Discount calculation for USN ships from tier 8-10 sorted by classes Table 2: Discount calculation sorted by tiers I am not posting other nation as it is troublesome to fill in all, and the price different between nations is not that great (I think, I guess, erm go calculate on your own). The 30% discount for tier VIII is definitely worth it, better than the regular 15% discount (table 3). The amount you saved can be used to buy most of your equipment. For tier IX and X, the saving is normal/usual, nothing to talk about it since it happens every now and then. Table 3: 15% discount for USN tier 8 CA On special occasions, there can be 50% off for equipment (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/boost-weekend-20170721/). See table 5 for calculations. You can buy your ship and wait for the discount on the equipment later. However, I doubt most of you can wait so long for the special module discount, and ended up buying the ship now with all/most equipment so you won’t be disadvantageous during battle. Play a few (or a lot more) more battles, and you will earn back the credits. If only WoWS has the similar inventory like WoT, where you can purchase equipment without ships (correct me if I am wrong), then this will not be a problem when I bought my Des Moines (spoiler). Side story: Table 4: Price of equipment in different slots Table 5: 50% discount calculation for all equipment for tier 8 to 10 Extra content: To sum thing up: 1. BUY the tier 8 now if you can. 2. This 15% discount for tier 9 and 10 is usual, you can skip if you want more time to consider (or no credits yet). Next 15% discount will most likely happen in 3 months’ time during Christmas or New Year. 15% saving is still good. 3. For maximum benefit, you can buy the ship first, then fill in those expensive equipment during module discount (if there is one).