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Found 53 results

  1. Majmac

    Purple Clan Name

    What does the purple colour mean in a clan name? Why does it not show up at the start of the match in the line-up? Are they top-notch players who can hide their status until the match is over? Had a few games today when the Red team had three or more of these coloured clan names on it and they were divisioned-up. Does MM deliberately hide their status?
  2. Is it just me or do we need to have a change that save the stars for the top 2 players instead of one for loss battles?
  3. Storm_Khan

    Different sort of ranked battles

    An idea for a different sort of ranked battles and leagues. Why? The current reworked rank battles system seems meh and the way the MM works is incompatible with how the ranks (stars) system work. The MM will assign you a random team which nets you a 50/50 win loss ratio approximately regardless of how good or bad you are as a player. The stars system requires you to win multiple games in a row to advance in rank. Statistically, well I'll let you figure out what happens when these 2 systems collide. Something needs to be done regarding this. If the MM is not changed to work with the stars system then at most 3 stars should be set for gaining the next rank. Instead of the current bronze/silver/gold using T VIII thru TX ships only, have the following 'leagues' instead: Bronze league: TII thru TIV ships Silver league: TV thru TVII ships Gold league: TVIII thru TX ships At the start of the week the player chooses which league they wish to play in and the 1st game they play locks them in that league for the week. Players may change leagues each week. This may need the number of ranks per league to change (say 12) with the usual no lose ranks along the way. The rewards should reflect the league and rank achieved along the way. This way lower tier ships can make an appearance again and not just be forgotten after grinding thru them once and lets lower level players play in leagues instead of just being left out until they achieve a certain player level. Also allows players to choose what level they feel comfortable playing at.
  4. Gday everyone, Just wondering what mods you're currently running from mod-station and the Pro's and Con's of each. Currently I am using: Ship Icons- Adjustable Panels Mods of Combat Interface- BattleClock Score Timer Team HP Navigator Big Port- Stingy By Default Extended MiniCarousel All ships in Tree Session Stats Other Mods- Remove Fog, Glare and Calm Sea Interested to see what the current meta is and if people simply choose to play the game as is. Cheers, Dobby
  5. OK .. so let's do some brain storming, pick one and one only , tell us what is the goto ship you choose for this Ranked and why ... I'll start wit mine , as a DD main my goto is IJN Akatsuki , full torpedo boat build ; stealth IMHO in this ranked season is overrated, you need to go into the area to contest so with such small sized area anyone got spotted anyway .. but this boat still had decent if not good stealth ... and there is several thing that goes for this one , Smoke, 39.9 knots with signal, 3x3 torp tube that reload quick and deal good damage at 10KM ( only best by Skane at 12 and reload faster but do meager damage ) that mean you got flexibility and coverage both without need for TRB , its nimble with the steering upgrade. its down side is its guns which you do not really want to use for brawls but can do a lot when firing from smoke into enemy BB and Cruisers alike not to say against fellow DD , it might not be able to PUSH through all by itself but no DD can really when facing enemy main force but its advantage is many and can contribute
  6. If someone can do it quicker, i salute you!
  7. WG ----------- get royally stuffed! I am sick to death of T9 and T10 gameplay. I play T9 for credits, I play T10 for legendary modules... If we could play in your stupid time and day slots, I'd be sick of T10 from Clan Battles too. Arms Race... Again? Sure it was fresh for a bit, until you grind a season of ranked with it, at T10, then it gets stale really fast... Seriously, I'm not one to make rash decisions but I am so close to walking away from this game. I'm not a CV hater, I even like the RM and RN CA lines. I hate Kremlin and Smolensk and think you went a bit far on Henri IV but I don't get all ragey about it. I even understand your slow adjustments to camo and signal drops, the economy is overheated but some upfront honesty would be nice. I don't think the IFHE changes are well thought out but a least you are looking at the issue. Overall I don't hate you, I just think you are doing a really poor job at the moment and you have done a poor job with design for a while... Please, for everyone's sanity, can we have some non T9 and T10 content - this is completely ridiculous! Edit: Your art department are still amazing
  8. I'm doing 1v1 ranked exclusively in Lightning. That's equivalent of "difficulty: hard" setting. It took a while to actually figure out how to make it work, and that's the point: 1v1 is an excellent training ground for close-quarters-combat (CQC). Lightning can be easily beaten by Tripitz/Bismark/Mass as well as cruisers like Hipper/Eugen/Atago and even Mogami if you aren't careful. The upside is that outside of Fantasque/LeTerrible you hold a reasonable advantage against all other T9 DDs. The trick to winning against the big ships is to take the initiative and put them on the back foot. You go directly to the intersection of the two caps, in such a way as you aren't spotted. You'll get there first, they know you are there, and they know they have to go to find you or they'll lose on points. You have RPF (don't even think about trying ranked without RPF) so you know which direction and can guess, from the speed of the ship and when they entered the cap (the point counter stops), their position accurately without having to pop hydro. Don't use hydro to find the enemy ship if you can avoid it, it tells them you are close. Now, the longer you stay hidden in that interection area, the better idea your enemy has of where you are since they've already got vision on greater and greater area. If you get boxed in like this, chances are you are gonna die. Instead, you need to rush them and while they are still moving into position to sweep out the area. For Tirpitz and anything else with torps you pop hydro the moment you get spotted, and smoke as well just cause you can and its a possible distraction. Anything to buy a couple of seconds of extra time before they react. Assuming you can catch them with their bow towards you, you'll have enough time to quickly slip to their side and line up a point blank guranteed torp drop, firing all 8 torps individually in a line so they all hit. Momentum on BBs and CAs is such that at close range like this they have zero ability to turn out in time. For ships with hydro, it's more of a toss up but even more important to rush them early before they are quite ready to start looking for you. Their hydro is longer range, but shorter duration so most people will be reluctant to use right away. That's your only chance really, if you get hydroed and are not in position to kill them already, you are probably going to die or lose on points. Don't even bother with concealment build, run Steering Gears Mod 3 in slot 5. Although its rare to see CVs, you want to build for minimum smoke cooldown as you'll need it if you happen to run into one. Be sure to choose Preventative Maintanence and Main Armaments 1 installed to keep your torpedo launchers functioning. Go out there and have fun! You can thank me later.
  9. I'm a solid 48% pleb, and watched Flamu's vid on Tirpitz so decided to give it a go using his build. Ranked out in 43 games (36 wins and 7 losses). Some of the deaths were me being too casual (charging Asashio in smoke lol) and 2 against Graf Zeppelin were impossible to do anything about. If a 48% scrub like me can do it, then it really is very easy, however this has also been the most fun I've had in WOWs in the three years I've been playing. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (except vs GZ...) I hope WOWs keeps up the 1v1 concept with keeping each rank as well - great idea. Thanks WG 🙂
  10. Gummiheng

