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Found 1 result

  1. I've both done it and had it done to me a few times: in nominal 1-to-1 shooting engagements the IJN DDs tend to come out winning. It always seems to play out the same way: the USN DD is overconfident, opening up and sailing in a straight line, expecting you to die quickly. Meanwhile the IJN DD dodges the floaty shells and replies with much more consistent and punishing hits. Then the US DD sees his health is nearly gone, panics and turns away ... making him an easy target for the finishing volley. I wouldn't say a Kagero could outlast a Fletcher, but my overall point is the IJN T8 are not just for the torps. The gun handling is good, and the shells are potent. I've put some thought into why the firepower of the Benson/Kidd is over-rated, but haven't managed a clear answer. The best I can come up with is that the USN DDs have to get really close to the target to take advantage of the better turret rotation and overall higher dpm. Under 5 km perhaps, the tables turn as it becomes a "knife fight" but at the more typical DD-DD combat distances of 6-7 km the description "knife fight" is no longer accurate. The effective dpm of the USN ships is great reduced because they can no longer hit reliably. I'm still trying to pin down where the boundary of knife fighting ends however. .. I don't have Kidd, but do have Benson, Kagero, and Asashio. I like them all, but perhaps Kagero is my favorite. Premium TRB, naturally. Torpedo acceleration, since I share the captain with Asashio. (PM, LS, TA, TAE, SI, CE). This Kagero build is the most lethally efficient DD I've played.