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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Wow Developers, Just sharing some comments to consider if you wish to improve the submarine battle game play. Overall, the experience I've had since laying lands on my first few battles on the rental submarines has fallen far below my expectations. Having played older variants of submarine simulators such as Silent Hunters, Dangerous Waters etc., I must say that WoW has undermined the potency of submarines, and I'm sure that has caused much disappointment to many of us who were looking forward to the submarine battles. I've hence penned down some comments, bearing in mind that they are not intended to make WoW another submarine simulator, rather, I'm hoping below suggestions could help provide a better realism into the game by uplifting the great potentials of what submarines could do in real naval battle games. 1. Improve Submarine Stealth Stealth is the most important element of submerged submarines. How a submerged submarine maintains it stealth depends very much on (1) the speed at which it is running, (2) its operating depth (sonar detection varies by depth due to various bathymetric profiles in seas), and (3) self noise (e.g. from propulsion, machineries, activities etc.). Consider including such parameters into the game mechanics to make detection of submarines by ships' active sonars more challenging. For example, submarines would remain harder to detect at > 50m in general. In contrast, the 'depth' element in current game environment seemed to be underplayed, except to activate a consumable to evade to greater depth of 80m to avoid greater damage from depth charges. Ships' active sonars should generally have half the range compared to passive sonars due to the need for active pings to be bounced off an object to return to their transceiver. Furthermore, consider having the option for submarines to choose between active or passive sonars for target detection, as this would allow players to balance between real target acquisitions (active) vs remaining covert (passive). In reality, most submarines only operate on passive sonars to remain stealth. Should players choose to remain on passive sonars, they could rely on periscope for real target acquisitions (though at much shorter visual range due to low height of eye as compared to surfaced ships). For example, targets spotted by periscope or detected by active sonar would appear as 'true' (or red/blue) contacts on map, while those detected by passive sonar would appear as 'indicative' (or grey) contacts with a slower refresh rate. Operating on passive sonars would hence force submarines to remain on periscope depth for most of the time to visually confirm targets or attack (see point 3 below), unless they are evading to greater depths from depth charges. Submarine-to-submarine detection are not realistic in current game play, as they could easily detect each other as far as a few KMs away. In reality, submarines could only detect other submarines at very close ranges due to their silent nature as compared to surfaced ships. 2. Cavitation at high speeds Submarines should generally remain stealth and undetected as long as their speeds are kept below a certain speed. For example, submarine should be harder to detect when submerged at 1/4 speed, while they are easier to detect by hostile's passive sonars at 1/2 or more speed. This is however, not the case in current game play where there are submarines charging at full submerged speed undetected.3. Periscope + torpedo attack The periscope is one of, if not, the most important target detection equipment for WW2 submarines. Periscopes are predominantly used for target analysis (e.g. Angle-to-bow assessment, stadiametric ranging etc.) and target classification before pre-positioning submarines to fire their torpedoes - most of which are in fact straight running torpedoes until very much latter in WW2. Somehow, this aspect seemed to be neglected from current game play. Perhaps WoW could consider looking into how the periscope could be tied with torpedo firing at periscope depth as an alternate yet more accurate mode of attacking ships beside the current mode of pinging and homing? As far as I know, homing torpedoes are only developed much later into WW2, and there are potential risks of homing into friendly targets as well. I don't think torpedoes in 1930-1945 are smart enough to home only to hostile targets in the manner WoW set them up. In any case, isn't there a disjoint in logic where only submarines can have homing torpedoes while destroyers and cruisers are having straight running torpedoes in WW2? 4. Snorting In reality, charging of submarine batteries could only be done in 2 ways for most, if not, all of WW2 submarines (even in today's modern diesel-electric submarines); either (1) on surfaced, or (2) during snorting at periscope depth. It is factually NOT CORRECT to have WW2 submarines being able to charge their batteries at any depth while at 1/4 speed. This is because diesel engines need to be running to charge batteries, and there is no way diesel engines could run when submerged without a snort mast (for fresh air intake) - unless those are AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, which are modern technology. 5. Diving/Surfacing controls Consider having shortcut keys for submarines to reach surface, periscope depth, operating depth etc. instead of manually holding down 'F' and 'C' keys. 6. Parameters in detecting submarines The ability to detect submarines should be based on 2 principles; (1) visually, when they are on surfaced or snorting (e.g. through the wake made by the periscope/snort masts), and (2) noise generated by submerged submarines (e.g. during firing, cavitating or operating active sonar etc). Perhaps the game mechanics could consider having such parameters build in for submarines where detection is concern? While so much has been said to give submarines a better fighting chance, WoW could also consider including ASW aircrafts from carriers looking out for submarines at their periscope depth so as to balance off their stealth advantage those suggested above?
  2. FOR MOST UP TO DATE THREAD GO TO: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56530-mod-kriegsmarine-mods-skins-admiral-hipper-1942-has-been-added/ Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz September 1942 - July 1943: Bogen at Narvik, Fættenfjord at Trondheim, and Kåfjord at Alta, Norway Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz July 1944 - November 1944: Kåfjord at Alta, and off Håkøy at Tromsø, Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Nürnberg Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 Deutscher Kreuzer Köln April 1941: Gotenhafen Deutscher Kreuzer Köln Summer 1942: Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Niobe November 1943: Mediterranean No Tracer Smoke Mod Removes the tracer smoke trails from all guns. The tracers themselves have not been modified. German Sound Mod Announcer and ship's crew now speak German. Credit for the sounds goes to Eidos Hungary. The dialogue is from the Battle Stations Pacific German localization files. Please take into consideration that this mod is not intended to provide a comprehensive translation for German Users. Unfortunately some lines may seem out of place and context. Note: Due to limitations, only a portion of the dialogue has been modified. Mod will be updated as soon as possible. Installation Extract the 0.5.x.x folder inside the .7z archive into your World of Warships res_mods folder, overwriting the folder. In the case of game updates, move the contents of the 0.5.x.x. into the latest version's folder. Sound mod note: In addition to placing the audio folder into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder, you must also copy the audio folder (found in the res folder) into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder. You will then have several folders including the Mod folder in your audio folder.