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Found 4 results

  1. Okay so i just take s scroll to WOWS premium shop and wow, very interesting WG. They actually did what i asked before, well that not matter though since i still have bad taste for their decision but wow very nice that WG make this a feature. I will actually consider this if WG didnt make those what the heck decision on CB which make the game less appeal to me to actually want this package.
  2. .... already grind for 3/4 of Des Moines.....
  3. Aurelian_rebels

    Premium Reward from Operations?

    Anybody has an issue regarding the operations when getting all 5 stars? Because whenever I do, I don't get the reward despite refreshing and reinstalling twice. Is it a new bug?
  4. 1. Description Premium time is not updated when Alt+Tab out & back 2. Reproduction steps 1. Must have remaining premium account in minutes 2. Press Alt+Tab out 3. Enter back the game client 4. Verify premium time update 3. Result Premium time froze and not updated 4. Expected result Premium time should run in real-time even when alt+tab out. 5. Technical details I had frequent alt+tab prior the bug happened. My premium time is already expired Coming back to game, the premium time stuck at 8 minutes. 15 mins have passed while the game remained open, premium time still not updating. Python.log file link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/78knjladictk5mk/python.log