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Found 1 result

  1. ______________________________________________ alright forget the rant, 2018 is nearby and i must decide which path to choose.... fun or power? Gadjah Mada is VERY FUN SHIP, phew-phew, torpedo beat and FULL ACTION! even more fun than playing yolo Bismarck... the problem is i am as noob as playing Bismarck. i can carry hard... or messing around and sink early.... if i want to compare DD vs CV, i am obviously better play CV if i want to improve my stat. but playing CV is sometimes boring and LESS action.... if you think nuking BB in oneshot and strafe enemy plane is fun, you will get bored because the repetitive again and again. the CV have SAME TACTIC and STRATEGY.... SAME GOAL, NUKE, SPOT, AIR DEFF. a DD maybe have same strategy everytime, but to achieve such thing will require different TACTIC and Approach. CV and DD have biggest carry potential yet different option. a CV can basically multitasking, do everything in the same time! a DD MUST CHOOSE what to do and can only pick 1 or 2 task. playing CV is the most EASIEST, playing DD is the MOST HARDEST. LOL, its funny to think if playing harder ship is actually fun and challenging... too bad, EVERY TEAM dont want a noob DD on their side! i cannt imagine if someone really mad because a DD is refuse to cap or DD is busy phew-phew abandoning objective and making the team lose. i cannt resist to stop phew phew CV for EZ win...... or? DD for Dreadnought Daddy!