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Found 3 results

  1. I'm incredibly rusty and i just can't to get things right. I know each ship has their own type of playstyle but i just can't do things right. I've got tier 6 previously but i stopped for 2 years not playing the game due to my studies. Now that ive returned, i seem to can't contribute as much as i did to the team like last time. As a Gnevny Player, i suck but i figured out that it is a gunboating ship since it's torp r damn shit. But my gunboating damage goes up to 10000 only. that's just bad.... Nicholas player, i can still get things right up to 30000 dmg with torps and gunboating. i use ninja torp strats and flanking. it sure works perfectly fine. but still 30000 in tier 5. I should be getting 40000 at least... As a cruiser, i can get damage up to 30000. and no more further. i decided to play as a team. it works but 30000 is nothing... As a battleship, i figured out that bbs are more to keep distance and play far shooting cuz of dds. so i decided to stay back as a team and support from far. it seems to work. im hitting my shots but damage is no more than 30000.... but i still have no idea how to counter cvs then torp bomb two different sides forcing me to take either torps side. I can't seem to think of a way to avoid this torp bomb strat... As a Aircraft Carrier, i'm best at it last time. i multitask like a boss. but yet if it's my best i should be getting 50000 dmg. manual or auto. 50000 is the minimum dmg as a cv... but for some reason, i dont know how to get guaranteed hits on enemy. most of the time only like 1-3 torp hits.... i should be gettin 4-5... sigh.... I dont know why i enjoyed this game so much 2 years ago. now it just seems like it's no more fun. I need help please.
  2. Does any one knows which website is more accurate for your personal progress tracking? Which is which now I find there is disparity between these 2 websites:- Yesterday - asia.warships.today showing purple rating 1,535 where as asia.wows-numbers.com showing 2,046 blue rating and for today is vice versa. The only difference is the number of battles played with different class of ships. Today 11 battles in dd where as yesterday the battles was 5(dd)+6(CA). I thought the parameters/logic would have to be the same? Can any expert help out to explain which is the better website to use? I realised that asia.wows-numbers.com is always showing a higher number asia.warships.today asia.wows-numbers.com
  3. Pseudoscope


    Hi Dev's I'm currently at tier 8 in US DD's and my credit balance is moving backwards. Something needs to be done to make more positive cash flow. I realise you want my money, But currently there is not a single cost effective product on offer. I can buy any new triple A title for $40, these games have a ton more IP invested in them and are far more complex. So my offer to you, make this game reasonably priced and fun to play. Or just make it fun to play. Grinding through matches to make maybe 10-30k credits is not fun. Regards Pseudo