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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there, I've been playing mostly French ships since I started a couple of months ago. I'm currently using Lyon, Algérie and the Guépard. While I do suck with most of them, it seems impossible for me to do anything in the Lyon. I just purchased it today and my understanding was that the Lyon is very much like a Normandie with more guns. Thing is, I wasn't doing so horribly with the Normandie. I searched a bit online and everybody is praising the Lyon as one of the greatest mid-tier BB. I can't figure out why. This make me wonder whether the issue comes from: - The ship, maybe the meta has changed and the Lyon isn't great anymore - The tier, I now play against TIX ships and get destroyed. - Me (most probably) Anyways, I seem to do better with ships that have lower arcs when shooting or maybe less dispersion and I was wondering if there's a tech tree with BBs like that. I just checked my stats for the first time today. I have a hit ratio of 27% in the Algérie, 22% in the Normandie and 17% in the Lyon... Thanks in advance!
  2. just get shot by friendly teammate lose about 4800 hp but he didnt turn into pink
  3. dai_san_gen

    how to split planes squadron?

    sorry for bad English. i see(many times in many battle) enemy aircraft send half of their squadron back to carrier(not destroyed by AA) and the other half keep spoting and attacking. F button is sending back planes to air craft but how to send just some amount and still control the rest?
  4. dai_san_gen

    random battle imbalance?

    i know its called random battle, but some of my battle is imbalanced in terms of player rank and experience. usually one team full of high ranked player and the other team full of unranked/low ranked and inexperienced player (i played rank VI, VII and VIII)
  5. So I recently got the Montana, and I've heard she's really good. I can see that - great AA, accuracy and speed, 12 guns etc... I have found my play to be inconsistent, however. Most of the time I either get HE spammed to death (Smolensk, Conqueror, I'm looking at you) or on the rare occasion trying to escape the fiery hellscape of HE shells, I get torpedoed by an opportunistic DD. Rarely do I find myself citadel'd by another BB in an evenly matched fight, leading me to believe that my angling and positioning are decent. Often trying to stay out of range of the HE spammers I just keep myself too far from the action and end up with a paltry 30-40k damage. I have had a few decent games, what I consider 100k+ matches, mainly these games are devoid of Smolensk or Conquerors. So is it something I'm missing about Tier X gameplay, or is the Montana just obsolete in the current invisible light cruiser HE spam meta?
  6. Adorable_Arona

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Hello everyone, Bored (or rather, stressed) of high-tier gameplay, i decided to play lower tier and branch out, specifically the IJN DDs. I currently at the T4 Isokaze, and the line splits to Minekaze and Mutsuki. Now, i understood that the top tiers are very different to each other, but it seems T7 and below are similar (same 127mm guns, same 610mm tubes)? Is there any significant differences below T9? And which line is more... 'fun' ?
  7. Hello Everyone :D As you see in my stats, i'm a fairly new player to the game, and just gotten my first ever Tier 7, the Gneisenau. And with that, came the wall of reality that hit me, is that the game are very unforgiving in the high tiers, especially T9 Battle. The Prospect that a Musashi and Iowa can punish me with those nine big 18 and 16 inchers from Mars while i'm stuck with six 15 inchers that can't hit a barn from the inside. Then there's this lovely BBQ cookers named Atlanta that shoots from behind the islands, and of course, the loliboats. Then there's my dilemma. I know my gun sucks, so i need to get closer to at least 11 km. The problem are, that i got focused by half of the enemy team no matter what i do. The fact that everyone is camping, and just spared me as a bait and retreat really grinds my gears so much. I always push with the cruiser, though all of them got deleted first hand and the other BB on my flank just stay behind 10km away, while i'm getting spanked by Iowa, burned by Atlanta, and torpedoed by the Loliboats. If i tried to snipe, well you know how 'accurate' German guns are. The guns also lack the necessary punch to penetrate larger battleship from 15+km. And you usually lose a long-range artillery battle. Then the hybrids of the two, which most say as the best playstyle in Gneisenau, which mandated that i just snipe in the first half of the game, then push if the enemy flank started to crumble. The problem are, it's either that my flank crumbled first rather than the enemy, or just no one on my flank thought of *push* after the enemies retreated and then i got obliterated because i'm all alone. Yes i know, i'm a noob and shouldn't complain too much and 'git gud'. Some also suggest to just play T6 to learn more, but Gneisenau is very different than Bayern are. Anyway, can any veterans here suggest what should i do to improve myself? Suggestions are welcome indeed! Sorry for the rage everyone, and sorry if i offend anybody. TL;DR i suck in Gneisenau and need of suggestions. Notes: I'm running a full specced-build (7.6 km secondaries) with 12 capt skills on Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Basics of Survivability, and Advanced Firing Training. Wish You Luck, All :D
  8. So... The legendary upgrades state that they expire at the end of the year. The 7.6 update states that they expire at the end of the year. But then Notser comes in and says they don't expire. What gives?
  9. Dear Waraming.net Limited staff I am a player from WOWS-CHINA.As I know the WOWS-CHINA do not get updata since April. KONGZHONGWANG CORPORATION(the local agent)always told me they can not reach an agreement with Waraming.net Limited. Please tell me what is the obstacles,such as price、Legal、Operation mode? So I can make a decision to change the server or find anther game to play. If you can't answer, please tell me where to ask. Thank you for your reading
  10. Hello all, WOWS North America have released the USS Enterprise on June 30. When can we get this? Anyone has any idea? Thanks.
  11. I've noticed that when I am capturing an area, there is a timer that starts counting. As the timer counts down, sometimes it inexplicably goes backwards. Sometimes I understand why this is so: maybe there was an allied vessel helping me to capture the area and they were destroyed or left the area. Or alternatively an enemy vessel has entered the area and stalled my capture. But I just played a game where right at the beginning of the match, I made a bee-line to an area. I was the only one in the area and proceeded with a roughly 1 minute count down to capture. There were no allied or enemy vessels near the zone. Then when some enemy vessels come out from behind an island (but still 8 km away from the actual area, so I'm still the only one in the area), the count down clock starts going backwards?! What gives? Can someone explain the count down mechanic to me? Sometimes the game pushes the countdown backwards and there is no obvious answer as to why: no one got sunk, no one entered the area, no one left the area, nothing happened other than my fat ass simply is inexplicably taking longer to capture the area than when the countdown originally started! (Clarification: At no time during the capture process did my ship leave the area, even for a second) Call me simple but I kinda figure that if I enter an area at the beginning at the match and am the only ship in said area, then the counter should inexorably count down in a regular fashion from 60 down to 1 provided I am the only ship in the aforementioned area for the duration of the 60 seconds. If the rest of my team gets sunk or if enemies pop into visual range (& remain steadfastly outside the area I occupy), my count down should be unaffected unless there is a change to the number of ships occupying the aforementioned area. But this is not what happens and it's really weird.
  12. USN_CV63

