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Found 2 results

  1. I recently started replaying WoWs again and for the most part everything has been relatively okay. However I'm starting to think that some of the old vitriol is coming back. Namely in the form of Racism and discrimination. I am well aware that it is not allowed nor condoned by WG but is there a way for the chat filter to pick up if a derogatory word is used and penalise the user for it. For the latest example, I just managed to capture it, my team was losing badly, I was left in my Zao defending against a Montana, Hindenburg, Yugumo and another Zao with a Kraken. At the very end of the game a chat message popped up from an allied Montana that got itself sunk about halfway through the game. Is there anyway for WG to at the very least force a chat ban through the chat system itself?
  2. Aaditya_AJ

    Need help!!

    I have replay of ranked battle where players be racist and unsportive... I want to report it as we cannot report racism in game...