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Found 29 results

  1. G'day Folks, It's finally here, my Commonwealth Premiums video... I have a chunk of One-offs to smash out and some BLUFs to do now that I am free of this passion project, lol. This list of premiums is by no means exhaustive and is more a look at wide spread of ideas that compliment the tech tree. As usual all the YouTube and Reddit loves is appreciated, comment, like, sub and all that good business.
  2. Sting_Ray_05

    Premium ships in PTS

    I am currently playing the Public Test Server and I am confused as to why a premium ship (cough Smolensk and Le Fantastique cough) pops up in some of the games I have been into and yet there aren't in the carousel. Also, why are some in-game names with clan names in them too? Smolensk is indeed a pain in the stern. They should call it the Russian Zao (back when stealth-firing was a thing). Thank you.
  3. Last week I posted something on click bait loot boxes. Now here is, I think, another 'buy' bait. I rarely buy Premium Ships , it's either they are good ships or they have missions that come along with it. And supposed to be buying a P. Bagration gets you 810 Soviet Tokens, as they mentioned in the Premium Website (see attached file). Having 810 plus the directives gives you a fat chance of getting those others Soviet CAs - which I think doing the Directives alone will deny you the probability. BUT lo and behold, when I got the Bagration, there were NO additional missions, thus NO 810 Soviet Tokens! Maybe I am just lost in translation or missed where in the game client. For those who bought the Bagration, did you get the 810 Soviet Token Missions?
  4. JollySam

    Premium Ships and the Armory

    Hello everyone, I see that ships in the armory have discounts when using one of the 'ships for doubloons' coupons. However, the ship I am interested in (the Ark Royal) isn't in there, at least not yet. My question is, how long does it usually take for a premium ship to appear in the armory? Is there even a guarantee that it will appear there at all? Thanks a lot, and Happy Christmas!
  5. come on i know u want some money but please if u want put this T9 premium ships in premium shop at least u WG can make some Terms and Conditions like minimum battle if u wanna buy this ships maybe 1k-2k battle so u can buy this ship with your wallet (sample) because this new player with T9 premium ships is f*k us at the top tier battle and make the first atmosfer at the battle really bad im dedicated to play this game over 3 years but why u don't listening us and what the h**l u can't fix this problem, this is really really unfair please WG fix this problem
  6. I know the develop team need balance the new ships in games,but some ships is not characteristics,for example,yukikaze not type F3 trop,is type 93 mod buff,8km 76 knot speed,and nothing about other characteristics。but why always must be kagero-class or like kagero-class(asashio-class 『asashio』),and why develop team not give us new Japanese premium ca(tier 8)or cl?only atago?(and ARP TAKAO,new player can not get this one now)
  7. Grygus_Triss

