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Found 9 results

  1. hi, i gave wows a try first time last weekend and it have sparked the gamer in me. (my friends told me to try this game) i can only play on weekends cause of work and want to maximize my exp gain to unlock ships of the german and japanese as i like . i realized coop battles was netting me lower credits and exp compared to random battles but i have this problem on random battles. im still noob but how come some torps and destroyers are ''invisible'' unless they are very near me and impossible to dodge. also other players are very skillful as the barrage they aim at me almost send my ship to the depths of the abyss. i feel like outclassed in terms of skills in low tier battles should i just hide near islands and behind slow ships for protection so i can survive longer? also i recently purchased a premium ship called scharnhorst, should i also just stay back and like snipe from afar? thanks for your comments. looking forward to playing with you in the game!
  2. i don't know if it's only me that got this bug, got it three times by now. i don't have replay on unfortunately Description: WOWS randomly freezes, can only move cursor and use GUI Reproduction Steps: Randomly happens when i play WOWS Triggered in battle and stayed that way even in port Results: Gamebreaking freeze In battle the game freezes, but the client is still responding If in port, ship freezes and stayed that way after switching displayed port/ship Game still record the battle progress in game if screen freezes Can still hear sounds if in battle or in port Apparently the game still progress and responds to commands (ie:firing, WASD, etc) Expected results: WOWS ship display working as usual Can move GUI Technical Details: Time of last occurrence: 6:30 am UTC+08:00 Python.log and DxDiag report attached python.log DxDiag.txt
  3. I My team is losing a lot in Random. My Furutaka WR is stuck at 48% since two months ago, even though my WTR has gone through the roof, at about 1100 recently. Shout out to our Kamakaze R who did a great job capping, and everyone on our side down to and including our Wyoming who did his best, all the top 7 played competently at least. Unfortunately our CVs were hopeless, made worse because we had so many potatoes on out side. This one hurts because we had all three caps mid game and looked certain to scrape the win. But seriously - matchmaking hey? With 2 ace Langleys and 2 terrible ones assigned randomly, the chances of getting two bad ones on your team is just 25%. ... so why is it always my team!?
  4. legionary2099

    How to trigger enemy team

    After hours and hours of grinding credits , repetitions is killing me. TL,DR: im bored , extremely so. What to do to trigger the red guys and maybe the blue birds? Any suggestion how to rig an enemy with teams or yourself to earn some guilty pleasure ?
  5. Kiroth

    Sea monster random event

    In the official video 'UNSINKABLE SAM' it shows a sea creature with tentacles attacking the ship the cat Sam is in and it made me wonder if there was any plans to have PVE fights against sea monsters implemented into the game? I hope this is a tease to plans in the process of being developed. I would think you could even have it as a feature in random battles to spice things up a bit. A rarity, something that pops up in a battle (at the beginning or during a PVP fight) on average every 30 or so fights? or even more to emphasize the importance of this event... like a treasure goblin (though his goblin could destroy all if not careful!) with the promise of rare loot (an automatic epic chest drop or paint jobs only from this event etc) When it happens, the players on opposite ends for the fight either automatically merge into one team and begin fighting the monster (or smaller monsters or combination?). I feel something like this would definitely add dynamic of PVE and/or random games.
  6. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Mixed weekens

    I gamed way too much this weekend I should have turned off my PC as soon as i got the guts to take out the TashKent. Saturday was the most horrendous day in my WoWs history. 21.43% winrate ..... Kill to deaths was higher than normal and so was damage . Still could not get a win to save my life, i gave up on the Tash after 4 games, then i went to my trusty Murmansk, Still 3 losses in a row, with me finishing top in 2 of them, then i practically lost it . Started doing things i wouldn't do, take bigger risks game after game. I went hell no, i ain't going to bed till i win a goddam game, yet again made it to the top of the list, another loss. I looked at some of the stats of 3 players in my team, averaging 20% winrate for the day .... i guess I am cursed. Well i went back to the well again today, played far more like myself still lost games where i sank 3 ships and finished on top but the winrate was 54.55% in 11 battles. I also played a Ranked game with my MAAS and it still has 100% WR .... even though we had 2 Penscolas and the opponents had the only FIJI and Atlanta. I now know what it is like to play weekend rubbish and it frankly does mess up your game. End of Rant!!!!
  7. Junchan

    Report team

    i can reported Plays Poorly is ok as case ??
  8. This is my video from RU server. Thank you for attention. Enjoy watching. Link on my profile: http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/751163-Tub/!/pvp/overview/
  9. anvianvi

    Taiho random battles Frag movie

    Fragmuvi of random battles (RU server). Enjoy watching. Thank you for attention. Link on my profile: http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/751163-Tub/!/pvp/overview/