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Found 3 results

  1. I heard the shocking news from our friends who are playing Wows in NA. They told me that WG erased 'Arepegio anime voice' in 0.6.13..... whether it is intended or not, Why Are You erasing Cutie Cutie Girl Voice????? I know some of you feel bad about Anime, but this is not the case! (You can use national voice etc....) So there is no reason to erase it..... Rant Rant Ranting end. Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade
  2. So recently, I was in a match with my Kaiser. It was one of those matches where there were 2 carriers on each team. And, oh God both carrier players were so bad lol. I checked, one was a Zuiho and the other I forgot. Meanwhile the enemy carriers knew what they were doing. Our Carriers were Derping around with their bombers. But it seems they could not use fighters. We got no Aries recon, no air support and we're one after another taken by the combined bombers of both the enemy Cvs. Not once anyone got fighter support. Like the main fleet of our team just got dwindled quickly because of no recon. And everyone, Cruiser and BB captains alike were screaming for air support as our ships got torpd, bombed, burned and sunk.
  3. There was a point in the forum where ranting was kinda fun and people took it in a funny manner... Now-a-days It is just pure hate towards other players or the company itself. Don't you think this needs to stop..... For example CVs Nerf and Buff...... asked by other classes (DDs CAs or mostly BBs) where some members don't even add sense to their arguments...... Just because you cannot playing against it doesn't mean it needs to change think as a whole community.... not just be selfish and just post pure hate towards them..... BBs players asking for DD nerf Seriously??? You can kill DD easily you need to good aim to get them at point not like your shells have rainbow arcs or something.... and to counter DD's torpedoes a big problem to you....So... let me ask you, why do you go to a place where DD has more advantage??? Why don't you start staying with team rather than thinking you're unstoppable and rushing DD prone areas... Then CVs asking for AA nerf...... Just stop.... You're already doing better than other classes you don't need to ask anything..... It is not CVs who are bad they are players who are playing them wrong..... USN CVs are a bit underpowered yes but IJN DDs are underpowered as well.... doesn't mean they cannot do anything... If a ship has good AA then don't get near it play tactically there are other ships which have not so good AA go for them.... I don't see a CA player or DD player asking Nerf or Buff to the other classes?? why they deal with it.... Sometimes When you got out classed by other classes then question your skill rather than questioning game mechanics.....It helps you got get better... If you wanna argue about something Just play the other class get knowledge about it and then ask for Nerf or Buff..... If you want to rant go ahead just make it sensible and agreeable... Rather than making a rant out of pure anger...