    Ranked salt post

    Share your salt Share your most facepalm moment For me: Team ramming enemy ship when i got the shot to kill vv
  11. S4pp3R

    Why would you?

    [rant] Take a stock Ryujo into ranked battles? Seriously... Then gets 1-shotted 2min in. I have no words, honestly... Aoba and myself (Warspite) nearly pulled a win off anyways, sadly for me, well done to him, he beat me by 20-odd XP. [/rant]
  12. So made it to rank 1 earlier today, playing GC. Played at different times, of my 3 losses, didn't top XP once - I think... Averaged something like 70K damage, even managed a kraken, almost a 6-kill carry as well... Happy to answer questions, although guessing most here have already nailed rank 1 as well...
  13. S4pp3R

    Ranked XP issues...

    So basically after getting to rank 9 I'm down at 11/0. My issue is thus, I get 100k+ damage in Zao + caps, get 3rd XP if I'm lucky, same story with Hindy. I get 100k in Yamato and top XP consistently on losses. This is not even to mention DDs. I'm starting to think T10 XP is very BB biased and subsequently this is why we're seeing games at 10+ with 0 DDs... I'm a good Zao player, particularly in CB or ranked, yet I perform superbly in her and won't top XP on a loss outside a monster game. Yet in Yamato, I'm average, I have what I would consider an average game and I find it easy AF to get top XP on a loss. Thus I reach the conclusion that BB is better for ranking up. Thoughts?
  14. Aaditya_AJ

    Need help!!

