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Found 1 result

  1. Why? Had the coal. Have a lot of ships already. Didn't want Marceau or Salem or Z-44. What's the appeal? "trades gimmick for improved gun accuracy" is a design philosophy I can get behind. "A Roma with benefits", with the added bonus of giving Sansonetti something to do when not on Amalfi. Good looking model. What's your build? Semi-secondary for the LOLs, with concealment expert and concealment module and all the buffs to turret traverse. The ship has base 7 km secondaries, a mix of small and large calibers. Nothing special but I like the pyrotechnics and Marco Polo with the Legion permacamo is dressed to impress. Having the fireworks to back that formidable appearance provides a nice mix of perimeter defense and deterrent. Concealment goes down to a respectable 12.6 km. How is it? I don't play Battleships often, when I do it's slow and sneaky. I tend to work my way up the map gradually, using island cover and short dashes, trying to get as close as possible to the enemy. I am not a sniper, in other words. Marco Polo feels a lot like (concealment build) N. Carolina, and yes, to my mind it feels more like a T8 than a T9. There's no exceptional trait that marks it as special, like Jean Bart, Georgia, or Iowa. Everything (guns, armor, traverse, rudder, speed, AA, secondaries, concealment) is basically "fine" without any one thing standing out as being better than Amagi or N. Cal. per se. Gun accuracy is still marginal, and the long reload is a significant pain point. However, taken together there's a lot to like. The shells have excellent penetration, you can reliably damage the biggest of the bads. The concealment is good, and the ship handles well. Then there's SAP, which I confess I didn't use in my first game at all since I was engaging battleships the whole time, but I know from being on the receiving end can wreck cruisers from just about any angle. Verdict : a surprisingly enjoyable, versatile battleship.