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Found 8 results

  1. _Crescent

    can't log-in on Ranked Battle

    hello here some log-in issues when I started Ranked Battle today, suddenly game crahsed, moved to main log-in menu. I tried to log-in ASAP, could not. I don't know reason why, they never noticed me why I cannot log-in game. (ex/ wrong password, internet connection problem etc) after I delete 'preference.xml' and re-boot my computer, I can log-in game. but battle already ended, lost 1 star and 4-6 Karma, some man was in the game said to me "damn you afk, shame on you". I only can say "I'm so sorry, game crahsed suddenly, but I could not log-in with no reason... I'm really sorry about that" never happened before, untill I get 3 rank... I'm just go on another match, and crashed again. cannot log-in AGAIN. my account become pink because of AFK, I need to 6 games on Co-op to become normal state now. here's my video and screenshot. plz WG figure out what is problem was there... I'm SO sorry to my team in Ranked Battle.
  2. When will WOWS start to care about the OZ players? It has been a long time. My cable internet is fast and stable everywhere else except WOWS. Server lag and disconnection maybe tolerable for randoms but during Ranked battle it becomes unacceptable. My team mate were about to report me AFK as I was disconnected and can't log back in for a whole 8 mins during RANKED! I had to stop playing so not to disadvantage my team.
  3. What is the point of restricting players from playing Ranked at certain time of the day? Is anyone gonna get a match in premier league?
  4. I`m gonna make a feedback thread for Ranked here in the suggestions. Anyone is welcome to post their thoughts on Ranked Battle Season 4. Even if you have given up on ranked, post why you gave up. Rank as of posting:1 Good things about this season: - Tier changed to 7, variety of CA and DD were present (not world of Benson and Atago) - Fair amount of rewards, - Super League flag farming. and Bad: - Occasionally unbalanced MM There were games where one side didn`t have a BB or a CA. Both teams should have a minimum of 1BB, 1CA and 1DD. - Removal of the 'safe star' when player move up a rank. - '1st on the losing team keeps its star' feature. I myself used Sims all the way but I felt this was very unfair to ships other than DD and players that devote theirselves to support roles. This feature makes you compete score with you allies and ruines the whole purpose of cooperation and teamplay. You can just let your teammates die or even TK to assure your star. This kind of feature is for randoms where there are too many variables, definitely not for ranked.
  5. nchnch

    Ranked Battle rank bug

    When I achieved rank 2 this season (season 4), my rank did not change in my profile. I did recieve 1000 doubloons that was set as the rank 2 reward. My profile appears to be corrupt. - Highest rank achieved is still at rank 3 even though I am at rank 2 as the screenshot shows. - There are multiple rank 1 rewards for some reason. - Rank 2 seems to be a Tier 10 match. - Rank 2 requires only 1 star.
  6. Come online around 20:30 (UTC+9/JST) any day of the week. We need people to be online at the same time to have a game going. Please share it with your 'premier' friends.
  7. Hey guys, I would like to do a survey to assess at what point of the day the current competitors for Season 2 Ranked Battle normally play/engaged/participate. Hopefully this will help us to have some idea when is the optimum time window of the day that we can participate in Ranked Battles, thus maximizing the chance of getting a game as according to your league rather than randomly waiting and for the time that dont have many players we can always focus to play Random Battle. Please kindly vote according to your current leagues Bronze League: Rank 18 - 15, Tier V - VI Silver League: Rank 14 - 11, Tier V - VI Gold league: Rank 10 - 6, Tier VII - Tier VIII Platinum League: Rank 5 - 1, Tier VII - Tier VIII I have divided the options into 4 hours duration per window (at +8 GMT/UTC time zone). You are allowed to choose up to 3 options, but if you normally play the whole day, please prioritize 3 window that is the most time you played. If you only plays on weekend, please choose 1 only option that is "Weekend Only". Also I had to add one last choice since the poll needs you to answer all question, please select "Not in this league" for the league that did not apply to you. (Not sure how not to make this lol) Thank you for your time and participation in this poll. Comments and suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. My first Ranked Battle: seven ships per side, no CVs and only one DD made for a pleasantly different style of battle. Obviously that class mix won't last but this one wasn't too bad.