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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone. (Guys & Girls) Background:- I am a "Newbie" only up to tier3 Co-Op battles, tier1&2 Co-Op and Random Battles. This weekend, naughty WG made me a special offer on a number of "premium" ships at quite a reasonable price. I truly wasn't going to buy. --Really and truly-----. But I thought I would take a look. Well Gosh, Darn it, the Scharnhorst, "caught my eye." Resistance lowered. Noticed Doubloon's and Slots included with offer. Resistance Futile. So yes, I bought it with the thought that I could squirrel it away for when I got more playing experience. Admired it in port. You know, caressed it, patted it, "You lovely thing you", then went back to playing tiers 1, 2 and 3. So far so good. Well... Before------- going out to dinner with my brother and his wife, I decided to take Scharnhorst for a run in Co-Op. Suuuurprise. I didn't make a goose of myself. Whilst driving home, I started thinking about a lot of things concerning Co-Op battles and how I can use it to advantage. It does appear to me that it is the perfect venue for the new/any player to get to know their ship and many of the nuances of the game. Regardless if it is tier 1 or the huge jump to tier 7. Further more, learning about the systems of the ship and just how the ship reacts to what ever you do with it is so important. How to equip it and what the effect is. What the different signal flags do and their effect. The effect of the guns combined with your knowledge of gunnery and how you should adjust. How to fire your Torpedoes. And the use of your scout aircraft. So far I am learning about the ships handling, how its speed can help you in battle, positioning for best gunnery. --Those eleven inch guns--, the dispersion and lack of penetration I have found to be difficult to deal with, but Scharnhorst's rapid rate of fire and a combination of salvo fire and broadside at the right time, is starting to show results. Torpedoes are taking a bit of time to learn about. Yes I did "Team kill", and it wasn't a bot unfortunately. Lesson:- Don't use torp's in a close quarters combat melee and keep your eyes open for fast moving team mates. Scout plane is a bit easier. I am tending not to use it too early when there is a carrier on my team. I use it now at the start if no one else launches theirs or to increase my gunnery range if I suspect there is a target left within range of my guns, but outside view range towards the end of the game. As well as the forgoing, it is a good place to build up your captains experience. I currently have 2 ships captains racing each other to complete level 5. Kapitanleutnant Stefan Zimmer in the Scharnhorst and Lieutenant Commander Henry Ward in the Warspite. Oh the Warspite. Forgot to tell you about her. Another time perhaps. Suffice to say, I am doing the same with her. What's that you say, "Bad Bengal Tiger you should not have bought another premium". I say, "What Rot. Are you mad. It's The Warspite. She's a British Battleship old chap. God save the Queen and all that. " Finally, "At last you say." You commanders in the higher tier's, I am not going to go waltzing around in random battles with these 2 ships creating havoc, until I'm sure I can at least make a good contribution. Besides I am having stacks of fun in bot territory. From the bridge of the Warspite. A fond Farewell for now. Alex B_T23 PS:- Your comments on my approach above are more than welcome. There is so much to learn in this game. Cheer's Mods:- If I have posted in the wrong area of this forum, please relocate as you see fit. I thought it a bit long winded and to random for the Newcomers section. B_T23