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Found 4 results

  1. Having a clan that are entirely inactive but still wants an active clan as you're tired of it? Low battle statistics but you think you are worthy of a good clan? Do you need a good advice from a veteran clan members? Then, come on up and lets go for Hell Fire clan. We give a gentle but scorching hot shells from hell to our enemy and gives advices for cute little noobs of World of Warships on how to do that. If you want some gentle firing warm love, go here and join our clan
  2. conquisador21

    Check my recruits?

    Is there a page where I can see the list of recruits? WOT has one(but I think they're renewing it) but I can't find one for WOWs.
  3. Celestia_Aaryanson

    Looking for Clan Members

    [RANS-] The Royal Aaryan Navy Navy Unit of Royal Aaryavart (fantasy city) We are recruiting Members for our newly built Clan. No Strict Rule for the clan. make sure all members know English to communicate. Be nice to other members of clans and have fun. 28 vacant places. No tiers limit. Average Players and Learning players can also join clan. DD, CC, BB, and CV all are welcome :) __________________________________________________________________________ Note: people usually get mis-understanding that we are [content removed] Nazi. Aaryavart was an Ancient city located in India Sub-continent in 3000 BCE formed by Lord Krishna. 'Aaryan' is one of his names. Nazi lovers please stay away from my clan. Hail Hydra! :D Profanity. Post edited, thread locked, user already warned. ~amade
  4. Since there is no official clan thread/section I will post one. I will post our clan recruitment thread for BULL from the wot forums. BULL was founded by Aussies and Kiwis for common clans, that is world of tanks and world of warships. Hello Forums,Lets start with introductions, My IGN Black_Pantheras. I'm an Australian player who started WoT in the NA cluster 2011, before starting anew here. I am the commander of the Aussie [bULL], a new clan dedicated to uniting players of World of tanks and the upcoming World of Warships, through common clans. We are looking for mature, loyal, friendly and active players. My vision is to become a strong competitive clan that offers training, participates in tournaments and eventually has a strong presence on the Global map through Clan Wars. To do this we need YOU.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our requirements Tiers: Any tier, as we will platoon with you to help you save free xp for WoWS. If you plan to do WoT clanwars with us then having at least one Tier X tank is mandatory Not Bot stats Speak English Mature 17+ Be dedicated to this clan Be friendly with others Great at teamwork Have Headphones (Mic if possible) For competitions and skirmishes have RaidCall http://www.raidcall.com/index.html Be willing to participate in Skirmishes and later clan wars Be on at least 2-3 times a week (the more the merrier) Be available 7:00 pm+ (GMT +11:00) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The benefits: You get a friendly social clan Once unified accounts starts you can convert your saved Free xp and use it on WoWS! You get to participate not only Wargaming competitions but in-clan competitions As an Alpha Tester of WoWS I can platoon with you from Closed Beta onwards and help you get to your A-Game I can inform you when Closed Beta is released so you can get your place at the top of the list when applying And much more that I can't think of! GREAT! HOW DO I JOIN?Easy! Submit an application on the WoT Site at http://worldoftanks.asia/community/clans/2000001843/If you have any questions feel free to PM me! SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD AND OPEN SEAS!