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Found 6 results

  1. Does any one knows which website is more accurate for your personal progress tracking? Which is which now I find there is disparity between these 2 websites:- Yesterday - asia.warships.today showing purple rating 1,535 where as asia.wows-numbers.com showing 2,046 blue rating and for today is vice versa. The only difference is the number of battles played with different class of ships. Today 11 battles in dd where as yesterday the battles was 5(dd)+6(CA). I thought the parameters/logic would have to be the same? Can any expert help out to explain which is the better website to use? I realised that asia.wows-numbers.com is always showing a higher number asia.warships.today asia.wows-numbers.com
  2. Previous 64-bits versions of WoWS have straight forward folder/directory to the game's executable, "root\bin\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". Now there is a new folder in-between, named I assume is build number, thus made the directory became, "root\bin\2666186\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". This is the directory for current PTS version, "root\bin\2698086\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". This messed up Razer Synapse profiles, i.e. WoWS' specific lighting profile and custom keys no longer automatically starts when WoWS is running. If the trend is to continue, that means I have to re-link WoWS in Razer Synapse each and every time WoWS is updated.
  3. Pete_the_pirate

    Hiding Profile

    I have noticed a few players have chosen to hide their profiles. They have been players who have played badly in my opinion, but when I have tried to find out if they are novices who could be forgiven for rookie mistakes their profile just has a message saying they have hidden their record. How is that done?
  4. keskparane

    WG Karma Profile

    I thought I would create WG's karma profile for them because our feedback is important to them This is in light of the response to Could this attract a red crayon? I should hope not considering it is approved of (to the point of addition in game) by WG.
  5. Issue: While in port, the profile screen does not display after clicking on the menu UI element.Screenshots: Ship: Not applicableMap: Not applicableOccurrences: Once, non-repeatableTested: Once, non-repeatableSeverity: LowDetails: After clicking on the "profile" UI element within the port screen, the player profile should be displayed (detailing win rate, stats, etc.), however this does not occur properly; instead, all of the other clickable UI elements on the standard port screen (e.g. ship carousel, missions panel, ship info, etc.) fade out and disappear, leaving an empty view of the port screen.
  6. Maltusha


    Advice Needed! Hey Captains, I am currently enjoying this game on a WOWS ASIA. I am however from the UK. I am living and working in Singapore but am due to return to the UK in December. Obviously I will have to log on to the EU servers to continue playing this great game (Low Tier German ships suck ass though) Can I ask any of you how I go about transferring my account? I know it can be done. I refuse to create another account and have to spend time and money again reaching the same level I am at now Tier 5-6 in all classes. Any help or advice you guys could share would be appreciated very much. Good luck and fair seas haha Bill