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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to all, I was wondering if we had a system which let us save up credits in categories. Let me explain with the help of an example : Lets suppose that currently I am saving credits to buy : The Benson Upgraded torpedo for the Akatsuki Concealment upgrade General purpose //Ship maintenence etc Now, suppose I have 10,000,000 credits. I create the above four categories and I divide my credits as : 2,500,000 for Benson 2,500,000 for Torpedo upgrade 2,500,000 for concealment upgrade 2,500,000 for other purposes OK. So now I play few more battles and all the credits acquired are classified as "Uncategorized". You can then again divide up the credits from time to time, Maybe at the end of the day. This might not be apealing to everyone. So maybe add a function in settings which enables this mode or disables it. It can certainly help to see how close are you to your goals and can also help you to not go bankrupt by enabling you to keep maybe a category of credits as backup.
  2. CromwellCruiser

    Account Levels--Progression

    Evening all. Just a small question for those who may be more knowledgeable than I am. As everybody knows, the account levels are currently capped at level 8. However, I am led to understand that the levels beyond that will eventually be available. As the current progression across levels is by experience earned, does anyone know if we will be 'reimbursed' for our experience once further levels are available? e.g. Level 10 requires 30,000 exp to attain--will those who have already attained 30,000 exp be automatically promoted to this Level once it becomes available? Or will players have to re-grind? Thanks for your attention.