    I have replay of ranked battle where players be racist and unsportive... I want to report it as we cannot report racism in game...
  15. FenrirApalis

    Coincidence? I think not :kappa:

    So uhhhhh Some interesting observations from playing and quitting ranked Every time I play ranked for a bit then decide to stop playing ranked I meet a girl that I like :thanking: I'm not complaining but weegee pls XD
  16. Reflection on Season 8 Ranked Total Games: 303 Win rate: 54.5% Average XP: 1767 Average Dmg: 67-70k * First 80 games, cruised to rank 6 from Rank 13 (Was a walk in the park for the most part of it using BBs, I was experimenting many other ships to determine what was effective and what Meta is currently in game). * Stayed at Rank 6-7 for next 50 games before hitting Rank 5 (Issue with fresh rank 10s on my team throwing games, many games with AFK players. It takes double the effort to make back loss stars and advance) * Revisted Rank 6.3 5 times before making progress Would have sucked up around 20 games (New meta needed to adjust, again was around some fresh Rank 5s that needed to adjust or won't ready for these games). * Stayed at Rank 5 for around 50 games before going into Rank 4 (This is where I encountered AFK ships, ships that would go solo, DDs that still have no idea how to play and finally Losers that Team Kill their own team for top loser spot). * Stayed at Rank 4 for 1 week for around 50 games before punching through to Rank 3 (Tough meta, players playing for top loser spot. Had to adjust my play to play the same game but better than these players). * Fell back to Rank 4.2 stars, Grinded the rest over 3 days in under 30 games to make rank 1 (Solid strategy with Tirpitz grinding 4 stars a night, then Atago grinding 5 stars, finally finishing off with North Cal grinding 4 stars). I have my strategy on Match Maker, I have avoided the pitfalls of the previous seasons of ranked. I will continue this strategy. Lets just say I witnessed a clan member lose 19 stars from Rank 2.4 (1 star to rank out but lose all the progress over 3 days). I have also seen a clan member attempt 2.4, over 50 games, 4 times before ranking out. I have purposely played the way I have played in a slow and steady state to avoid the mistakes of one past season where I didn't rank out. When MM screws you it will, when it favours you you ride it out. My thoughts on the ships, as I have played them: 90 games: North Carolina - Best in class, support class, tanky and very accurate guns. Can retreat when needed, its the absolute counter to Cruisers. 40 games: Alabama - Decent, as strong as NC, but in different ways. Guns horizontal dipsersion not as accurate as North Cal. 400m of concealment matters compared to NC when your dealing with cruisers. 85 games: Amagi - Strong but RNG based heavily, some days plays like a sniper, other days plays like a Shotgun. DMG wise its higher than NC, so its saved myself more lost stars 30 games: Tirpitz - Strong pusher, guns are RNG based heavily moreso then Amagi. But on a good day I have tripled citadelled Atagos. Its lower calibre does wonders sometimes. Amagi's and NCs overpen more, but this thing just crits or pens. I have had a massive win streak on this thing. Torps are useful on the push against bow on BBs. 0 games: Bismarck - Take the tirpitz instead of the Bismarck, the Torps matters 10 games early season: Monarch - This ship is a DSP machine and thats it, it offers no other utility to the team. If the team members die early, this thing is useless because it can't dish out enough DPS to sink ships fast. Its more a support class BB. Kii: Useless ship, stock amagi, stock guns, gota have rocks in your head to take this one, when Amagi is already RNG dependent. Atago - Best in class, one of the most scariest ships when played well. It counters everything other than good Atago players and Good martel players. This ship has gotten me 13 stars easily in the premier league. Its my goto ship other than the NC for each opening game each night. (Opening game will affect how you go for the rest of the night). - I have solo'd full HP Amagi in this ship at 14-15km, where the Amagi never landed a big hit or any hits at all. Kutuzov - Good DSP machine, but needs to stay further back. Relies on the team not dying and spotting, this ship is good if the team plays well Charles Martel - Very good flanker, but again relies on the team not dying early, this ship is a pain to deal with for a BB player. Chapevey - Radar is useless if you don't communicate. I have seen Chaps use radar on their own without telling anyone where the DD is in cap. They do not coordinate a strike where every ship will dump on the