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Found 4 results

  1. PbKavarovsky

    Why save your Hotel Yankees?

    Greetings, captains. A lot of you might not cared about the space battle event, but the torpedo beat to me is by far the most fast-paced and entertaining game mode I have had in World of Warships. With signal flags, the amount of Elite Commander XP you could earn every match is excellent. Hotel Yankee is by far the most worthless signal flag you could have installed on your ship, cuz 98 or 99 out of 100 battles with Hotel Yankee installed on your ship makes no effect to the game play. Ramming a ship in random battles is too costly, and is not really worth it unless you are near death. No wonder why it is the cheapest signal flag you could exchange with florins in the Armory. However, in torpedo beat, Hotel Yankee is the savior. Comet Trace for example, with Survivability Expert and Hotel Yankee, you can ram any ships to death, regardless of their HP. If you are on full health, you would die only if your opponent also has Hotel Yankee installed, thanks to the 20% ramming damage reduction. I have survived more than 15 times in ramming in torpedo beat mode, each "Should We Take This Outside?" achievement (previously "Shall We Brawl?" achievement in PTS) grants you two camouflages, and damage received from ramming is completely healable. It is particularly hilarious that in a 1v1 scenario, the opponent tried to ram me for a draw without Hotel Yankee installed, it was an easy win. If you are not a cheap captain and you use Hotel Yankee and Sierra Mike on your Comet Trace, no body can escape from your ram. Hotel Yankee safeguards your life
  2. entah_lah

    My best Harekaze achievement

    Well, I didn't expect this achievement can be obtained by a destroyer... https://youtu.be/8h_m85B2aK0
  3. Big_Black_Hawk

    What's the ramming damage mechanism?

    I don't know how to cause the most damage and receive the least damage when ramming.Sometimes,I can see the same type ships,almost same HP,one can ram-kill another and survive.How to do that?
  4. The title basically says it all, but I do think that well they have already got ships splitting in half in the game but what I'd really like to see is the ship splitting in half on the first blow when you ram a ship on its side that's all I just think that would be really cool. Also adding on to my post about waves I am starting to see a bit more change but the sea is still pretty calm during a cyclone I'd really like to feel the waves even when I'm aiming it would make the game so much more challenging which I think most people are looking for. just refer to 3:30 where I ram a midway, I like how they got rid of the twitching though thumbs up WG.