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Found 1 result

  1. Currently within pre-battle loading screens, in-game player lists (by pressing TAB), post-battle results screens, and in-game player panels (if turned on within options), the region where the player names are displayed is too narrow horizontally. This means that if a player's name is too long, it cannot be fully displayed (since it becomes appended with "..." at the end), which becomes a hassle if you wish to report a teamkiller or some other form of troublemaker to WG Support, yet cannot find out what the player's name actually is. This problem applies for both the English locale client and the Chinese locale client. Within the Chinese locale client the problem is worsened, since the font size for everything is much larger overall. Player name panels should be made longer so that they can fit the entirety of a player's name. After all, on both the pre- and post-battle screens and the TAB display there is a huge portion of empty space on the left and right sides; what is the purpose of having this empty space? Wouldn't the space be better off utilised by widening the player name area to allow readability? The length of the player name panels were much better during closed alpha, I'd suggest making the horizontal length of the player name columns within the team player tables akin to WoWS version 0.2.2 or version 0.3.*, which would require extension of the table on left and right sides given the increase in font size in later patches, which takes up additional space. Screenshots: Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, English locale) Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) In-game TAB screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) Post-battle results screen (0.3.* CBT, English locale) (I won't post any 0.2.2 closed alpha screenshots)