DD. These are wasted opportunities. Chapeveys get nuked easily, I have seen many idiots play them in the open where position and cover is everything. New Orleans - See chapevey Prinz Eugen, Hipper - Useless don't bring them Lo Yang - Best in class, however the counter is the wait it out and coordinate a push late game. If you have radar ships coordinate a strike on Lo Yangs. Benson/Kidd - Strong but need to be patient and not trade / lose HP early game. Stronger late game. Ognevoi - Played a game in stock ognevoi for laughs with a 19point captain. Got 2k base XP. However this ship is situational, the concealment isnt the best and relies heavily on lucky torps or the team. Akizuki - Useless ship when spotted, too clumbersome. Harekazi - Decent, but requires alot of support. Hsienyang - For this to work requires coordinating your radar with team to take out DD threat. Otherwise hard to play and quite useless. Z-23 - Seen 1 good player with this, hats off to him, but I wouldn't take this ship into ranked when its outclassed by a Lo Yang. Kagero - Best used as a spotting DD and torp spamming DD. Relies heavily on team to do their stuff to support it. Seen some decent players use this one. Kiev - A useless ship, I had this ship tried to solo my NC. I demolished it in 3 salvos. You can't play this like a cruiser, if you want to play cruiser play an atago. My thoughts on: Ranked 11-13 Games: Just full of potatoes easily exploitable. If your on a losing team, aim to play for top loser. You will grind through these easily Ranked 10-6 Games: Some games are tight as you run into the rank 1 unicums from previous seasons. These are no different to Rank 5+ games. But how to progress in this is no different to 11-13 games. However there will be fresh rank 10s. You need to identify these players and exploit them and their mistakes. Ie, that the opportunity to 1 shot them in BBs, as they generally do not know how to sail or do not know they are out of position. BBs that push too far ahead without knowing the threats. Ranked 5+ Games: Many games are really tight, the meta on these games are great as you find no one goes straight for caps. Everyone plays conservative, not unusual to go 5 minutes where no one has entered a cap. In situations like this the BB players need to make an advantage play by 1 shooting CAs or reposition to open up the game. To advance you need to make really good plays, like shoot across the map to finish ships. Not usual for me to kill things 20km+, I killed an atago with spotter play at 25km when he disappeared. He was salty afterwards and called my shot lucky. This is not usual when I shoot like this all the time, even in Clan battles. These shots are possible when I make them time and time. Its just practice. In these games you also want to exploit fresh Rank 5s, as they will most likely not have adjusted to the Meta or be out of position. All it takes is 1 ship to die and the snowball effect kicks in. Similarly on the receiving end, all it takes is 1 mistake and the tide turns. A note on Top Loser: As you play a number of ships you work out which ship is best played for top loser. I worked out 1 that was consistently better and also gave me the best chance at winning games. So I naturally just used that. It is inevitable you will lose games, so you need to adjust your play style mid game when you know its a loser game to try and not lose that star. However I despise players that just play for top loser from get go without trying to win. The worse are the ones that TK their own team to achieve it, I don't know why this is not banned because clearly the game is not intended to have friendlies delibrately TK. Overall: Did I enjoy ranked, Yes (except the TKers). Was it stressful, no, however there was alot riding on it for me. Namely my 5th Rank out for the Black. I also felt some players in the top league don't deserve to be there. Some players still did no understand the mechnanics of the points system and only needed to defend 2 caps to win that the team already has. Except they pushed and died. Enemy team then wins by killing instead of points. Next Season: I won't give a toss any more, I will play like a twat. Take the worse ships into ranked purposely and spam games as a social experiment. I will just YOLO rush and trade ships, let the team do the rest. Good luck to those still trying to keep their sanity together. Those that want to know abit more about Match Making for Ranked. PM Me. I don't want to post my thoughts up, as I will be ridiculed and called a conspirator. Lets just say I have noticed patterns over and over from 7 seasons. Not hard to exploit it, but you still need to play well.
  17. Pervis117

