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Found 10 results

  1. these days games are played totally bad. battleships have thick armor, heavy gun it's mean battleship must go in a front line tank team and shot. but now battleships don't go front line. they just run away then which ship go in front? "cruiser" because they have a short range gun there are 3ways to solve this problem 1.nerf battleships gun range(about 10km) 2.nerf battleships gun shell speed (try to shot in close range) 3.buff cruiser armor like a battleship (because they do what battleship do) if not battleships keep runaway and games become worse
  2. Yichen_Li

    Spotter plane range stackup

    So it was my first ever Yamato battle, didn't install any module or crew skill as I wanna test it out first. So my first spotter plane got shot down, but the range didn't go away. I then launch a second spotter plane. The range somehow stack-up! Clean client no mods or anything. Edit: I just test again after cleaning my Yamato, not working. Maybe it's just the first battle? Edit2: I've no idea Yamato stock range is 26k, apologies from a GFK player, damn Yamato's gun is crazy.
  3. coldsteelfury

    Bismarck Tips When Not Close Up

    I normally play IJN BBs. I absolutely love my Fuso and especially my Amagi. Just recently got the Bismarck. A very impressive ship indeed and she can do tremendous damage in close and tank like nobody's business. The problem I have with the Bismarck is that sometimes it isn't possible to engage the enemies at close range. The "Tears Of The Desert" map in an "Epicentre" game style match is a classic example: everyone hides at long range and snipes behind the islands on their side of the map. There are no islands you can use as cover to get to the other side of the map, so if any Bismarck captain is foolish enough to attempt a close range engagement... they'll be doing it solo and be bush-whacked by 3 - 4 ships shooting at them simultaneously and killing them very quickly. Where close range engagements are not possible (either due to map layout, the type of game like Epicentre, or player psychology), I often find the Bismarck to be a very ineffective vessel. I don't know if it is the dispersion or the psychological effect of knowing my guns are only 380mm, but it is difficult to hit enemy vessels reliability beyond 15km. When I play my Nagato or Amagi, I don't have this problem. A big frustration I have is that when I sometimes hit cruisers, my 380mm shells will over penetrate. It happens quite often and I think to myself: Is the Bismarck really the cruiser killer people make it out to be? At that same 15km range, I can put the fear of God into cruisers with my Amagi. I have had success with the Bismarck's guns at close range but I think that's besides the point. Basically unless the map's terrain allows me to sneak up on the enemy, or I do a suicide charge, I find the Bismarck just really isn't able to assist my team. The inability of the Bismarck's main guns to hit targets or do damage aside, I'm obviously wary of getting into a 15km - 18km shooting match with the Bismarck because her deck armor is so thin and she's very vulnerable to plunging fire. What strategies do Bismarck captains employ to make themselves combat effective when close range engagements are not possible? When I do fire at enemies at 15km+, I either miss or do token damage... then I have to run like crazy to dodge the incoming plunging fire lest it wreck my ship before I get out of detection range. My Bismarck is configured as follows: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Secondary Battery Modification 2 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 Side Note I have experimented with swapping out the "Secondary Battery Mod 2" with "Aiming Systems Mod 1" to reduce my main guns dispersion by -7%. I didn't really find it to make much difference and I found it really annoying to have my secondaries engagement much later where close range engagements did occur. Regarding "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament", I know some people prefer to avoid this Captain's skill because they like the idea of their ship shooting on both sides. I've found that having secondaries shoot at multiple targets wasn't the "hand of death" people might assume it to be: I've found that in practice, when your secondaries are shooting at multiple targets your firepower is divided and thus has less effect on individual vessels. Furthermore you do less damage due to lack of a secondary dispersion reduction you get with manual control. I once engaged three ships at once at close range and one of them was a DD, who could've cared less because whilst Bismarck's secondaries have crazy high DPS there are not that many individual secondary turrets and the firepower was severely curtailed when the turrets were divided over three enemy ships. Don't get me wrong, I did a ton of damage but it wasn't like my multi-ship secondary fire was making the Bismarck a killing machine who can take on multiple enemies and win. I think when your secondaries can target multiple ships, it leads to false confidence. Finally if you're engaging multiple targets at close range, at fun as it is and even if you do tremendous damage, you usually die because you're copping enemy fire from multiple directions. In my mind it's better to have manual control so you can concentrate your secondary fire on a single enemy ship and have a realistic chance of killing them (or near killing them). When your secondaries are manually targeted on a single vessel, it encourages you to angle more effectively and not expose yourself to shell fire from other vessels (which is normally how you expose yourself in order to have your secondaries blazing on both sides of your ship). The one area where I think forgoing manual secondaries might make sense is if you don't want the mental distraction of having to manually target your secondaries, especially if enemies are slipping out of smoke or islands all the time. That makes sense, but that again puts the focus onto the Bismarck's main guns which.... frankly.... I find very lacklustre. Unless I'm 10km or less, I don't really find Bismarck's guns all the effective. I've over-penned plenty of times at that range and I scratch my head thinking what purpose the Bismarck's guns are except for show?
  4. I have updated the list of detect_distance_by_ship numbers from the wiki and made them *available here *subject to website
  5. 1) Currently using 1280 x 1024 resolution - landscape. 2) Played for almost 4 weeks with that without any problems until today. 3) Already changed to higher resolution like 1600 x 1024 (thinking if it works but not) 4) Already update / check game intregrity. Everything seems fine. 4) Please help fellow captains! Tell me how to fix the problem. 5) Thank you in advanced!
  6. Dear WG Dev's. To add some more realistic and historical accuracy to the game have you considered the following? 1. A minimum arming distance for all torpedoes, 2. Not all torpedoes ran or exploded, these were commonly known as DUDs how about putting in a random chance that torpedoes hitting but don't explode, or some of them their batteries (salt water activated) would not start up and torpedo would not run? You could then introduce a Commanders skill to overcome this or at least lower the percentage. You have RNG in shells so why not torpedoes?
  7. Aniket_Sengupta