    Need More T6 Premiums

    So, until WG figure out CV bots, we're stuck with 3 weeks of T6 operations to 1 week of T7. However, I noticed that there are still some gaps at Tier 6 where there is no premium ship for the nation/type combination, as per below. So WG, please take a break from making more T9&10 freemiums, and fill in the gaps. Japan, USA & UK need premium T6 cruisers, and Russia needs a T6 DD. Seriously, you give US and Japan ANOTHER T9 freemium, but no t6 premium? what's up with that? Oh, I haven't been paying attention to dev blogs, so if there are premium ships on the way that fill these gaps, please correct me.
  8. With the next patch, there are some premium ships will be added to the tech tree like Atlanta,scharnhorst, dunkerque, etc..So i'm going to buy a ship but i can't decide which one. For making credit, and fun to play. May you give some advice? please tell me, thank you. Well, there are two ships which make me feel so hard to deciced are Atlanta and Scharnhorst. I have grinded USN Cruiser to Des moines so i know how to camp and hug islands. I love staying behind these islands and spaming HE, that 5s of reload make me so intensive XD. that ship sure will be fun for me. But wargaming is going to split USN cruiser and introduce Worcester which most people calling "Mega Atlanta". She have HEAL,Radar and maybe have the same playstyle like atlanta. I don't know if i should pay for 9000 doubloons or just wait the worcester release and get her for free. And Worcester have 5s reload of 152mm guns, and a heal which atlanta doesn't have And about the Schanhorst, since i have grinded free exp and bought the nelson. I don't think that i would pay for any BBs because Nelson is too good and very very fun to play...But there were many people have bought the Schan and nobody had complain about her. In my point of view, she kinda like T7 geman Bb Genesaure (sr i forgot her name)... @@ of course not only them but there are a lot of choice like alabama, tirpitz, loyang, prinz eugen, Leningrad and atago. These are good ship and worth to buy too. Agh so many of choice :(( i have Nelson,Anshan, okhotnik,vampire and huang meh are my main premium ships. Yes, i read the littewhitemouse reviews alot but still can't decice for myself... anyway, thanks for reading and helping me^^ and i must sorry for my bad english :p Hope you enjoy
  9. .... already grind for 3/4 of Des Moines.....
  10. Just had a doubt, for existing players who got the Missouri, and those who will rush to "buy" her just before patch 7.2, would she retain her credit making capabilities even after being Replaced by the Musashi? And what of the Musashi then? would she also harvest credits like Missouri?
  11. .Would interesting to see how many will sell or keep in Port
  12. You can no longer buy these ships from the next update. Glad i have all three even with the smoke changes they are good ships.
  13. For the hsf graf spee package, it says it has "Thea Kruetzer" and "Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeberg" Voice pack. Does it mean two separate voice packs or is it just one pack combined? I only have the voice pack for Thea Kruetzer whereas Wilhelmina is no where to be found. Any clarification or correction is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. I'd like to see a Premium Ship system where along with the standard off-the-shelf packaging, there's custom build options where a customer may purchase any mix of extras from a list, e.g. Premium Ship (always selected) Commemorative Flag (option) Port Slot (option) Camouflage (option) Modules (option) Credits (option) Signals (option) Captain (this could be with 1, 3, 6, or 10 points) (option) Alternate skin (i.e. permanent and switchable alternative skin/name for ship of same class) (option) Some of the above don't exist and as ideas, I doubt that some are new, but here they're being presented as part of an overall suggestion. It would also be cool if some options listed above, such as the commemorative flag the and alternative skin (I know this generally doesn't exist currently except as completely separate anime tie-in ships) are available in-game post-sale along with the permanent camouflage options so a customer has to opportunity to "build" their Premium package while they play and as they can afford it. This is one way to employ micro-transactions that can simultaneously help a potential customer buy a ship they long for and in return Wargaming has bought the customer's goodwill. If such a system was employed, then additionally, I'd like to see the custom-build extended to First Release of all new ships (as well as existing packages). Coupled with this, the practice of staggered high-cost first releases is stopped to make missions utilising the Premium ship more equitable for the broader player base. I believe if custom builds were available for all Premium Ships, whether for Limited or Permanent Releases, then Wargaming may make more money continuously than they do now and earn the praise of the larger demographic of financially-restrained customers we have in the SEA server. In closing, I'd appreciate that where members have any comments for or against this topic, that they are constructive, and cited with links if the subject seems familiar.
  15. Flandre_The_Loli

    New Premiums Soon?

    So, as I was renaming my ships since the 0.6.5 Update was released, I noticed a familiar name: The Tone. Now, seeing as how this is the Asia server and all that, I assume most people are aware of what the Tone is, but if you don't, it was an IJN Aviation Cruiser, but the Tone isn't what I'm referring to when I say "New Premiums Soon?" When I went into my game, to see if the Tone had been actually added into the game, I noticed something else when I skimmed through the tech trees: A new Premium Destroyer and Cruiser. Now, I don't know whether or not I can give the names of them, seeing as how I've never made a post like this before, but all I can say is that I'm quite intrigued by these two possible Premium ships. Oh, and if you were curious, the Tone wasn't in the Japanese tech tree. I know, it's a bummer for me too.
  16. New_Horizontal

    Should I buy Kamikaze?

    According to some source, Kamikaze will be removed from premium shop for good after this sale. So, we cannot buy it anymore and hope for SC for that (may the RNGsus be with you) I started to enjoy DD gameplay recently. And I may looking for some premium in near future. Thus is the Kamikaze worth to buy?
  17. found this on EU forum http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69190-mutsu-the-slug-is-coming/#topmost Now, Mutsu will join the party with the rest of our beloved IJN fleet! How's your opinion about this? Let's talk about this future IJN premium ship.
  18. Hi and thanks for looking at my toptic. I currently have a little under 40usd (before tax lol ) , i am looking for a very forgiving permium ship that can pump credits (more than 180k i can earn in Hosho ) and that do not punish mistakes severely (like Super Pershing in WoT) , i do very well in Carriers but everything else is tomato to average due to my love to go ahead and forgot to check my minimap before its too late. Any advices will be appreciated.
  19. unicornpr

