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Found 3 results

  1. I have never used RDF, but I am considering it as a last pick on a high level DD captain. I've read up about it of course and watched You Tubers use it and explain how they use it and I get it, I do, but it seems like such a two edged sword. I have played against RDF a lot and I am sure it is a powerful tool when used correctly but if you look at where your fleet is while you are detected by RDF, you can sometimes reverse plot it and get an idea of where the person using RDF on you is themselves. I am not rich and would rather keep a few hundred doubloons to go towards a new ship than to respect a high level captain if I don't like it. Have you ever regretted taking RDF? Have you ever respecced a captain because of taking RDF?
  2. fighter9374

    RDF & USN cruisers

    So I got a RDF captain in my Cleveland, and I'm still trying to get used to it. Any advice and tips on using it? I'm trying to use it to sniff out sneaky little dds prowling near me.
  3. everyone is really mad because i got RDF....... yess i am potato is that wrong to get RDF on Algerie? i hope i have a replay.... we are losing, but the Amagi [LooklikeD] defense the base AGAINTS 5 warship (not include DD) and WAOW, its destroyed most of the ship. also the Leander and DD [forget its loong name] also helping by rushing the enemy base forcing the half of fleet get back or capped. the leander got 3 kills and the Amagi got 4 kill...... and what i am doing? well, i did nothing :V except for spamming chat i got RDF thanks for the team WE WON after that, *Beep beep word come from DD. also the other said that IFHE and CE is more usefull..... its look like they cannt believe that RDF on Algerie is exist..... well, its the Amagi and Leander fault that they are losing.... ABSOLUTELY NOT MY FAULT. the torpedo missed to amagi is not because my RDF, its just missed.... well, i think i am going to switch with CE...... note : - playing on 2GB netbook, what are u expecting for? 2 weeks its too long for not playing WoWs..... after that my Shokaku will be fixed in the port. - using 1% mod to be able for playing. - i am absolutely potato, dont look at my damage :V - very thanks for my team to carry me :V _______________