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Found 16 results

  1. 日本時間9時以前は分艦隊を組まなくても潜水艦専用のシナリオをプレイすることができましたが、現在できないみたいです。とりあえずこちらの方に上げれば良いかと思いました。バグなのか仕様なのかわからないのでこちらにてトピック作成させていただきました。 MODなし、再起動しても直りませんでした。
  2. paulaus

    PT Submarines Tier X

    One of the missions for live rewards is to play T X submarine in Ranked. Every time I try it says only T VI can played ranked. Please advise why or fix it. Ok I went back today and completed the other T VI Ranked missions and still can not use a TX submarine in Ranked and only have 2 days to complete. I Hope I get the reward of 750 tokens since it is obviously a mistake on your part.
  3. I used Doubloons in public test server to complete the Anchorage building progress when the public test came out, but today when I logged back into PT, all the progress is lost along with the Doubloons, can I refund them or something? Steps: 1: I completed the Anchorage building progress via Doubloons during the start of 0.9.8 public test 2: Logged back in today to check 3: Progress lost + Doubloon lost Result Progress + Doubloon lost (Total 20000+ doubloon lost) Expected result Progress still remains Technical details Occurance: 11:00 (GMT+8)
  4. Hi, I have been trying to participate in the public tests to get the rewards, but I could not find the button to do so. Could somebody please help me out? thanks
  5. Schlachtschiff_H45


  6. How do I install PT client without installing the game center? Game center is really slow in my computer. Will appreciate any help..... 🙂 Thanks
  7. Stackah

    PT 0.7.8 Round 1

    1. Description With fighter aircraft and CV's it is not possible to designate enemy aircraft to engage and attack 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select fighter squad 2.Cursor over enemy aircraft 3. Cannot designate 3. Result Cannot select enemy aircraft to attack 4. Expected result Should be able to designate enemy aircraft 5. Technical details Example: Time of occurrence: about 8:13 (local time). Replay (occurring at 08:13 timestamp). Replay file attached. 20180803_080239_PJSA012-Zuikaku-1944_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  8. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    PT 7.6 #1

    Have to retrain the Conqueror Captain for the Conqueror?
  9. PeterMoe1963

    Public Test 0.7.6

    Just played a few battles PT 0.7.6. One of the missions to earn a reward on the main account is to play a battle in T X ship. But T X is 500,000 XP?? Seriously? Also, cannot convert XP for doubloons. Is there a way to a T X in PT i'm overlooking?
  10. So I see the new Public Testing is open (?) and I want to participate in it, however, when I'm having some troubles, I can't register because it kept saying "Connection Timed Out". I've been trying for the past 2 days at a different time because I thought that it might be a heavy server load, but after today I just gave up and decided to turn to the forum. Any help would be grateful, thanks.
  11. I'm wondering how do I delete my PT account. There's a support article that teaches you how to request for an account deletion or something, but I can't do it with my PT account because it directs me to the RU support. And I think that a PT account is different from an RU account. An advanced thanks for any answer. Cheers.
  12. I Want to ask is it possible to use the normal game client as a public test one ? I Have a slow internet, so can i just copy all of the content of the normal client to The public test one ?? (To reduce download size , etc ? )
  13. Commander_GALEN

    no reward in public test?

    Nevermind already solved, dont know how to delete this post Issue resolved. Thread locked. ~amade
  14. Commander_GALEN

    Cant play Public Test, missing wows.exe?

    Help please! A noob question It is my first time to finished downloading PT cant open because of missing wows.exe??
  15. So I saw the patch notes in Jpn, but somehow we haven't had it in Eng so I'm just gonna google translate things as a heads up. Ship changes: - Changed the national flag on Aurora. (St Andrew something). - Added additional armor (180mm) on certain important parts of KM BB Tirpitz. Maps: - Fixed the display of coastal portions of Fault Line map. - Fixed forest display at medium distance. - Fixed trees grown in air in Big Race maps. - Changed the spawn location of Strait map. - Strait map is now available for tier V-VII matches only. - Adjusted the lighting of Straight map. - Fixed the flashing bug of Sea of Solomon Islands map. - Fixed empty display failure of Sea of Solomon Islands map. Camera: - Fixed the camera vibration bug when the ship is close to the coast. Interface: - Fixed crash issues when minimizing chat window. - (trying to understand what this means...) - Fixed the ability of Rank 1 players able to take part in Ranked Battles. - Fixed incorrect name display of names in Domination (?) game mode. - Fixed incorrect display of vessels with long names. - (something related to display or aircrafts...) - Fixed the inability to purchase premium account after it has expired (?). Sound: - Fixed the engine sound of jet aircrafts. - Optimization of Sound system. - Fixed the duplication of voice messages of aircraft squadrons. Matchmaker: - Fixed the abnormality of Cruisers being matched at tiers lower than usual. System Interface: - Fixed the daily mission update bug. - (Fixed something related to premium ship being on enemy team in Co-op mode). - Fixed a bug that causes the game client to crash when closing the game from menu screen. - Fixed a bug that causes slight vibration when the ship is flooding. - Increases daily max number of player report (complains) to 5. - (Something related to chat report, increased limit to 10 times per day). - Improved client optimization (loads faster). Okay I might have stole Conana's job doing this. (Plz blame Ladygrey_JP for being so active)