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Found 2 results

  1. User_1145141919810

    [5-star replay]Guides on "Narai"

    (Since we got USSR and Allies enemy.....Maybe it is based on Operation Downfall?) Added a 5-star replay,the teammates are really nice! BBs should be aware that never block transport ships' way.The repair zone only repair 100 HP/s,obviously not for BB. This mission IMO is more difficult than the previous T7. Main task:Safely escort 1800 soldier OR Destroy all enemy ships. Mechanism is like Dunkirk,when carrier ship get attacked,it lose soldiers.(And you can't save them) If you want to win by cap(survive 1800 of 2400 soldier),ship should not take much attack. Map is as follow. The lead transport ship can heal teammates and itself. Green square is safe zone(Maybe?),CV can stay here at the second half of the game. Black square is also safe,and it is where enemy transport escape to. Blue circle will appear 3 enemy(Either of left or right,not together).Their torp is awful. Yellow zone is landing zone for carrier ships.Better use smoke cover. Red zone is where enemy transport appears.I suggest a ship enter from the bottom red zone in order to make sure no ship escapes. Purple zone is where enemy reinforcements appears. The orange zone is the landing zone for leading transport ship.If it survives,it will land troop there and capture this big circle as a rapair base(100 HP/S) Enemy has 1-1-2 Raptor and 1-1-1 Independence,DFAA and AS CV is needed.(CV can also help spot torps) Enemy AA heavy(they have a Missouri),especially the reinforcements(Hood,Chapayev,Atlanta,Cleveland,Sims) T6 Premium French DD Aigle will probably on sale after 0.6.15 released because I see it in this scenario. Recommended ships: Tech-tree: Fiji(smoke & DPS &heal) Mahan(smoke and DFAA) Gadjah Mada(Good DPS and long smoke,and it carries 4 smokes!) Gneisenau(Close-quarter torp and good secondary) Shchors(DPS) Yorck(Hydro is good) Hiryu & Ranger Poi(However I wonder if it is really a good choice to abandon smoke) Premium: Atlanta&Flint(Flint is better if you have it) Hood Sims Scharnhorst Saipan & Kaga Payfast 20171221_084915_PWSD501-Blyskawica_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  2. (In the Nagato replay,we have no CV and killed Raptor at the last 3 min when it is heading for us) This mission is more difficult than previous ones,cooperation is the key. Enemy has many fast-firing ships which means our ships are more likely to be lit,and enemy DD and CL all have DFAA(Awful!) It's better to have a CV spot enemy DD and Raptor.Enemy DD will not engage unless they got spotted.Also you can trade off enemy DFAA if you can't kill enemy AA ship in time..(And since Raptor is too far away(H2),you need CV to kill enemy CV unless you don't mind kill it at the last 5 min) Recommended ships: Tech tree ship: Shchors(Fast-firing),remember to take IFHE Fiji(Fast-firing(but pay attention to AP angle,smoke and repair party) Gadjah Mada(Personally I think this DD is OP,better than Blyskawica from almost all aspects.Better to mount Sierra Mike if you think it's too slow) KGV Gneisenau (Some like it because it has torp and good secondaries,but I doubt its main guns) Nagato(Citadel) Colorado(If the buff is true(HP increased to 59k),then its repair party and strong 406 will help) Shiratsuyu(With Torpedo Reload Booster) Maass(Maybe?If you want to catch enemy DD in smoke) Minsk(Good guns for a DD,and very fast) Akatsuki(Decent speed with good torps and OK guns) Hiryu(2-2-2 or 1-2-2?,since enemy Raptor has 2 squad of FT) Ranger(1-1-2) (Note:CV should be ready to lost ALL YOUR PLANES because enemy has DFAA. Friendly AI has 2 squad of FT that is enough to hold off enemy DB and FT,but