    I cannot buy Hood

    Your official website says that Hood standard bundle unlocked on June 8, 8am UTC + 8, but I can't enter the purchase page - the page disappeared. What's wrong on the server? Or this item have been canceled for some reasons?
  13. What exactly is the point of the new DD's? ... what do they bring to the game that we didn't already have? ... why add more ships to a full tech tree when so many other trees are still missing ships? Honestly I just don't get it ... surely the time spent on them would have been better spent giving us RN BB's,CV's or DD's or Russian BB's... or practically anything else.
  14. And if so, do you have any advice for getting the very most out of the ship in ranked battles? I'm currently at rank 7 after about 150 battles with just over 55% wr in the Benson (I've stopped trying to play anything else in ranked as I don't get nearly as good results) and I still feel like there's something I'm not doing quite right in it. Especially the first few minutes of the match, and the initial encounter, I always seem to come out of it with less health than my opponent, even when I've positioned carefully, have tried to organise fire support, and I'm nailing my volleys. Map specific advice would be great too. North, for example, starting as the top team, how best to approach A cap? I never feel confident trying to contest it from the north due to the position of the islands making it harder to manoeuvre back out again than on the south side. Cheers!
  15. Storm_Raiser

    How many ships do you have?

    So I was thinking about taking advantage of the cheaper port slot offer ... but then I thought to myself; do I really need more ships when I already have 24 in my port (29 if you count the 5 ARP ships in Yokosuka). which got me wondering; how many ships do you guys have?
  16. Storm_Raiser

    About the Iowa "C" hull mod

    So I'm about to get the C hull for my Iowa and I noticed that it actually removes 17 of her AA guns but still manages to Improve her AA by 1 point ... how does that work exactly?
  17. Well... Hello i'ts actually my first post so put it right here.... So.. I have some Silly question which is kind of Out of Topic... How does the Squadron Leader can say "Group "number (2-9)" Destroyed" even though He and his squadmates were shot down by Fighters or/and AA guns? Why they dont say like "Group 7,We're un *Static* ^&%%76 *Signal Lost*" or like "Oh noooooooo!!!!!! *Signal Lost* Can anyone solve this one? CV users? anyone? And Did i'am the only one who had this problem or someone else does? -Okay if someone answers It was said from the Mission Control on the CV's Bridge,Well Why they say "Group (2-9) We're under attack" or "Group (2-9),Ready!"? When the Mission Control spells it out, It should be "Group (2-9) are under attack" or "Group (2-9) are ready to take off". -If someone answers The Squad Leader Bails out and reports it on the radio..... But,we saw the animation where the plane were destroyed midair,thats impossible for a pilot to survive to jump out from the aircraft which destroyed immidiately by an AA gun Okay that's my post,sorry if i put it in wrong section because this is was my first post.And uhh I also apologize if there is a mistake in my typing and/or the grammar i use.
  18. Is it a good Idea to have 2 or more CV in a division? cuz currently only 1 CV can be use in a division what do ya think guys?
  19. CromwellCruiser

    Account Levels--Progression

    Evening all. Just a small question for those who may be more knowledgeable than I am. As everybody knows, the account levels are currently capped at level 8. However, I am led to understand that the levels beyond that will eventually be available. As the current progression across levels is by experience earned, does anyone know if we will be 'reimbursed' for our experience once further levels are available? e.g. Level 10 requires 30,000 exp to attain--will those who have already attained 30,000 exp be automatically promoted to this Level once it becomes available? Or will players have to re-grind? Thanks for your attention.
  20. So I wanna ask what you guys hope for the future world of warships to be? Just wanna to know XD
  21. cyxnide


    So I was wondering,is modding possible after patch 0.4.0? I'm talking about UI mods,custom skin/camouflage,custom commander pic etc. I'm new to this community so,sorry for any stupid mistakes I've made. >mfw waiting for open beta.
  22. pwinky

    Does autoaim exist?

    Was wondering if autoaim was implemented in the game. Similar to world of tanks where I can right click on a target and let my guns follow them. It is slightly frustrating when some guns take ~40s to turn around and I need to do something else like launch torpedos while they are turning. So if anyone knows how to do it please do enlighten me. If not I think it would be cool to have this feature so that I can do a small amount of multi-tasking while my guns re-aim.