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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe the player base has settled in, or all the weekend warriors are on summer vacation, but I had some good - if challenging - games this weekend, and it was all pretty civil in chat. A few camping BBs, one or two CV letdowns but on the whole most people were competent even when mistakes were made. Anyway ... I see WG has come up with yet another overlayer of cruft to try and boost engagement numbers, this Eagles vs. Sharks thing. It feels really artificial, crass, and frankly so plainly obviously manipulative that I don't think it even works as an engagement incentive. Of course I join Eagles. They have sunnier color and I anyways always join the underdog team. WG gives me a few extra crates. Yay. Thank you WG. That's all. I'm not playing more, I'm not getting excited for Eagles to win (they won't...) and I don't care about points or loyalty tokens or any of the special mission objectives like "use 5 consumables" or "get 10 defend ribbons". Sometimes I happen to get them sometimes I don't. What I don't care for is WG trying to make me play for anything other than the objective. It's a distraction I can ignore, but a distraction is still a distraction. Also, encouraging my teammates to play recklessly or distracting them with side bonuses is not appreciated. But anyway the whole concept is dumb. People choosing sides and summing the points to decide a winner just means the team with the most people, or who play the most, wins. There's nothing interesting in that, because there's no challenge. Sharks win because they have more players. Where's the satisfaction in that? No, alright alright, the concept at a higher level is fine: special events where people can join teams and work for common, long term goals? Not bad in principle, but WG needs to tweak it so that it actually amounts to something beyond "X more people clicked the right side of the screen this morning."