    Premium Shop Fiasco

    Well, here we are, browsing the Asian Premium shop looking for new and interesting ships and what do we discover? Buggar all actually. The Ship tab in the Premium Shops looking pretty bloody bare, a grand total of six ships; Perth, Atago, Atlanta, Murmansk, Ishizuchi and Aurora. That's right, a three light cruisers, one heavy cruiser, one ancient battleship and one protected cruiser. Pretty poor selection wouldn't you agree? If we go and look at the other servers, well it's a far different story, a way, way way different story. The NA server currently offers 19 ships, including Warspite, Texas, Tirpitz and Belfast. In fact they offer five battleships, one carrier, four destroyers, and nine cruisers. The EU server goes even further, offering a total of 25 ships, including rarities such as Marblehead, Diana, Dunkerque, Prinz Eugan and Indianapolis. EU players can choose from seven battleships, one carrier, three destroyers and 14 cruisers. Come on Wargaming EU, get with the program, why do we always end up with the worst end of the stick? Why do we always have the least number of sales, the weakest selection of ships, the slowest updates and the least helpful customer service? I watch Jingles YouTube channel and he openly mocks WoWS Asia for not being able to get their stuff together so he can offer his viewers the same prizes as he can his NA and EU viewers. Apparently game codes and such on Asia is 'too hard' for Wargaming Asia to do. Which kind of sums up the whole system we are stuck with out here. Not good enough guys, you can do better.
  20. Saltyroo_58

    Money is Money ?

    AHOY ! MATEYS !! I have come across this problem when I purchased the Perth I was trying to get the first release version and went got a Paysafe card valued at $50 Aus. On trying to purchase the item I found out you could not get the Perth First release or the Dubloon fury with a Paysafe. card you could only bye the base version without the special Perth flag that I was so desperate to get being a proud Aussie . I put in a compliant to Wargaming and their reply was less than stupid saying that it was a special release so my money wasn't good enough to buy it ???? Now this to me is CRAP !! I have purchased many a ship special or not with Paysafe it is the most convenient means for me to buy now they say no good for this product and several other products I have found out I don't remember reading anywhere about this sort of special purchase agreement that they seem to have with Paypal and MOL and a hand full of other credit card places . At the end of the day I was not able to spend my money on the product I wished to purchase and get what I wanted so I challenge you Wargaming Asia to give me a code so I can have my Perth and it's special flag that is all I wish . Can you grant this wish ?? Saltyroo_58 See you land lubbers on the high seas .. I'm in the Perth without the flag ..
  21. windsorsmith

    Ranked battles with tier 7?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to warships, and haven't played ranked battles yet. I'm currently stuck with tier 4 ships (have been playing lots of different lines) but I want to play ranked battles. If I buy a tier 7 ship from the store, will I be able to play ranked battles from rank 23? I have unlocked level 11 which gives me access to ranked battles, but I don't have a high tier ship yet. Thanks
  22. Hey guys I have a question I noticed a lot of premium ships that are rare to find on the Asia server in the North American server how would I go about purchasing one of these ships from the NA server for another account on the Asia server, is it possible and if so how do I do it? I would really like to know as I have my eyes set on the Konig Albert. and a few other ships I've never even heard of.
  23. Asamiya__

    Blyskawica or Sims?

    For the current 2 tier 7 DD in the premium shop i don't see them or more like i don't "notice" them in my battles could someone give me a detailed run down in each's pro-cons and which one is prefered over the other (optional) thanks ^_^
  24. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/79890-premium-ships-moving-to-the-tech-tree-soon/page__p__1957374#entry1957374 Well this is the plan for NA, and it's probable that we'll also get it. Let's rejoice now that we don't have to fork out our wallet to hastily buy new prem ship before it goes out of sale. I'm surprised to see Blyskawica in the tree but not Anshan and Lo Yang though. Indianapolis is still under testing so she might take a while to get here. Also no Saipan, that's good news actually. Kamikaze, Mikasa and Marble Head are still exclusive. Tone might have to wait till new seaplane bomber mechanics
  25. I Think Ishizuchi IS UNDERPOWER Because This ship is -Short range Than All Other Cruiser @12.82Km (Furutaka,Omaha,Murmansk,Pheonix,Tenryu) -USELESS AA (That Shot Every 5Sec @2Km) -Smallest Gun Than Other BB -Armor Is Lower Than Average (I Got Detonation 30 Angle From 152mm Guns On Murmansk @11Km ) -Dont Have A Torpedoes Bulge Other Player Said : That's A BC(Battlecruiser) You dont get it? I think : I Know But BC Is short range than other cruiser,useless AA, That Can call it's A BC?,I think the BC IS Between BB-CA/CL Just Like -Smaller Gun Than BB -Have A Long Firing Range Than CA/CL ,But Lower if Compare to BB -Great Manueable Than BB,But Lower if compare to CA/CL -Great AA Than BB ,But Lower if compare to CA/CL I think It need a little buff Like This -Add Some range (Think 13.5-14Km that's fine range). -Add Some Machine gun AA (AA point Around 10-15 not 8 and can shoot only 1 hit every 5sec). Or Some Thicker Armor/Torpedo Bulge. Thanks For reading/leaving comment. (Sry My English i'snt very good) This Some Picture In best match I playing : My Ship Stats : Yes,I'm a little below the Average Skill play in this game , But i Just loving this game!!!