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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all! I am not sure if my English is adequate enough to understand the meaning of these words: I already assign her to a ship that shares the same name with the commander: However, I did not find any specialization that mentioned in the premium shop. I also tried to put her on other ships on ships which didn't share the same name, but all just the same: no mentioned specialization found. It is just the same either assigned to a ship that shares the same name or assigned to a ship that did not shares the same name. Anybody could help me with this? What is her specialization? How to activate it?
  2. Wargaming here is a money making idea that I imagine many players might actually want, as per the title; sell national flags so people can fly their country's flag on their ships. Some people might buy many flags to have the corresponding national flag to the ship it is flying on (more money for you WG). There can be no argument here over maintaining complete accuracy in the game as some of the stupid flags people fly on their ships now makes a mockery of that idea. You have made it possible to unlock flying 2 flags on many ships in the game, now give us the option to put a flag on our ships we would actually like to fly. Also, as per the title, you have already done the equivalent in WoT with players able to both paint and fly their choice of flags on and from their tanks, can we have the same choice in WoWS? I'm a proud Australian, I'd like to be able to fly the Aussie flag on my ships, and I'd be willing to spend a few doubloons to have it. I want this flying on my ships, please WG!!!! PS. Also can you please fix the issue with German ships all flying a version of the Kriegsmarine ensign? The pre-1935 German ships should not be flying the Nazi German ensign, even your understandably censored version of it. The WW1 era German ships should be flying the 'Kaiserliche Marine' (Imperial Navy) ensign. WG is a Russian based company and it is very noticeable that you took the care to have the Russia ships with the correct pre and post Revolution ensigns on them, it would be nice to see that same attention to detail applied also to non-Russian ships (not holding my breath waiting though). Kaiserliche Marine Ensign 1903-1918 Kriegsmarine Ensign 1938-1945 (Edited so real history will not upset the delicate sensibilities of WG)
  3. Ok, so already having bought an Eagle camo, and having earnt 95 Shark tokens, I was looking to buy a few containers with 10 tokens of each in order to get myself another camo. Even though the event ends on the 22nd, the containers have already been removed from the shop. Is this right? Am I just missing something? Has my client gone funny? It does not make any sense, this is the point where lots of people are going to make last minute panic buys to avoid missing out.... Did I miss a warning last week or sometime when it said the containers were being removed early, was I just not paying attention to the warnings? It doesn't make any sense... I'm disappointed, it seems WG doesn't want my money...
  4. i purchased a substantial amount of dubloons , and didnt get %25 percent back ..... anyone else have this problem?
  5. Blitz_Starz

    WeChat pay

    World of warships has many ways to pay like mobile credits, calling credits etc but this game is also in China. Which means many players has WeChat pay and so do I. Is it possible to create a payment method with WeChat pay as it is pretty much useless unless your in China? WG team it would be greatly appreciated if this was to happen.
  6. Hi, i'm recently trying to buy the 13,5k doubloon pack with 30day premtime bonus priced IND Rp787,636 , but when i'd finish inputting my card information and pressed pay the transaction are not processed. I tried it mutiple times and each time failed without a cut to my debit card, any suggestions on what caused this problem?
  7. Mechfori

    Premium shop payment glitch

    I am not sure if its Wargaming or is it Alipay, or even if its a bug or oversight by any or both party .. the situation is like this .... I was wanting to buy some of the package but when I hit payment and choose the Alipay .. it direct me to the Alipay China which of course is wrong for my locale as I reside in Hong Kong and my Alipay account with Alipay HK .. so I cannot even complete the transaction. Since the web page clearly id me as locale goes, I suppose either the shop or Alipay should direct the payment to my Alipay HK page instead of directing me to the Alipay China site which I do not had for an account ... I wager this could be so for all the Alipay account holder Int'l too
  8. kitsune_teitoku

    about hsf sale

    i need to know hsf sale until when the event mission seem to until 30 April 2018 and the daily contianer until 30 September 2018 so there is no information about sale end date did anyone know? i dont have many times to play the game, but i wan the yamato free auto supplies camo so i dont have to buy the yamato pre- camo
  9. Do you have any premium ships you regret purchasing? When I first started WOWS a friend bought me the Arizona, and to this day it remains one of my favourite ships to use. I bought the Atlanta while it was on sale, and while it's a crazy boat to play, I don't regret buying her. I waited for the Tirptiz to go on sale and she's handles almost exactly how I'd imagine she'd play. I even bought the Scharnhorst, and while her playstyle isn't really my thing I do take her out every now and then for a spin. One ship I do regret is the Alabama. I waited and waited for her to come back on sale and finally snapped her up just before Xmas in 2017. And since then...it's been a little disappointing. It's mainly been her firepower: I'm used to the bullshit accurate guns on the Arizona and Missouri which are capable of landing a shell or two even at near-max range and I've struggled to adjust to the horizontal-shotgun that is her gunnery. To be fair, this is more my inability to adapt to her rather than a criticism of the Alabama; I know in the hands of other captains she's capable of wrecking havoc. And I did earned the last few thousand XP for the Missouri while using the Alabama, so I guess it's good that I got her. Havine said that, since the Missouri arrived I haven't used Alabama once. The Missouri (for all intents and purposes) is a bigger badder Alabama/NC and handles the kick up into tier X games better than Alabama. So there Alabama sits, mothballed in port. If I could refund or exchange her for a different ship I would. Which is sad, really. She's a nice boat, just not to my liking. What ships do you regret purchasing? Was it because it wasn't OP like you hoped, or it just didn't suit your style?
  10. captain_scarlet

    signals (combat) pack for Carriers

    Could ASIA Wargaming put some signals packs on the premium shop for carrier battles November Echo Setteseven x30 India Xray x30 Victor Lima x30 Juliet Whiskey Unaone x30 They are currently quite hard to get if you focus on carrier play Willing to pay for these and I think they would be very popular
  11. Onlinegamer

    WG big sale!

    WG SALE many packages! IJN pack,USN pack, KM pack, VMF pack. RN pack lul not enough PREMIUM 1 YEAR is disount 50%! LUL Katoriisok.jpg is here! LOL
  12. Ever since 15-01-2017 after 5pm (+8 GMT), there's no option to pay via paypal when trying to send a gift. However, the option is there when purchasing for myself.
  13. 314Confederation

    Premium shop break down?

    Yesterday I bought deep sea treasure from wows Asia premium store online, however I still haven't received them in game. In the past when I use visa to pay, I would receive doubloons in game in few seconds. Well this time it seems not so good. I received the email telling me that my payment was successful. Btw, I tried again this morning and bought 500 doubloons and received immediately. What happened to my deep sea treasure
  14. i miss my chance to buy blyskawica few weeks ago. i wonder if she will return again some time in the future? (sigh, i should have brought her instead of atlanta)
  15. howdy, well since I play wows like every day for hours and hours I figure I may as well get some premium time and 360 days was the cheapest per day........any way with that do I get an extra port slot for a ship ??????