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Found 11 results

  1. I used Doubloons in public test server to complete the Anchorage building progress when the public test came out, but today when I logged back into PT, all the progress is lost along with the Doubloons, can I refund them or something? Steps: 1: I completed the Anchorage building progress via Doubloons during the start of 0.9.8 public test 2: Logged back in today to check 3: Progress lost + Doubloon lost Result Progress + Doubloon lost (Total 20000+ doubloon lost) Expected result Progress still remains Technical details Occurance: 11:00 (GMT+8)
  2. Hi, I have been trying to participate in the public tests to get the rewards, but I could not find the button to do so. Could somebody please help me out? thanks
  3. Schlachtschiff_H45


  4. PeterMoe1963

    Public Test 0.7.6

    Just played a few battles PT 0.7.6. One of the missions to earn a reward on the main account is to play a battle in T X ship. But T X is 500,000 XP?? Seriously? Also, cannot convert XP for doubloons. Is there a way to a T X in PT i'm overlooking?
  5. So I see the new Public Testing is open (?) and I want to participate in it, however, when I'm having some troubles, I can't register because it kept saying "Connection Timed Out". I've been trying for the past 2 days at a different time because I thought that it might be a heavy server load, but after today I just gave up and decided to turn to the forum. Any help would be grateful, thanks.
  6. I'm wondering how do I delete my PT account. There's a support article that teaches you how to request for an account deletion or something, but I can't do it with my PT account because it directs me to the RU support. And I think that a PT account is different from an RU account. An advanced thanks for any answer. Cheers.
  7. I Want to ask is it possible to use the normal game client as a public test one ? I Have a slow internet, so can i just copy all of the content of the normal client to The public test one ?? (To reduce download size , etc ? )
  8. Commander_GALEN

    no reward in public test?

    Nevermind already solved, dont know how to delete this post Issue resolved. Thread locked. ~amade
  9. Commander_GALEN

    Cant play Public Test, missing wows.exe?

    Help please! A noob question It is my first time to finished downloading PT cant open because of missing wows.exe??
  10. So I saw the patch notes in Jpn, but somehow we haven't had it in Eng so I'm just gonna google translate things as a heads up. Ship changes: - Changed the national flag on Aurora. (St Andrew something). - Added additional armor (180mm) on certain important parts of KM BB Tirpitz. Maps: - Fixed the display of coastal portions of Fault Line map. - Fixed forest display at medium distance. - Fixed trees grown in air in Big Race maps. - Changed the spawn location of Strait map. - Strait map is now available for tier V-VII matches only. - Adjusted the lighting of Straight map. - Fixed the flashing bug of Sea of Solomon Islands map. - Fixed empty display failure of Sea of Solomon Islands map. Camera: - Fixed the camera vibration bug when the ship is close to the coast. Interface: - Fixed crash issues when minimizing chat window. - (trying to understand what this means...) - Fixed the ability of Rank 1 players able to take part in Ranked Battles. - Fixed incorrect name display of names in Domination (?) game mode. - Fixed incorrect display of vessels with long names. - (something related to display or aircrafts...) - Fixed the inability to purchase premium account after it has expired (?). Sound: - Fixed the engine sound of jet aircrafts. - Optimization of Sound system. - Fixed the duplication of voice messages of aircraft squadrons. Matchmaker: - Fixed the abnormality of Cruisers being matched at tiers lower than usual. System Interface: - Fixed the daily mission update bug. - (Fixed something related to premium ship being on enemy team in Co-op mode). - Fixed a bug that causes the game client to crash when closing the game from menu screen. - Fixed a bug that causes slight vibration when the ship is flooding. - Increases daily max number of player report (complains) to 5. - (Something related to chat report, increased limit to 10 times per day). - Improved client optimization (loads faster). Okay I might have stole Conana's job doing this. (Plz blame Ladygrey_JP for being so active)