    Admiral Hipper Stats

    The Admiral Hipper is undoubtedly among the best Tier VIII cruisers out there. Historically its the most advanced cruiser built by the Kriegsmarine. Yet the in-game variant falls short in two important areas - 1) Deck armor 2) Firing range Deck armor: Historically the deck armor of the actual ship was supposed to vary from 20-50mm. In game, the value is 25-30mm, one reason it gets easily penned from long range salvos and hard to pen up close. Now although designated as a heavy cruiser, even with its historic armor figures it falls short to that of light cruisers Chapayev and Kutuzov(same class). So what kind of balancing logic made the Hipper come with a weaker deck ? Firing range: The Admiral Hipper's main battery firing range was only 3km short(33.5km) to that of the Bismarck(36.5km). Now owing to the size of the maps and game mechanics these figures have been shrunk considerably. By the ratio most ship's range has been shrunk(Bismarck/Tirpitz to 21.4km, New Orleans to 16.2km from 27.4km), Hipper's range would round up to 19.5km which would be insanely OP for any tier 8 or even tier 9 cruiser but then again you find the Kutuzov with 19.1km firing range which suggests the 17.7km range on the Hipper as another considerable set back. Honestly I don't think 5% buff to its firing range(makes it 18.5) can hurt much considering you already get a Kongo with over 21km range and that too in tier 5.
  8. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Artillery Lead Calculation

    I was missing a lot of shots where my target was moving towards or away from me so I did some calculation based on a speed multiplier of 2.6m/s per WOW knot. Adjust your firing range by +/- km according to the following table to compensate for the target moving towards or away from you. (Shell flight time and range to target show up on ALT sights) Lead Required if target is moving directly towards/away (KM) Target Speed/knots Standard BB Fast BB Battle Cruisers US Cruisers Japanese Cruisers 20 27 30 33 35 Shell Flight time/S 6 0.31 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.5 8 0.4 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.7 10 0.5 0.7 0.8 0.9 0.9 12 0.6 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.1 14 0.7 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Range adjustment needed if target is moving at 45% Target Speed/knots 20 25 30 35 35 Shell Flight time/S 6 0.22 0.30 0.33 0.36 0.39 8 0.29 0.40 0.44 0.49 0.51 10 0.37 0.50 0.55 0.61 0.64 12 0.44 0.60 0.66 0.73 0.77 14 0.51 0.69 0.77 0.85 0.90 This table works in the vertical (distance) axis but not the horizontal axis (unless you turn off target tracking).I would very much like to work this out in the horizontal axis too (its not so necessary but I'm interested) ~ can anyone think of a way of working this out (working with target tracking)?
  9. Vrea_Zwei

    Less range on BB tier 7~8

    Did you notice it ? Kongo-class Battleship have 21.2km range (with last FCS) Fuso-class Battleship have 21.8km range (with last FCS) Nagato-class Battleship have 20.5km range with only 1 FCS (slightly reduce than Fuso-class) But, Amagi-class Battleship have only 19.9km range with last FCS So, if we compared them together Kongo-class Battleship have 21.2km range Fuso-class Battleship have 21.8km range Nagato-class Battleship have 20.5km range Amagi-class Battleship have 19.9km range Very nice range at Amagi right?
  10. swap1997

    Range Error in WoWS CBT

    hi everyone, its been a while now since d CBT has started and i found some interesting errors in d game . the range of warships guns have been swapped as i saw that the max range of yamato's main battery was just 26km whereas in reality it was 26mi. Has WoWS taken into d account the effective firing range rather than max firing range? Any information on this anomaly is appreciated.