you may need FT to defend your own planes) Premium: Kaga(1-1-3 , 2-2-1 ,as you like) Saipan(2-2-0 maybe better than 3-0-1) Atlanta Scharnhorst Blyskawica Leningrad Payfast(Faster guns than Shchors!) Nelson(Awesome Repair Party,as BB mainly suffer from fire) Primary Task: Save at least 8 of 10 Transport planes(when they arrive,i.e,KILL THE [CONTENT REMOVED] CLEVELAND AND ATLANTA!!!!!) Defend the airfield. Secondary Tasks: 1.Save 43 of 50 arriving planes(i.e:Lose 7 arriving planes at most) 2.Destroy 2 of 3 designated ships within designated time(the target is Random). 3.Survive at least 2 of 4 forts. 4.Don't let 3 "Whiskey" DD(Mahan,Farragut,Sims,appear at H5 or H7) capture(if they enter it,you still have chance(about 30s) to kill it and complete the mission) the repair zone(at E6). 5.Kill enemy CV Raptor(2-0-4 flight control(not dangerous to ships at all,but may does great harm to Fort.Will only use 2 DB squad at the beginning),at H2,the islands at bottom left corner.Guarded by a Cleveland and a Farragut). Before the 50 planes enter the airfield: Though you have an AI friend AOBA,but don't place high hope on this slow firing ship. At the beginning,ourselves appear at 2 positions:The BBs in the team at D5,near airfield,the others at the bottom right corner. I suggest the ships at top move slowly to right(as the Red Arrow) in order to destroy enemy ATLANTA and CLEVELAND(Only 1 ATLANTA but the position is random),then back along green arrow..The ships at bottom right go along white arrow. 2 enemy DD will appear at the red circle(But you may need a CV to spot them). 4 enemy ships(Wyoming,New York,New Mexico,Pensacola) will appear at the blue circle. Also there will be an enemy Clemson sneak attack the base from yellow circle at G5-ish,keep an eye on it because it may does great harm to fort or torp you if you're unlucky. The 3 plane icon is where your 50 planes will arrive,but there will be Atlanta and Cleveland waiting there (Awful AA!With Advanced Firing Training!!!!!),you must destroy them before our planes arrive) The place where transport planes appear is random. pic 1:Before the panes land in airfield After the 50 planes enter the airfield: 3 enemy CL(Marblehead,Omaha,Phoenix) will appear at around H5 and H7 The airfield is VERY VERY FRAGILE,only 30k HP,so NEVER MAKE ENEMY GET CLOSE TO IT. The Forts are actually fragile too,though it has 80k HP.(Remember the 100k HP tower in Halloween event?) I don't recommend using majority of ships hunt Raptor,stealthy DD or CV is the best choice. Don't worry if you can't kill it:It can't kill you too,Raptor knows nothing about "press Alt for manual drop" and it has no TB When there's 5 min left,friendly AI FT will search and locate Raptor(at the yellow circle) and Raptor will move toward airfield,which makes it easier to kill. The repair zone at E6 repairs ship at 200 HP/s for CL and DD(I guess they encourage players to play CL and DD),100 HP/s for BB,can defend airfield inside it with a fast-firing ship like Shchors,Atlanta.(Also you need fast guns to kill the 3 fast-moving "Whiskey DD",which appear at 1 of the green circles) F10,G2 and I6 (Red circle)will come 3 group of enemy one by one(Which group appear at which position is Random) 1st Group:Omaha,Phoenix,Marblehead 2nd Group:Phoenix,Cleveland,Colorado 3nd Group:Alabama(Yes it's Alabama),Pensacola,Omaha(there was a New Orlans before) Each group has 1 designated target to kill within 150s,kill 2 of 3 to finish the secondary task. pic 2:The 10 min defending airfield ------------to be updated,I need to play more battles---------------------- 20171130_150913_PJSA507-Kaga_s06_Atoll.wowsreplay 20171130_160007_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_s06_Atoll.wowsreplay