    What do you have to do ?

    To even win at ranked ? Yeah the star saving top loser spot hoggers are annoying and deserve bad things to happen to them in life, but every team I'm burdened with is so incompetent that I can maybe understand what drives a person to such contemptible tactics. I don't have a point, just a lot of sadness and a screenshot. If you have similar sob stories of ranked teams who just wont be carried, please post them. It will cheer me up. Misery loves company. P.S. Their last ship was a kagero with liek 20 hp :(
  18. Hi, i'm starting this thread to share my ranked experience. i'm currently in rank 10 and finding it hard to uprank to rank 9 because of either being killed by a loyang sonar'ed me or being unassisted when capping. list of best performing ships in ranked (by n00b1e) BB 1st: North Carolina/Alabama : three triple 16in guns with good armor make the best BB for holding cap/sniping, rarely see a NCAR or Alabama losing a 1v1 on another BB like amagi or bismarck 2nd:Amagi : better mobility than US BB's but with rather unreliable gun dispersion, bad choice for holding cap and get sunk easily with focus fire by BB's 3rd:Monarch : for those HE spammers who like to make people salty, the AP is unreliable for use againts BB and she will lose 1v1 with a NCAR/Alabama or Amagi used by a decent player at close range 4th:Tirpitz : torpedoes makes up for the german gun dispersion, she is still a bad choice with the NCAR's and Amagi's around 5th:Bismarck : bad gun accuracy and is not as agile like Amagi makes her the worst choice in my opinion, with the sniping fest worsening the situation for Bismarck and Tirpitz having torps making her rather outclassed DD 1st:Loyang : the primary cap denier for capping DD's, seen Loyang players just stop and use smoke&hydro and spot you up, the hydro is the most dangerous part of this ship 2nd:Kagero : long ranged torps make surviving easier in Kagero, unless you're the capping DD and the guns won't help at all in that case 3rd:Kidd : the heal makes this DD a DD killer, but the single turret torps will make you useless againts a radar cruiser 4th:Benson : decent torps and good guns, but outclassed by a dedicated DD like Loyang or Kagero 5th:Ognevoi?/Kiev : in this case this DD's are useless because of having the worst concealment CA/CL's 1st:Chapayev : 4 triple 6in turrets, 11,7km radar, good HE to burn BB's, what more can you ask for ? 2nd:New Orleans : a cruiser killer with good concealment to support DD's capping, hard using her to fight BB's 3rd:Atago/ARP Takao : good torps and good guns, but fragile (seen many Atago/Takao in ranked) 4th:Hipper : good armor, good guns, but no radar 5th:Edinburgh : have radar, hydro, and good torps, good as a DD cap assist but with the BB's swamping ranked she's rather underpowered 6th:Charles Martel: damage farming boat, rarely seen one contribute beyond surviving the battle 7th:Mogami : need me to say anything ? bad reload, fragile, and bad torp placement since i'd avoid CV's i can't comment on them share your ranked experience and review mine. thanks and have a lot of citadels ;P
  19. rant : i am really regret create this thread : I SHOULD delay or never create that thread, Charles Martel with RDF is annoying to deal with...... now i am struggling doing ranked because some people realize how potent the combination of Martel+RDF. basically, NO cruiser can withstand againt Charles Martel.... the OP Paytago and Kakao cannt do a sheet againt Charles. and the most problematic, it shell is basically EZ burn and EZ hit. i dont use Demolition expert nor Flag, its so easy to set fire on BB. i dont even use aiming modification upgrade, its already so accurate that i can hit easily a Lo Yang or Kagero from 15km...... the gun on the Martel is as strong as Amagi in term of dealing damage. except its burning people..... oh, ITS ALSO FASTEST CRUISER..... map of the mountain range and hotspot map is really stupid bad design for ranked battle. Charles Martel got huge advantage because it can solo CAP at A in mountain range, and obviously very easy to defend it alone.... at hotspot, its help DD capture the C cap. if enemy dont have charles martel, they cannt do a sheet...... RDF is make it even more terror, DD with speed slower than 40 knot cannt run from Martel... if DD wandering alone, get caught in RDF and Martel realize its less than 10km, the DD is guarantee to be DED. Charles biggest weakness is its WIDE turning radius, but with RDF it can predict where is DD..... ______________________________________ i wonder why there is TOO MANY Martel in ranked, its weird because it was least favourable by player.... no radar, no heal.... why people bring it? then, Keskparane told me something : i thought it was joke... until i see it myself.... "located" i am somewhat surprised.... who bring Martel+RDF in rank 10~5 ranked? FOR REAAL?? ah maybe the Atago and not Charles..... sadly IT WASNT....its REALLY CHARLES MARTEL!....when Atago try to chase me, the "located" mark is disappear.... Atago is the closest ship to me, while enemy Martel chasing Kagerou that cap A..... -_- what i have done..... for them who really think RDF is useless well.....i think to stop doing ranked for this season.... rank 10th is far far away from my goal rank 1st.... but i dont have choice, too many Charles+RDF ruining my day. I AM NOOB, my biggest weapon is something that enemy think its was harmless, Martel+RDF. now its become common, everyone realize Martel is dangerous ship. ITS NOT FUNNY when you got 4~6 aim, while Atago or New Orlean at closer range spotted too... WHY AIM AT ME?? well, if you have good observation skill. with RDF alone you can also predict direction and range of the enemy. [bet me 10 silver, danIceCream will full quote and then post some funny gif. he can read this if he quote]
  20. Skarhabek

