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Found 1 result

  1. HEllo to cv [content removed] i am getting frustrated day by day just played game with moskva and you know what hakuryu arrive with dive bombers and killed me with AP dive bombers .. ever time he hits me with citadel and damage 17 to 22 k each time in 6 to 7 minute i was dead focused by cv ...and AA is garbage until thy drop no plane shot down after drop 6 to 7 plane down by defensive AA ,, wow great rework ... whats the meaning of AA then if you cant shot down any incoming planes ... not even CA in yamato or GK or any other BB you play you always end-up by cv .. i am not against cv old cv was good thy has many things to do like fighters and all now this is completely target practice game. when this is going to be playable again?? no tactics worked here no stelth no team work after this patch i always found cv in game and experiance player knows what to do but can not do any thing bcoz that air [content removed] . now this game becomes like HUG with each other and stay alive. WE NEED CHANGES