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Found 15 results

  1. Well.. Since the "hybrid" ships are now not exclusively in the even tier anymore (Kearsarge being a Tier IX), I kinda thinking of a new Premium ships based on refitted Mogami-class being a new hybrid in the Tier IX, namely Suzuya/Kumano. I think that was a good REAL ship to add to the game, I'm being sick of paper ships being added to the high tier lately lol. Here's my suggestion on the resource cost : FXP / Coal Details about the armament, also the stats of the ship? Let Wargaming decide, as long as the stats is well-balanced, maybe with some of Tone's gimmick but improved a little bit. Despite of me not trusting the balancing department of Wargaming lol how do you guys think?
  2. i just started grinding my new battleship line while training the captain with my scharnhorst. currently a level 8 captain for a tier VI german battleship. so when i retain the captain for the new tier IV german bb i just found out that you can actually uses premium ship to finish the retraining. i'm such a noob, i never knew premium ship has this function and not just for leveling captain and earning credits. now i just need to buy premium Russian ship for my russian DD line.
  3. Paladinum

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    New premium ship revealed! Tier FIVE Royal Navy heavy cruiser, HMS Exeter. Really good stealth (being T5...), good shell velocity, Repair Party and Catapult Aircrafts... Should be T6 instead? Reminder: You don't need to have a Facebook account to view Facebook posts.
  4. I would have loved to have bought a Prinz Eugen to take advantage of the Doubloons Back offer (that runs out very soon!) but I can't afford to spend that much at the moment. With a little research, after reading some reviews and watching some videos, I think one from the following list would be good for me. I don't really NEED another ship in my port right now but I don't want to miss out on getting a few doubloons "for free". If anyone has experience with any of these ships and could give a "Hell Yes" or a "Hell No" it may help inform my decision. I enjoy DD, CA/CL and BB play. (Of course everyone is different and that's a good thing, just if everyone who responds says "Ship X is utter garbage" then I may steer away from that). 1. Anshan - I think this is my best choice because of the extra FXP and as I said I don't really NEED another ship right now so one that has some specific, unique factor makes the most sense. 2. Perth 3. Aigle 4. Texas and Marblehead - These are both on special for me and I could afford to get BOTH ships if I so chose. 5. Sims 6. Monaghan 7. T-61 8. Z-39 9. Molotov ...and deliberately put last... 10. Haida I have actually researched these ships and reflected upon playing with and against them in games. They only make the list if I have at least once quivered a little when coming up against them! (Like Batman, use your OWN fear against your enemies!)
  5. anonym_cJ2J8DXmx9LQ

    My first impression of USS Kidd

    My first impression of Kidd : Pros: 1.AA Monster My Module Setting My Captain Skill If you played DD a lot, you will notice this is a normal Setting and Skill for DDs. and this is the result of first game. 013 ranger vs 220 saipan game, and I grinded 14 saipan's tier 9 planes..... Which means Kidd excel at providing AA cover for her team. 2. Good at fighting with DDs. Kidd is 8 tier premium ship, however, her orginal is tier 9 DD Fletcher + she has heal to recover. (There is no need to explain futher about it) Cons: 1. Only one torpedo tube + Slow torps + Long reload This is a kind of trade with Pros 1: AA Cause she ripped one torpedo tube to make space for AA guns. If you fight with BBs, you will have a hard time dealing with them. (Compare to other DDs who can just torp instead) Lastly, this is my first game with Kidd (result is on the top page by screenshot )
  6. WG is offering to sell the Kutuzov for doubloons and shut down selling her for sometimes. The thing is , Miku dont really fits me as strangely as i feel about playing her. Before i get IFHE , she feel surreal underpowered to me , i dont know how to play her yet and even now im not that good at playing a cruiser. It is quite a blast when i do get IFHE (14 pts) , but now , i dont really know. Camping and second line sniping is not quite my thing. I really like to rush in and do some hurt , then pop smoke to entrench near an island , which is quite not how you use this thing. Therefore after i get Mi Mo and the animu DD , this thing is left in the port. After 300 battles , i get a subpar 45.92% wr with the thing and damage is only 48,191 average. This thing becoming a limited ship is conflicting with me having it but not really good with it and willing to sell it. So should i just sell the thing and buy another tech tree premium or buy tier X camo ? Any advice is really apreciated , thank you
  7. I REALLY love scenario mode.There's a lot of Tier 7&8 premium ships in the game.A scenario map that allows their participation will be very exciting and strategic(such as HOOD,KUTUZOV,SAIPAN)!
  8. Is it just me or Fujin cost 32sgd which a murmansk is 20sgd, if i recalled kamikaze is just about 17sgd..... any reason for the high price?
  9. Hi Developers, Like the question, could Nikolai be open sale again in the future? I really would like to buy one! Thank you very much for answer!
  10. There's really no deeper reason other than the fact that I don't like the "commander unavailable" look.
  11. so according to this video of notser, WG are planning to change bow armor of battleship at high tier VIII, IX and X. i wonder if this changes affect tirptiz too, be cause i heard that wg don't like making changes to premium ship unless its necessary.
  12. Yubari on 0.5.7 i want to buy her with sims now!
  13. yansuki

    buying Premium ship

    today i deposit 4000php or 85.152usd to buy premium ship, manage to buy atago without problem but when i was about to buy atlanta it said i don't have enough funds. how did that happened? the total of two ship should be around 83.62usd and i have enough fund. do they charge extra fee when buying ship.
  14. "Pan-paka-paaan!"or Russian Bias? Kutuzov has recently entered the shop for a limited time, and pretty much created a dilemma for me. I have done comparisons, looked at both ships reviews from youtube and forums. And this is basically what i came up with: -Atago gets a lot of praise from many players. -Atago has stealth system -Atago shoots slow but hits hard -Atago torps have beautiful arcs and range -Kutuzov looks incredibly easy to play thanks to its range and rate-of-fire -Kutuzov creates a 7.2km no-fly zone when specced for AA. Great AA even though unspecced -Kutuzov comes in a bundle which is actually cheaper than Atago at the time of posting. -Both ships are very fragile With that in mind, my question is this: Which ship is the most fun to play? Which one gives you a smile everytime you take it out for a spin? Which one keeps you awake at night, impatient for the morning to come so you can unleash destruction with the gem of your collection? Fun and replayability are two factors I have not yet known. I will be looking forward to advice and suggestions to those that might have either or both ships. Comments are welcome. Thank you, sorry for my bad english. P.S. Im writing this from a phone so maybe a lot of errors here and there. Poll may not be working.
  15. Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes 7 days Premium Subscription 500 Doubloons, Marblehead Premium Ship Port Slot By Participating in the sweepstakes, you agree to the following: • The Sweepstakes will begin on 23 October 2015 08 00 PDT and end on 23 November 2015 23 59 PST, or such other date/time as Razer may announce. • Winners will be chosen by 30 November and codes will be sent out by 6 December. • Eligibility: • No purchase necessary. • Must be 13 and over to participate. • Must meet further entry requirements in the Additional Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions: http://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions/contestThis promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. https://gleam.io/smo96-E2ghn0