    how to reach rank 1?

    well.... i dont do ranked for serious before. but after this 8th ranked show up, i am decide to do something. thanks to sheety MM mechanic + badluck RNG, i am screwed on random battle mostly of the time. no matter how hard carry, you can always get lose, that is why people called 55% WR is decent player. just be honest here, in other games i am the one who you called "anti - elitist/whale/P2W" player faction. the elitist usually its just bunch of noob whale but got P2W unlimited cash works.... that is why i am using shark pic as a symbol "i m going to eat the whale". shark is symbol of cheating "gameshark", in my other game, the cheater always beat the P2W full cash player. well, i am not use any cheat... they got easily banned. i am using something that the P2W player never have,.... its called "EFFORT". but WoWs is different, cash wont guarantee you to win! even if you on belfast or saipan.... if you noob you will be always noob no matter what ship and $$ you spend. that is why i like WoWs, even with shitty badluck MM & RNG. well, my random stat is already screwed.... even if i already good on some ship, it will take loooong time before it fixed my screwed stat. but i have this idea, if i had hide my stat but i got high rank, people wont realize i am noob...... rank always pop-up after the battle end. something that i can proud :V so today, finally reach rank 12 with 44% WR... the last match is so epic, enemy is ALMOST WIN, Kii and benson only have HP under 5K include me. enemy got 985 point and we just get 930. if everyone hide, absolutely lose.... everyone is under concealment..... so the Kii with 4K HP open fire at Amagi with 17K HP.... lucky the enemy Amagi is still turning its main turret because enganging atago... without hesitation, ITS DO OR LOSE! i phew phew the amagi and its hit...... killing it before firing its main gun at our Kii with low HP. and now the point is turning... LEL, ranked is so salty that i got chat banned because "noob-damned-noob-sheet" at my losing team before _________________________________________ this is point of NO RETURN! after rank 12, lose is lose and i will stuck at rank 12 if i cannt carry or get the highest XP earner! i am playing the charles martel, fragile yet mobile and versatile cruiser..... a) beside delete enemy DD or radar or AA ship, what is another threat for the team? b) there is too many BB in ranked, 4 BB is too much to destroy... and our BB is noob and SINK early -_- what should i do? c) how to counter Lo Yang with Hydro? i am trying to warn our DD but it seems not work.... what should i do? i am also shoot at smoked lo yang and its somewhat hit, but enemy team kill our DD more faster.... d) enemy got GG shokaku but we only get mediocre lexington..... i try to cover some BB, but i cannt cover everyone... my AA range is only 5km -_- e) any advice to reach rank 1 with charles martel? it seems NC+AA build is more reliable because good turret configuration and high concealment. Bismarck is not good for ranked. its tanky but dispersion is sheet! i only have Bismark and Charles Martel... using shokaku? no one Queue -_-
  21. karrablaster123


    Excessive and unhealthy use of Caps ahead. PS: You may post your own rankts in here .
  22. Is it? A good ship for ranked? Basically about farming XP when compared to ships like the Sims. Please share your opinion.
  23. Like the title says, I really need some advice on how to make this ship perform because it has not been working out for me at all. Some background: I'm an above-average but far from perfect player who does best in DDs for ranked play. Perth and Gallant got me to rank 4 with a roughly 55% win rate but I was feeling the pressure to get with the meta, especially in matches with only 1 dd per side so I switched to my 14pt hatsu captain and the results, to put it mildly were terrible. 7 stars lost over 11 battles and probably my chance to rank out this season too, subpar stats across the board. As far as I can tell I'm doing everything right, but not matter how long I keep enemy dds spotted or contest caps or shield BBs I invariably end up on the losing side and often bottom of the xp table. I don't die to torps, it's always BB volleys that do way more damage than my team seems to be able to put out on the enemy DDs. On one memorable occasion I kept a Farragut spotted for more than a minute and he took no damage. That was an outlier, but it feels like it's always this way. I'm pretty good at working out what I did wrong and improving it, but there must be something I'm missing here. How to make it work?
  24. *Hint Hint* Since Tier VI Random Battles starting in July, there goes my Popcorn And we all know who's getting saltier just to take another Jolly Roger Flag again! Post your best rant here, no Angery rant allowed PSA: Langley, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, Saratoga (Lexington), Yorktown (Essex) and Midway are getting the Beta Loadouts back as well as adding Armor Piercing Bombs. REJOICE! , Rain those AP Bombs at those whiny BBabies
  25. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Rank battles observations

    Hi All, Well i played ranked yesterday and i found it well ****Meh**** First of all it has limited ship options on what you "Should" take out and what you don't which really makes it boring in terms of tactics you can do. Anyone can reach Ranked 15, assuming that you can make some impact per game i have seen people with a 37% winrate make LVL15 so as long as you follow the SHEEP and not be a utter Potato or YOLO you will make LVL15 using pretty much any ship. What did i take out and how did it feel? Farragut: 63% W/R Clearly one of the better DD's, however i struggled to do much other than take lots of hits in some games as i never stayed in my smoke and i used it to protect the fleet. I hated not being able to torp anything other than a Warspite that thought he was smart by sneaking into a cap zone behind and island. I baited many DD's into firing and they all died from my fleet behind me. I found the biggest challenge when 2 Shinonome's on the other team and i had a Fubuki on my side and generally Shins or Farragut's are the only ships i had issues with. Fubuki: 0% W/R Horrible ship to use in this game, i did managed to sink a New Mexico after i put him on fire and then torped him to flood out. I dropped smoke like the US DD and tried to scout and every time i got spotted by the other DD it just rained shells and it is not fast or agile enough to avoid. I did the same in my Farragut when i had a Fubuki in the other team, he tried to go to cap A then B and i basically followed him and all he did was get smacked everytime he got spotted. Waste of time using this ship. Aoba: 0% W/R Completely unable to make any impact into the game.... shells are useless and angling does little to stop the rain of shells. I felt its mobility or lack of it to be its biggest downfall, the torps is so risky as you expose the weak ship Armour, its slow and does not tank well. Cleveland: 100% W/R Awesome but boring at the same time. its tanky, moveable and packs a punch but slow reloads... you can autobounce nicely and with Vigilance it is easy to use this ship. I just really found that get into a nice spot and fire all game long was boring for me. Going beyond that then its really down to 4/5 types of ships and this is where I think this type of game mode fails the most: BB's: Fuso Fuso or FUSO ---Arizona maybe? (Better Sigma than NM) CA: Cleveland (Please no Ad Graf Spee or HSF GS) CL: nothing DD: Shinonome ----Farragut maybe (Only for its smoke really) Maps well i got bored after 8 games, I also found it boring that every game the whole team moved to one zone.... Sure you sometimes pick the same zone and then its a shootout with the game decided in less than 4 minutes and really if you lose your DD your team has lost. CV's have little or no impact on, that said, i did have a Ryujo not fully spec and he lost all his planes at the halfway mark of the game that did cost us the win, he apologized to the whole team and said he would not take it out again and i told him it was "All Good" that said i have seen only 3 games with a CV and only once I believed that the CV made an impact in the game. I would say that this rank mode is IMHO boring, the tactics are always the same, the ships are sooo limited and i highly doubt that after ranked that anyone will use these ships for sometime. I welcome your thoughts on this season Ranked battles. Meh...